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IBasso Audio IT03

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  1. FUYU

    From the link you posted:

    "Ambos serán híbridos y el modelo superior incluirá 4 drivers, un dynamic driver para los graves y un triple BA de Knowles"

    1DD + 3BA.
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  2. Kerouac
    I also had this issue (left side only) on the first day, it also cut out when I tilted my head (left side facing down). I disconnected the cable and blew a few times in the connectors and after that it seemed fine. If it shouldn't have worked I would have been worried too.
    Hope this helps and that both of yours are fine too eventually.
  3. ryangco11
    Hi. Does the it03 pair well with fiio x3ii? Also which comply foam tips fit these?
  4. Richsvt
    Just got mine last night and listened for a couple hours. Damn fine even out of the box. Bass is there in all its glory, just what I expected.
    Looking forward to see how this one even out after some burn in. Super comfortable, even with the tips provided. I like foams so will have to see what fits.
    Very nice piece for the money. I am happy so far,
  5. H20Fidelity Contributor
    I think its worth a try, occasionally a small amount of oil or film can be left over from the factories.
    I would try disconnecting it and blowing some air over it. Clean the contacts with an alcohol swab.
    If you do this guys, be gentle when removing them. 
  6. AlexiusC
    Just received my RMA set of IT03 after turning in the channel-imbalanced piece.
    Gotta say I really missed the 100 hours burned-in set [​IMG]
    Time to start all over again :frowning2:
  7. Paul - iBasso
    I have sent you an email. Please check you inbox.
    iBasso Stay updated on iBasso at their sponsor page on Head-Fi.
  8. denox
    Thank you for quick resolution Paul. I will definitely miss it dearly during exchange process.
  9. Richsvt
    anyone try the Comply tips on these? What size did you use?
  10. iFriesS

    I am facing the same problem please advise what should i do, my set is 1 week+ old.
  11. vwong99
    Good day.
    Had just got my iT03 few hours back and was burning in via iPhone 5 for 2+ hours until I ran across your post.
    Do you mind elaborate on this, as I have been burning in my IEMs via IP5 for quite a handful of period. And will this kinda burn in damages the nature of the IEM, particularly to my newly bought iT03?
    Many thanks.
  12. nmatheis Contributor

    It's not going to actually damage your IT03. However, the iPhone's high output impedance could alter the frequency response of your IT03, changing how they sound. I've found this typically results in learned low frequency response and increased high frequency presence. This often makes the IEM sound leaner / more analytical. Some prefer this, but ultimately it's not how the IEM are intended to sound.
  13. vwong99
    Many thanks for the info.
    Have now changed to my Opus #1 for the burn in.
    Gotta wait patiently to have this burn for a good 150 hours. Even the sales rep advised to have this burn for a 2-3 days straight, at least, before the full potential of this IEM emerged.
    Never tried any hybrid before, but for the good 2 hours audition this with AK380, I felt the iT03 is more fun and enjoyable to listen to compared with my V6S from 64 Audio.
    Apologies that I may not know the SQ terminology used here. Just know that the sound reproduction is fun, lively and natural, and this is spot on IMHO!
  14. jamato8 Contributor

    I would enjoy your IT03 while they are burning in. For me they did take a while to fully mature but still enjoyable mean time. Yesterday I was at the dentist office for a tooth that needed to have a cap replaced. Oh, the joy but at least the tooth has a root canal so no pain involved. Anyway, the process takes a while and I brought along a dap and the IT03. I have to say, it made the time pass with some enjoyment. Listening to some live performances of the Almond Brothers, great fun. (yes I know it is Allman) lol 
  15. graben
    I've passed 150 hours today. They were good to start and have improved with a slight tightening of the bass and a smoothing out of the highs.
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