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IBasso Audio IT03

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  1. pr0b3r
    I found an issue with my IT03 stock cable. I tried it today with my CA Nova and turning my head to the left causes a loose connection. I haven't tried this at length with the IT03 though. To those who experienced the same, did you contact iBasso to resolve the issue? Thanks!

  2. H20Fidelity Contributor

    I don't know what the procedure is, it seems in your case iBasso could probably just send a replacement cable? From my experience it's usually the male plug. (cable side)

    Its those damn MMCX connections, they live on to haunt us everywhere. Praise the company who gives damn to manufacture a better alternative and turn MMCX extinct off the planet.
  3. twister6 Contributor
    Yeah, but I'm not sure how you can claim a warranty by stating that a stock cable has intermittent problem with a 3rd party IEMs.  Unless if you are experiencing this problem with IT03, not sure what iBasso can do for this guy...
    The issue is actually in variation between different connectors.  CA uses custom berylluim copper mmcx connectors which have their own tolerance.  iBasso uses another brand/material mmcx connectors with their own tolerance.  Tolerance always goes as +/- of the nominal spec, where you can have one side of the connector off by "-" and another side with "+" dimensions.  The result is a looser connection and intermittent contact which is a lot worse in mmcx vs 2pin.  I came across issues with 2pin as well where a standard 0.78mm spec has a tolerance of +/- 0.02mm and some cables could be loose, but you can slightly spread those pins to make them fit tighter.  With mmcx - you can't do anything.
    Bottom line, IT03 stock cable with CA iems could be a hit'or'miss...
  4. H20Fidelity Contributor
    Thanks for the info.
    Even when the MMCX are in the correct tolerances it seems many connection issues arise. Fidue A83, SE215, and now the IT03 thread is becoming populated with faults. It upsets me in a way ,the earphone company (whoever it be) order these connections with quality in mind, they use it on their product and they fail. The end result is people saying "well I was considering (name of earphone) but the connection problems turned me away" Its just a lousy solution that never seems to change after years and years. I'll take a recessed 2-pin connection anytime over MMCX. 
    My IT03 are OK, no issues so far...
  5. twister6 Contributor
    I hear ya, bud.  Btw, I didn't mean to say "custom" CA mmcx connector as in "different" or not meeting universal mmcx spec.  They are universal, but use a custom material with a higher strength.  But just from my experience, when you combine two parts of the same "univrsal" connector from different manufacturers who have their own tolerance, you can run into these mismatch issues...
  6. davidcotton
    That's already happened and called the two pin style plug :p   Never ever had a problem with those.  For some reason companies like Shure jumped on the MMCX bandwagon and everyone else followed.
  7. pr0b3r
    Thanks for the response. Yes, I'm fully aware regarding the incompatibility issue. Can't do anything about that. I just posted my question for those who had issues with their stock cables even with the IT03 itself. Just wanted to know if they sent the defective back or iBasso just sent a new one as replacement.

    Anyways, I'll try the stock cable with the IT03 again for a longer time to observe if there will be any issues as well.
  8. H20Fidelity Contributor

    I feel the issue is a higher majority of earphones using MMCX are ok, (this is good news for anyone considering an earphone with MMCX) so several IEM companies continue using them. But there's still always that minority of issues arising which make you feel you could be piggy in the middle, that guy walking down the footpath with his finger pressing on the plug to experience stereo sound.

  9. Kerouac
    I also had some sound cut-outs in the beginning. Only on the left side when I adjusted the shell in my ear or when I kept my head tilted to the left (luckily I don't walk around that way all day). I disconnected the connector, blew some of my magic breath (that turns other people faces green in the morning) into it and since then everything seems to be fine. Holding that same breath and knocking on wood for the (near) future though [​IMG]
    I guess you can always ask Paul in a pm what their policy on a bad cable connection is. My guess would be that they send you a replacement cable first and that you return the ''bad one'' after that.
  10. jamato8 Contributor
    Two pin also have issues. I have a nice pair of JH13 Pros that I had upgraded to the freq phase. Before I had them upgraded the sockets on the CIEM's had cracked, on both shells and the connection had become loose. Not the connection in the shell but the male to female pin connection. JH made everything look new and did a great job. I asked them if they made new shells, as they were all shiny, the sockets were perfect but they had just cleaned them up, rebuffed them and replaced the sockets. The only issue is that the socket fit is so tight, it is very, very difficult to disconnect the cable. With the MMCX.
    I have the Pioneer SE-Master 1 that use MMCX. Both their cable and an aftermarket Whiplash fit fine with zero problems. So I do think, contrary to what I used to, that MMCX can work fine when everything is worked out correctly. So far, I have never had the IT03 cut out either with after market MMCX cables or the stock though I use the stock most of the time as I like the cable. 
  11. tgx78
    For anyone using MMCX connector, you should have a bottle of contact enhancer such as Stabilant 22 or DeoxIt and apply it onto the male connector end. Voila problem solved forever.
  12. Kerouac
    Did you try it yourself?
  13. tgx78
    Yes Stabilant 22 on all my mmcx connectors. I haven't used DeoxIt but they should work the same way.

    We speaker audiophiles used Stabilant 22 with great results on our $1000+ RCA interconnects since long time ago lol
    Kerouac likes this.
  14. jamato8 Contributor
    The issue I have with the contact enhancers is that they can become more solid or gel like over time and the connection is worse, which requires the connection to be thoroughly cleaned and then if you want, the enhancer is reapplied. Remember Tweak? that was horrible and would become solid and ruin the connection but all the places sold that junk. I had to put in a lot of effort to clean my female RCA and few I had to replace.  I have used Caig for a long time but only on limited areas, like for batteries. On connections it works fine for a while but even it changes some as time goes on. I normally use pure alcohol to clean the connections/connectors really well and have few to no issues. 
  15. pr0b3r
    Just an update regarding the losing connection of my IT03 cable paired with my CA Nova. I've tried various head positions (tried exorcist style but failed) with the IT03 all stock, and everything seems to be fine. No loose connections at all. So I guess I'll continue the burn in process and usage with the stock cables on.

    Another thing I noticed was the grip (fit) on the connection of the IT03 stock cable to the Nova. It was very easy to snap and remove. Maybe just a sudden (and wrong) head movement will disconnect the earpiece to the cable. There's risk of dropping or losing your IEMs. I don't recommend this this pairing. Again, IT03 cable doesn't fit well with CA IEMs, at least for the first batch of CA's release since they all probably have the same MMCX connectors.
    Well, thanks for all the input guys. Will post again if there's anything worth mentioning. Cheers! [​IMG]
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