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IBasso Audio IT03

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  1. nmatheis Contributor

    I like both IEM, but I'm going to give the nod to IT03 for your use case. The IT03's dynamic driver bass punch combined with BA sparkle up top really provides an enjoyable listen with electronic music. HEM8 is a much smoother listen with abundant mids, so I don't think it's what you're after.

    The other thing to consider is ergonomics. From responses on this thread, IT03 fit can be a bit hit or miss. The shells are a bit on the large side, and the shape has caused discomfort for some. They're perfectly fine for me, so I'm not complaining. I just wanted to point that out. The HEM IEM have small shells and are very comfortable. I haven't heard of anyone having issues with that more "Westone" type of shell.

    And of I were looking at the HEM lineup for electronic music, I'd be looking at HEM2...
  2. nmatheis Contributor

    You beat me to the punch, mate!

    Yes, I like to think of HEM8 along the lines of Nighthawk. Thick, rich sound that can be a wee bit controversial :wink:
  3. obsidyen
    I had thick, rich sounding IEMs... Good all-rounders but not great for EDM. Now if someone could also compare these to Sony XBA-N3AP... [​IMG]
  4. oldmate
    I resisted the urge to buy the IT03's. They were a mint condition pair that went for $171.00 USD. 
    And I gotta be honest I breathed a huge sigh of relief when my Aurisonics's broke within a reasonable period of time after purchase as I was never comfortable with paying as much as I did.
    ATM I'm using mostly my Nano and M80's and I'm happy.
    However if someone were to tell me that these are the DN1K's in a more comfortable fit, well, that's another story.
    Music is the emotional life of most people.
  5. H20Fidelity Contributor
    I won't say they sound like DN-1000, but someone who enjoyed the Dunu has a high percentage rate enjoying IT03.
    Its a good earphone when you consider the price to performance ratio which iBasso have always been open about. I imagine they will pair well with your DX90 as well. For me, I do own better earphones which cost me x6 times as much and I prefer to use those, but IT03 can still give the impression I'm listening to one of those earphones when I forget about it for a second.
    Pretty good achievement if you ask me.
  6. BramblexD
    Has anyone heard these vs the Musicmaker shockwave iii? Both are in the same price range and rated as really good value with a good amount of bass.
    I have the dunu 1000 right now and enjoy them, and really liked the SE846 after trying those out
  7. nmatheis Contributor
    I was just chatting with someone who said IT03 are similar-ish enough to remind him of ASG 1-Plus. Any thoughts on that? I'm curious because I've heard really good things about 1-Plus but have never heard them, and IT03 is growing on me.
  8. esuhgb
    @Paul - iBasso am interested in buying these and was wondering if warranty is covered when bought from aliexpress. Thanks. 
  9. Jackpot77
    After a major struggle with a failing laptop, manageed to get my IT03 impressions finished (the first of about three I've been trying tow write up for weeks - stupid IT issues!). As always, any feedback / constructive criticism / comments very much appreciated.
    Great IEM for the price - definitely a new favourite.
    Paul - iBasso and pr0b3r like this.
  10. nuxos
    For those who use Spintfits, what package did you buy? Because I see that 2 differents sets exist : CP100 (L, M, S, XS) and CP800 (L, M, S)
  11. Jackpot77
    The ASG-1Plus was my second proper "audiphile" IEM, and while it's been a long time since I owned it, the general impression it left isn't dissimilar to the IT03. The 1+ was tuned very much like the Rockets from Aurisonics if you ever heard those, just with more bass capability due to the 14.2mm driver they used - it's definitely not tuned to the same bass cannon specification as the other ASG series models, however. From memory (which may be incorrect), there was less sub-bass but a more forward midrange (the classic Aurisonics vocal sound) and less sparkle in the treble. Soundstage was also bigger in my memory on the 1Plus, although I don't remember the resolution being quite as high as the IT03. Not sure if that helps or hinders? Sonic memory is a very fickle thing - the 1Plus were an excellent set of IEMs, anyway.
    They were one of my first reviews on here, so while the comparisons may not be relevant compared to what I have heard since, as you know my sonic preferences reasonably well from the multiple IEM threads we have interacted in and some PMs we have shared, it may prove useful as another point of reference?
  12. nmatheis Contributor
    Thanks for chiming in jackpot. I may have a listen to the entire Fender lineup thanks to a good headfi buddy of mine. I know they're not quite the same as the original Aurisonics, but to my ears IT03 handily trounces the entire Fender lineup at a lower price point than the upper tier Fenders. It isn't even a contest for my preferences. The dual-BA IEM from Fender were OK, but with the rest of the lineup the bass was slow and plodding. Only the dual-BA could keep up with individual bass guitar notes and bass drum hits. With the others, those notes ran together. Disappointing and absolutely no regrets sending those back and spending more time with IEM like IT03!
  13. Jackpot77

    No worries. I was/am a massive fanboy of the ASG series sound (even the portable subwoofer known as the 1.5), but as the models got further up the Bravo series there was something missing from the original. Haven't heard any of the FX series, but would love to hear the 2 and the 5 at some point to complete the odyssey.

    The IT03 does provide a pretty potent sound for the price though, you are right. Heard the Harmony recently and they are good, but I think the IT03 do more for me sonically (never thought I'd say that). Any news on other models coming out from Ibasso in the near future?
  14. peter123
    Fwiw I don't believe the "older" Aurisonics models (1PLUS, Rockets and 2.5) have any new versions in the current Fender line.
  15. pr0b3r
    Thanks for the awesome review!  I agree with most of the points you made especially with the IT03 being a highly enjoyable IEM which doesn't hurt the bank that much.
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