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IBasso Audio IT03

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  1. LouisLoh

    Can you please compare the IT03s to the JH13s?
  2. dafos58
    I'm sorry to inform you, but I'm afraid you will have to spent your money [​IMG].
    I tried it with different styles of music (Rock, classic, solo piano) and (of course) using the X3 with Rockbox, flac recordings. The his level is (again with my ears) none or very low. I only hear hiss when it's already on the recording. The bass is wonderful low and deep. Voices sound clear and natural. Highs snappy and clear. The X3 has no problem at all with driving the IT03, making it a great combination. Buy it, and play Tears in Heaven (Eric Clapton, unplugged version).  It just sounds like he's giving a private performance for you. You'll be in heaven also. I really think you won't regret spending your money for this combination.
  3. kousik1946
    Thank you very much. Just another small thing, how do they compare with your other players? I see you have ibasso dx90. And is there any change with cayin c5. Just asking[​IMG],if you have time.
  4. Jackpot77

    Might be looking for another pair as a gift - what site were you planning on getting them from? Penon it is it only on Alibaba sites?
  5. kousik1946
    I want to buy from aliexpress. They are much cheaper and I have discount coupons too.
  6. davidcotton
    If penon list it as in stock is that likely to be the case?  Fed up of some sites listing as stock, only to go through to check out to see backordered.
    Also has anyone in the uk using fedex or faster shipping method been caught via customs?
  7. isnoto
    Sorry for confusing. Left IEM connector is very loose and moving around while the right one is okay(very tight). I hope it will be clear:) 
  8. dafos58
    Adding the c5 doesn't make it better. The sound gets flatter, more closed, much less instrument separation. So for me not a good combination. iBasso DX90/IT03 is something else. Until now I haven't found anything that sounds bad with the DX90. It's more natural sounding compared with the X3. A bit less bass. But that's hardly a surprise, the price difference between the X3 and DX90 is large. For it's price the X3 is great. Both of them are a good companion for the IT03.  
  9. oldmate
    Ok so my Aurisonics Harmony's have been returned due to too many faults.
    So, now that audio123 has disappeared from this thread after leaving all his hype about these behind and moved on to something else and there are a few people left whose opinion means something eg H20, I am curious to know whether these would be a suitable replacement. I am however concerned about the mmcx issues people are having and that the early adopters appear to be selling them.
    Sources would be DX90 and S3 with oppo HA-2. Oh yeah, also my trusty old X3 classic.
    Also @Paul - iBasso is the warranty transferable??
  10. WeeWoo
    I recently purchased the ibasso it03 from penon. Have had them for about 8 days now and I find them to be extremely uncomfortable. I have normal sized ears, but the way the housing was designed causes them to hurt my ears. If the outer facing shell wasn't bulged, and instead flush with other half, then it would not be a problem. I am hoping the pain eventually goes away, but so far no dice. Anyone else experience pain and did your ears eventually get used to it?

    oldmate I was in the same boat. Went through 2 fender fxa6's. Both had mccx connector issues on the left monitor. So far the ibasso's connectors are much more solid. They also dont rotate as freely and are pretty hard to disconnect. The stock cable where it forms around your ear is pretty stiff and not as comfortable as the fender cable. The fender is way more comfortable which seems to be the only issue I am experiencing.
    The mids are better than the fxa6, the mid bass isn't as good and the soundstage is slightly smaller. The sub bass is on par or slightly worse. I can equalize it though, which on the fenders a bass boost did pretty much nothing.

    On a note about the warranty, apparently penonaudio removes the warranty card from the box. When I asked about it they said they handle the warranty.
  11. windcar
    What eartips are you using? Try removing the eartips and insert into your ears and see if it is still uncomfortable. It may be due to the length of the nozzle.
  12. WeeWoo

    I've tried many of them. Currently using the big bore mediums. I also used the spiral dots which are similar. It doesn't hurt the inside of my ear. It's the lobe area. The outer shell rests on it. The part that fits in the backside of your ear rests on the outer edge, it also rests on it where you put earings. I can wear them for about 15 to 30 mins before I have to adjust them. Generally rotating them towards the back of my head.
  13. oldmate
    Not exactly a glowing recommendation but thanks for the reply. I really liked the Harmony/FXA7. The bass was just perfect for me. Mids and highs too. I'm going to miss them.
  14. Jackpot77

    As a separate data point, I had the Harmony for a few weeks loan recently and have been a previous owner of most of the Bravo and ASG series at various points.

    For me, the IT03 would be a good replacement for the Harmony for the price - it has less overall bass (but doesn't feel "bass light", and slightly less forward mids. The treble is airy but not quite as hot as the Harmony - overall, a more balanced sound with enough bass slam and sparks to remind me of the Aurisonics house sound without being a direct copy. Please note, this is all from memory so take the comparison with a pinch of salt.

    Comfort is also fine for me - I guess ear anatomy plays a part there.

    Hope that helps?
  15. nmatheis Contributor
    Just got done watching the first episode of Season 4 of Arrow using IT03. It's the first time I've used them for watching a movie or TV. Pretty impressive performance for an IEM. Voices were clear. Nice bass rumble during explosions. Good spacial cues for where things are happening on screen. Ok, done checking in. Time for episode two...
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