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IBasso Audio IT03

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  1. oldmate
    Cheers @Jackpot77 Food for thought. I might be able to snag them second hand for half the price as long as the warranty is transferable.
  2. cylpol1
    Can someone let me know if these can take other cables with the same connection without any problems. This can include cables from other iems or others.
  3. tgx78
    Using Campfire Audio Litz cable here.. no connection issue so far.
  4. isnoto
    Does anyone know which size of comply tip fit the it03?
  5. windcar
    As long as the inner diameter is 5mm, it should fit. The length could be a problem though, if it is too long, you may find the iem slightly sticking out, but you can always choose to cut off abit of length off the base.
    Today I tried pairing IT03 with Samsung Note 5. At first, I wasn't expecting anything great out of a phone's DAC but boy was I wrong. The sound immediately came across as warmer, slightly more bass and treble energy is more tamed. After enabled adapt sound, the bass and sub bass have even more presence, and the mids are meatier, weightier, not recessed and sounds very lush. There isn't event a hint of harshness or overly brightness at all. It's like it has been transformed into a different IEM. Compared to the burr brown DAC, the Note 5 has slightly less carity, smaller sound stage and not as good separation, but the sound is so much more musical and enjoyable now.
    I forgot to mentioned I am using some cheap muti-core ofc copper cable.
    I initially tried silver coated copper cable and I do like the combination. The treble is harsh, bass is anemic. I believe the IT03 works well with some ****ty copper cable. I have not yet done comparison with the stock cable yet.
  6. Paul - iBasso
    If on our stock cable you find that you want the MMCX connection to move back and forth less you can gently push down on the black collar above the MMCX connection. Don't do this with the cable connected to the IT03 but straight down on a surface but gently while holding the collar firmly between your fingers. This will push the collar down a little and create more friction against the shell. A pad of paper works well to push against. For most there is no need to do this.
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  7. Paul - iBasso

    The warranty is transferable. You need the warranty card that is included and sales receipt that indicates the sales date or the card with the dealer stamp and date.
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  8. nmatheis Contributor

    Go get 'em oldmate!
  9. oldmate
    Very tempting.
  10. davidcotton

    How long did it take for the it03 to be delivered from Penon, and which service did you use?  Also were you charged for tax?
  11. Jackpot77
    I've used Penon before and it took just over a week to deliver my Shanling M5 case. I actuate picked up the IT03 when traveling through Singapore recently (no tax) - was planning on buying something more expensive like one of the Noble Universals to avoid the 20% UK import tax but they were the IEMs that grabbed me the most. Sometimes cheaper is better!
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  12. Paul - iBasso

    I am glad you are enjoying the IT03. We treated them no differently than something that might cost far more. The best parts available with a  handmade shell that is a hand polished. The price does not really represent what goes into the IT03. We are glad so many are enjoying the sound.
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  13. Jackpot77

    It's an easy sound to enjoy. I've been trying to write up my impressions on these fit the last week or so to post up on the Head Gear section and I keep drifting into the albums I am listening to rather than actually doing any "critical" listening!

    If you guys have any plans for an IT04 (or 5, or 6) then I'm definitely keeping an eye out for those... :wink:
  14. obsidyen

    How are these compared to HEM8? I want something for EDM and modern music.
  15. Jackpot77

    From memory (as I sold my HEM8 to another member recently), the IT03 are more crisp and airy, with beteer sub bass presence and slam. The HEM8 it's a dense, rich sound (think thick chocolate cake), the IT03 is more layered and light (thick chocolate mousse), and it is easier to pick out the details. Personally, I prefer the IT03 tuning for daily listening, but if you are looking for thick and rich, the HEM8 are something pretty special.
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