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IBasso Audio IT03

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  1. Jackpot77
    Anyone have the Oriolus Mk2 and the IT03 for a side by side comparison? I've read a comment here that the IT03 is around 90% of the Oriolus so wondering if I should pick up the Oriolus or look at something like one of the Campfire Audio or Tralucent models - looking for a good IEM on the lower end of the TOTL scale to complement the Ibasso and some Trinity Audio gear I have for daily/gym use.

    Anyone have any suggestions/comparisons?
  2. Paul - iBasso
    Can you please explain more about this?
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  3. uniuse
    Can I use a IBasso IT03 on my  UD-301?
    Provided I use a correct adapter.
    Specs from the manual:
    Headphone output 6.35mm (1/4”) stereo standard jack
    Maximum output 100mW + +100mW (32 ohms with load, distortion rate 0.1%)
    Compatibility impedance 16 to 600 ohms
    I think the last sentence tells me it is not because it is why to high. So no mater what I should not plug them in.

    On other note I need something that can drive these little beast.
    Was looking for a DAP but the latest ibasso does not have wifi for use off tidal and spotify.
    The Pioneer XDP-100R-S does not get great support and has some player problems (hardware is fine)
    I am looking forward to the new ibasso dap.
    I will receive my one plus 3 phone soon but I read that will not be a great match.
  4. HiFiChris Contributor
    You can, but the sound might be probably off because the output impedance is not stated and if it follows the path of most solutions that are meant more for speakers and has a very simple voltage divider circuit for the headphone output, which could mean a high output impedance resulting in the sound of your IT03 being off. This is just an assumption though.
    The best way would be to get a dedicated headphone amplifier (either portable or stationary) with less than 1 Ohm output impedance.
  5. uniuse
    Thank You, I have learned something today.
  6. isnoto
    If you take the cable where it is closer to the place where they connect and slightly move the cable you will feel the backlash, but on the right side everything fine. I returned the IEM to the store and ordered new one, because I think over time there will be problems with sound on the left side.
  7. nmatheis Contributor
    isnoto: I think you just need to explain exactly what you mean by "backlash" means in this context.
  8. Cloudtastrophe
    I have a Oneplus 3 and they sound alright, but keep in mind that the "dac" on the Oneplus 3 is an integrated component of the cpu. As a result, the sound is a bit more grainy, less detailed, and has a bit more glare. Otherwise, the sound signature remains the same. Another problem is being of very low impedance, the volume jumps per tick are pretty large, meaning for my prefered listening volume it is either a bit too loud or a bit too soft. That may not effect you personally though but i think it should be said all the same.
  9. nmatheis Contributor
    Please don't judge IT03 by how they sound with OP3. I've got that phone and am not at all impressed by its sound quality. Please use a better source!
  10. audio123

    the op3 sq is quite bad imo. it03 scales well with better source.
  11. kousik1946
    Does anyone have it03 and xDuoo x3? How do they sound?
  12. jamato8 Contributor
    I am listening to some well recorded complex classical music and what a joy. An excellent sound field that is large and out of my head listening. In front and to the sides. Very good detail, layering and imaging. A normal depth for the music, which makes it all the more enjoyable. Super, what fun. 
  13. dafos58
    I will try it out tomorrow for you and let you know. 
  14. kousik1946
    Thank you. Actually I want to buy it on 11.11 sale. So it will be helpfull if you can do it before that. Anyway thanks again.
  15. dafos58
    OK, will have a try this evening. 
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