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IBasso Audio IT03

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  1. SemRumo
    Damn you Ibasso, just had a What moment, deep bass, nice clear vocals, just play this "Future-Wicked" on a Rockboxed Ibasso DX90.
    If these are 80% of a TOTL iems, i dont need any more iems :)
  2. jamato8 Contributor
  3. ExpatinJapan
    Nice pics. They are quite hard to photograph being all black
  4. sonickarma
    Cheers thank you for your appreciation - trying to portray their elegance
  5. sonickarma
    Thanks - I was happy with them also 
    I am into a variety of music -  electronica, jazz, ambient, lounge, latin, modern classical, drone, sound track and many more - as long as it connects some emotion with me.
    Some electronica tracks I like are on my effect audio review here
    if you are interested. Feel free to PM me so we don't go too off iBasso IT03 earphone topic if needed - [​IMG]
  6. H20Fidelity Contributor
  7. AlexiusC
    Man.... Finally another DX90 user here!! [​IMG]
    Curious me but, before you Rockbox-ed the DX90, have you tried Lurker's edition of DX90 firmwares? [​IMG]
  8. SemRumo
    Yeah, i tried almost all of lurker´s firmware, but with a 64gb fully load sd card it takes alot of time to scan so i rockboxed it.
    But i think the IT03 sounds better with a warm source, the DX90 sometimes makes voices come with too many ssss´s, male and female, rockboxing tamed that part and the scanning time :)
  9. AlexiusC
    Ahhh.... Now i'm contemplating if i should try rockbox.. Last I tried was when Ipod Video was last alive.. [​IMG]
  10. pr0b3r
    Got mine today. Swapped the stock cable with ALO's SPC Litz and the difference was noticeable even OOTB. Liked the sound with the Litz than stock. Will let these burn in by the prescribed hours.


  11. sonickarma
    Yes litz worked good great for me also
  12. nmatheis Contributor
    pr0b3r: What differences are you hearing? I've got some spare ALO cables around that I could try later. Come to think of it, I've even got an ALO 2.5mm balanced cable I could give a try...
  13. pr0b3r
    These are still fresh from the box and I only tried a few songs with the stock cable. Coherency wasn't that good on fast songs, bass was a bit overwhelming for my taste at least, mids sounded a bit overshadowed by the overall bass. These were my thoughts when I was trying them OOTB. Though I understood why some people were comparing them to the Andromeda. Some songs I used to try with the Andro sounded a bit close to the IT03 but still lacks the crispiness of the treble and the quality of its sparkle. I prefer the mids of Andro as well. After I swapped the cables, almost everything changed. The bass got tamed, treble surfaced a bit more compared to stock, mids sounded natural but still not as front as Andro. By the way, I heard some peaks on some vocal tracks I tried using the stock cable. That was gone after swapping the cables. I'm still curious how will these sound after the prescribed 150 hours of burn in.
  14. pr0b3r
    Impressions please when you get to try them with a balanced cable. :) If you also have the ALO Reference 8 cable, that would be more interesting.
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