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IBasso Audio IT03

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  1. Paul - iBasso

    Please email me at: paul@ibasso.com
    iBasso Stay updated on iBasso at their sponsor page on Head-Fi.
  2. vwong99
    Hello Head-Fi'ers.
    Would like to share my very 1st impression in Head-Fi since joining this forum, and will keep this simple.
    Had this baby burned in for >12 hours via my Opus #1, and currently listening to it via Mojo and Foobar2000 as I'm writing this.
    A short intro of myself; a music lover of all genre, mostly pop, K-pop, EDM, female vocalist (all-time favorite), classical and so forth I love to hear. I considered myself very picky in terms of U-IEM. Not because I'm very particular but due to the ear contour and my ear canal is different in length (i think so after trying a handful of spot-on U-IEMs in Malaysia), there is almost none that really can fits in. Until I had tried this set yesterday, i have no words for it: the fitting is spot on with the use of medium size Spinfits and have auditioned this for a good 2 hours without much fatigue. Sound isolation was awesome as there was a bunch of lads trying some bookshelf speakers and laughing around, but I could not hear a word from them! Great job, Paul@ibasso!
    As for SQ, this is my 1st ever hybrid set since picking up this audiophile thing as a hobby (which has really burned a big hole in my wallet since joining [​IMG]), and after burned in > 12 hrs, i really love the reproduction by this baby.
    - Bass is not overwhelmed but tight and punchy. This is a plus point for me, with my current set of genres
    - Vocals are forwarding, especially with female vocalists.
    - Soundstage is very good; open, airy. You may hear the some echo with classical music
    - Separation, IMO, it really defines well (back, front, left, right).
    - Coherence. As of now, I assumed the sound from both DD and BA is jiving up, but given more time to burn in, trust the SQ will be richer.
    Overall, the SQ is juicy, rich, and not too warmish and clarity is from vocals is good (due to the BA integration i think), and expect it to be better after the specific 150 hours of burned in session.
    Apologies with my SQ terminology here as I do not know how to interpret them over here. All i know the music I'm hearing now from this baby is worth the price by miles. In comparison with my Universal V6S, i think IT03 has an edge over it. That would be the fitting to my ears. And truly believed with a good fit and isolation, it can really have a night and difference from time to time.
    Last word, for those who has the same issue with me with U-IEM, you may give this set a try. You may love it.
    Thanks, fellow Head-Fi'ers
  3. vwong99
    Hello jamato8
    Do you mind posting some pics on how to pack the monitors into this leather case?
    Had been sitting around to figure it out but unsuccessful.[​IMG]
    Many thanks.
  4. Kerouac
    Nice to read that you (already) like 'em that much [​IMG]
    I also had a V6 Stage universal in the past...
    20150824_135424.jpg V6S-4.jpg
    IT03 shape/fit is much closer to that of a custom iem indeed.
  5. jamato8 Contributor
    Here you go. I find it easy and fast to use the case and I like the size because it doesn't take up much room but does protect these as much as I feel they need. No I would not put them in a rear pocket or someplace where they would be a lot of pressure but a shirt or jacket pocket works great or a cargo pocket. I have not had issues with dust and no scratching has occurred to the shell of the IT03. 
    You can also experiment. I find that placing the tips facing down and to the edge works well also. It takes me around 10 seconds to put the monitors away. 
  6. nuxos
    What are the differences between the three sets of tips? In term of fit and sound signature?
  7. jamato8 Contributor

    I think that is something to be experimented with since all of our ear canals are different. Some may need a small on one side and a medium on the other or they may find that pushing the tip all the way onto the nozzle gives the best sound or a larger or smaller bore. It really varies from my own experience, which is why I assume they give the different sizes and configurations. 
  8. Richsvt
    I got a Pelican 1010 and it works great, awesome protection and easy to put in and take out. I use that for some others as well. Never have to worry about throwing them in my bag with that case.
    My issue is the cable. I am not liking how it feels and I get micrphonics with the pull over I am wearing. I have gotten some sweet cables from Trevor at Norne Audio. I think my next purchase is there.
  9. oknidius
    I'll chime in with another generally positive opinion of the IT03. Light and comfy.
    After trying the various supplied tips I returned to the ones that were preinstalled.

    Source: iBasso DX80, low gain, no EQ, sharp digital filter.

    I'm loving them so far for most genres. Classical is wonderful... From the double basses to the piccolo and castanets, the IT03 presents it in a golden shimmering sound with natural sounding tonality and excellent separation.

    Contemporary genres benefit from the deep bass. Voices I find are really well positioned. The IT03 may be just a touch too bright in the treble but never sibilant to me.

    I find they excel with electronic music (Hans Zimmer's Inferno soundtrack for example), hybrid (Jablonski's Transformers scores) and crossover (Mario Frangoulis, Sarah Brightman).

    The one genre they fail at for me though is metal. There's something off. Can't quite pinpoint it. Everythings there but metal sounds recessed for some reason.

    If the iBasso folks are reading... One suggestion for the next one: dump the MMCX connector. Add mine to the list of bad connectors. They work most of the time. But they have periods where the left one just starts cutting out for no reason and the only fix is to disconnect and reconnect. I can't imagine this plugging/unplugging game to last more than a few weeks before something breaks permanently. Add iBasso to Campfire Audio, Westone, Shure and Ultimate Ears as brands I've had MMCX issues with.

    But metal music and MMCX issued aside, for the price these are selling for, they're deserve all the positive hype they're getting.
  10. audio123
    what are your favourite tips with the it03
  11. tgx78
    1. Campfire Audio Black foam tips (balanced sound)
    2. JVC sprial dots (slightly W-shaped & energetic sound)
    3. Mee Audio single flange (great seal but somewhat peaky highs with over-emphasized bass)
  12. Jackpot77
    Spinfit are working well for me - nice extension in the bass and balanced signature in the mids and treble, avid give a good seal.
  13. audio123
    Nice to see different responses. I use spinfits.
  14. ExpatinJapan
    Stock short large bore silicone tips
  15. cn11
    I think what you are noticing is a slight thinness in the mids, and that is the one minor critique I have on the IT03 as well. The midrange is just not as rich and full as the Andromeda I used to have, or the A91 Sirius I do currently. Everything else is truly stellar, but there's just something slightly thin in the midrange band. If that fullness was there, it would be practically a perfect IEM. 
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