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IBasso Audio IT03

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  1. newtophones07

    Thanks off to order
  2. jmills8

  3. drbluenewmexico
  4. H20Fidelity Contributor
    You all be patient now, I don't want you getting too excited.
    Last time this happened we had members fainting, collapsing and all sorts.
    (I will return in due time)
  5. all999

  6. windcar
    After 3 days of listening, this IEM has really grown on me. I am liking what I hear more and more.
  7. Jackpot77

    Thanks for the confirmation (and quick response) - it looked like "normal" MMCX, but I just couldn't remember how the bespoke locking mechanism worked on the A83s. Will be ordering a 21st shortly - the office on Penon is pretty low if it's the same quality as the original A83 cable too.

    The Supermini drives these pretty easily anyway so not sure what to expect in terms of any signature changes, but will be interested to find out.
  8. HiFiChris Contributor
    I'm also finding the IT03 to grow more and more on me over time and during the course of the review. I am really curious about what the IT04 will sound like.

    @Paul - iBasso
    Will the IT04 have 3 BAs & 1 DD per side or 2 DDs and 2 BAs?
  9. twister6 Contributor
    Original A83 cable has a tab built into mmcx connector to lock the rotation of the shell.  The replacement cable is universal, terminated with 2.5mm and comes with 3.5mm trrs balanced adapter.  I did a brief write up about it here.  It should work fine with IT03.
    Sorry, I didn't test IT03 with Super or Mega, both Minis are going back to HFM without review (not my cup of tea).
  10. denox
    I received my IT03 few days ago, on third day audio on left side start cutting out randomly when cable moved especially when I re-seat or putting on the earphone. This is worrisome, there seems to be QC issue with this earphones.
    Anyone having this issue?
  11. nmatheis Contributor

    Me, too. I'm wondering if disconnecting / reconnecting a few times might help?
  12. omastic
    IT04 is confirmed already?
  13. audio123

    it04 is going to be released soon?
  14. HiFiChris Contributor

    I know as much as you do. Maybe @Paul - iBasso has a rough ETA?
    hakuzen likes this.
  15. Jackpot77
    Using these on a flight at the moment (got to love Emirates and their in-flight Wifi) and the isolation with Spinfit tips is fantastic. The semi-custom shell design really does block out a lot of external noise. Not tried them with Comply yet, but for once I don't think I'll bother as the Spinfit seems to be a good match and gives me a little deeper insertion for a better deal with my large ear canals.

    Word of warning for those who intend to try them with Trinity Audio Kombi tips - did that yesterday and had to spend 10 mins fishing the tip out of my head after it slipped off the end of the nozzle so be careful if you use those tips with a tight seal! :wink:

    Edit: they did sound great with the Kombi, though.
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