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IBasso Audio IT03

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  1. windcar
    There were a few negative comments a few pages back comparing IT03 to FX850, P1, IM50 and RE400. One common thing is that those IEMs are dynamic drivers only. IMO, BA are unable to produce the organic/full bodied sound of dynamic driver. I have not heard any totl ba iem, so I cannot compared the these TOTLs' mid's naturalness to high end dynamic like IE800, but my guess is that a good dynamic will always sound warmer and lusher than the colder and faster BA.
    IT03 does sound like a typical BA and listeners not used to such sound may find the sound "hearing aid"-ish.
    I also agree that the mids sounds more backwards compared to the average IEM out there. But this also give the illusion of a bigger soundstage. After reading a few pages of this thread, I was under the impression that this headphone may be bass heavy. I am abit of a basshead ( I love plenty of full bodied subbass) and unfortunately, I find IT03 are tuned towards neutral instead of bass heavy. I do not find the sub-bass to be heavy at all. There are many other IEMs with more quantity of sub-bass than this.
    Reading my comments, one might think that this is a mediocre earphone, but this is not the case. In fact, this phone offers good clean music, above average soundstage and sound separation. The sound is abit cold for me, and I wish that it is possible to use a tube amp on this IEM.
    Initial listening, I do find the sound a little harsh and sibilant. However, all of that is nearly gone after I changed to a third party bigger eartip with deeper canal. Fit is very secure and very insulating to outside noise. Fit is not the most comfortable but I have no problem wearing them for hours without any pain.
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  2. Kerouac
    Now, you have a very impressive (c)iem inventory over there [​IMG]
    I've had the SD2, but from memory I think that that one had slightly bigger shells than IT03. I see you have the SD4 => can you check (just curious) if this is the case?
    I've listened quite some hours (also to different kind of genres) with these over the 2 past days, after the 150 hours burn-in had completed. If I had to guess how much these cost, purely based on sq and without any information on forehand, I probably would have guessed some number between $500 and $1K, definitely not under $500! So yes, for this price the IT03 is a complete no-brainer imo.
    The only small downsides for me are the cables memory wire (I've never been a fan of that) and the (very nice looking leather, but too small) case. If I ever have to go to an anger management class, I will surely bring it with me for the ultimate test [​IMG]
    Best synergy for me so far is with the ''old'' DX100...
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  3. Paul - iBasso
    Essentially what you are getting with the IT03 is a handmade universal IEM with the shell made exactly the same way as top custom IEMs. The drivers are the best Knowles dual drivers and the dynamic driver is a custom inhouse designed by our engineers who specialize in this. The cable is also custom and the MMCX is not a knock-off but original manufacture. I have stated this information but wanted to restate it. When it comes to the price of the IT03, the value or cost of materials to mark-up is not anywhere normal. We are happy to give this value to our customers but the one disadvantage to us is that the price is what some will think determines the quality of sound. In reading I see that many have realized this is not the case. What we have put into the IT03 is the same as some IEMs that cost approximately 1000 dollars. Our sincerest hope is that you enjoy the music.
    iBasso Stay updated on iBasso at their sponsor page on Head-Fi.
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  4. all999

    Paul, any news about IT04?
  5. klove4252

    I have the Sd4 S which has the smaller shell. The Sd4S and the IT03 almost have the exact same size shell just countoured slightly different. I've included some pictures for reference. The SD4S is on the left.


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  6. Jackpot77
    Just joined the IT03 train after a trip to Stereo in Singapore on my holidays (it seemed like the safest bet to avoid wallet trauma, and was actually the most enjoyable of the IEMs I listened to in my ship visit, hence the purchase).

    Initial impressions are very good - liking the bass tuning, the detail level and the fit so far, and looking forward to comparing these to my Vibro Labs Aria (my current daily driver) over the next few weeks to see how they sit with my preferences once I have given them a proper listening. Have a long haul flight coming up tomorrow, so that should give me an idea how the "pseudo-custom" fit does in terms of isolation too.

    Package is very reminiscent of the Pinnacle P1s (with a better looking case) in terms of quality, with a real premium feel.

    I know these have been getting a lot of hype on here recently (if they didn't, I wouldn't have asked to demo them as they wouldn't even have been on the radar) so am always healthily cynical about the "next big thing", but as a product priced between entry level and mid-fi, I'd say the buzz is pretty well deserved.
  7. Jackpot77
    Anyone got a recommendation for a cheap 3.5mm balanced cable to try out with them? Stereo didn't have the Ibasso cable, and I have a Hifiman Supermini I'm itching to try out in balanced mode to see if there is any improvement over the SE output (my first balanced source).

    I'm not a cable believer or disbeliever, so just looking for something in the lower price bracket to give it a try.
  8. Gaghiel

    You could visit Music Sanctuary and E1 Personal Audio (nearest MRT station is Orchard), Jaben (City Hall station) or Treoo (Tai Seng). Google for contact details before making a trip down. They might have stock of cable you need. Suggest spend some time with them though.
  9. nmatheis Contributor
    My fellow headfi'ers can skim this thread and read that I wasn't the most keen on these from the start, but I have to admit that I'm appreciating them more and more as I listen. IMHO, I think that's the mark of a good IEM - one that slowly but surely gains your attention and respect.
  10. Jackpot77
    Anyone know if the balanced MMCX cable for the A83 will work on the IT03? The description on the cable seems to indicate they will work with most MMCX connectors and sadly no longer have my A83 to check whether the "locking" mechanism to stop rotation is on the cable end or the IEM end?
  11. Jackpot77
    Gaghiel - thanks for the recommendations. Sadly Jaben and Stereo both came up blank (and didn't have any Spiral Dots either, which was the reason I went to Stereo) and run out of time now on my quick S'pore pitstop. Hopefully someone can chime in on whether the A83 cable will work, or will just have to order the balanced cable from Ibasso direct to the UK when I get home.

    Spent an afternoon with these today listening to various types of music and these are definitely in the ballpark of very good and above for me based off first impressions. They remind me of the old Aurisonics house sound with less forward mids but more clarity.

    nmatheis - glad you are coming around to these. As we seem to share quite a few IEMs in the own or owned category these days, it's always reassuring to see a familiar face giving their thumbs up! :wink:
  12. twister6 Contributor
    This one: http://penonaudio.com/FIDUE-A83-2.5-3.5mm-MMCX-Cable ? - yes, it's universal mmcx connector, it should work.
  13. newtophones07
    ive read through the entire thread, but still confused.

    Where can I buy these???

    I saw an eBay post, but some folks are getting less than ideal hardware, is that seller legit, consigned by Ibasso???

  14. HiFiChris Contributor
    Penon Audio (http://penonaudio.com/iBasso-IT03%20?search=ibasso) would be a shop that carries them. They also have an ebay store, so it could be that the one you saw on ebay was also sold by them (if I'm not totally wrong, their ebay store name is "bigbargainonline" or something).
  15. H20Fidelity Contributor
    Uncle H20 might be going to surprise you all with something soon...
    Get your seatbelts ready for that one.
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