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Jun 9, 2019
Sep 24, 2015
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Orange County
Time Lord

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Cloudtastrophe Send PM

500+ Head-Fier, from Orange County

Cloudtastrophe was last seen:
Jun 9, 2019
  • About

    Orange County
    Time Lord
    Headphone Inventory:

    Koss KSC75
    Audeze Sine
    Monster Vektr
    Monolith M1060
    MrSpeakers ETHER C
    MrSpeakers Alpha Prime
    Beyerdynamic DT880 600Ω
    Beyerdynamic T51p
    Fostex TH-X00
    Oppo PM3
    AKG K7XX
    AKG K553
    AKG K553 Detachable Cable Mod
    AKG K550
    AKG K550 MKII
    AKG K545
    Philips Fidelio X2 (Woox 2014)
    Philips Fidelio X1
    Sennheiser HD600
    Sennheiser HD598 Special Edition
    Audio Technica R70X
    Audio Technica M70X
    Audio Technica AD900X
    Vmoda Crossfade 2 Wireless Rose Gold
    Vmoda M100 Shadow Black
    Vmoda M100 Phantom Chrome
    Vmoda Crossfade LP
    Onkyo ES-CTI300 (SS)
    Sony MDR-1R
    Sony MDR-1A
    Sony MDR-1A Limited Edition
    Sony 100AAP
    Sony Z1000
    Sony ZX700
    Sony V700 w/ HM5 Pads
    Sony GA500
    Sony XB950BT
    Sony Gold Wireless
    Parrot Zik
    Beats Studio v2
    Polk Melee


    Bragi The Headphone
    Bragi Dash
    Noble Kaiser K10 CIEM
    Zeus R CIEM
    Ibasso IT03
    Fender FX-A5
    Dunu Titan 1
    KZ ZS10
    KZ ES4
    KZ ATE
    KZ ZS3
    KZ ZST
    VE Monk
    VE Monk+
    Sony XBA Z5
    Sony XBA-3
    TTpod T1-E
    TTpod T2-E
    Xiaomi Piston III
    Headphone Amp Inventory:
    Chord Mojo
    Schiit Lyr 2 w/ LISST Tubes
    Oppo HA-2
    Creative Soundblaster E5
    Source Inventory:
    Pioneer XDP-100R
    Samsung S8+
    Oneplus 3
    HTC One M7
    Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge
    Asrock Extreme 6
    Work Computer
    Cable Inventory:
    Distinctly Un-Magical Cable
    Effect Audio Eros II Bespoke 6-wire - 2pin
    Trinity Audio Single Crystal SPC Cable - 2pin
    Double Helix Cables Nucleotide Silver - MrSpeakers
    Impact Audio Type6 Litz OCC - AKG
    Impact Audio Type6 Litz OCC - MMCX
    Impact Audio Type6 Litz OCC - 3.5mm x2
    Peterek Nucleotide OCC balanced - 3.5mm x2
    PetereK Nucleotide SPC balanced - R70x Adapter
    ALO SPC Litz - MMCX
    Other Audio Equipment:
    Alpine Type-R 12" (Sealed)
    Music Preferences:
    Non-Sibilant Treble
    Smooth Mids
    Linear Sub-Bass Presence w/ Rumble and Texture
    Neutral Mid Bass
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