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Huge Comparison of [almost] all the Best Bluetooth Headphones - post your own comparisons here

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by giogio, Dec 15, 2014.
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  1. Giogio
    Here we go:
    If he is really reporting all the best new ones, they are not so many.
    Well, not for me at least, because I am not interested in In-Ear.
    Anyway he omitted a few, so I will make a list of all what I find, and post it as soon as I can.
  2. Yappadappadu
    Well, he is missing the Sony MDR-1ABT. Those and the Sennheiser Momemtun Wireless are currently what I am looking forward to.
    Funny how he says that UK prices for the Philips Fidelio M2BT are unknown. Guess he didn't do his research, considering that those have already been available in Europe for a few months now. :D
  3. n00b2
    No there is no proper Amazon in Australia. There is an Amazon Australia but they only sell kindle books I believe. i can buy them from Amazon US and return then back there if I don't like them but they won't refund the shipping costs to Australia which are pretty high. Not much of a problem if you get a good deal but a waste or money if you have to return them.
    I believe you are right about hygeine technically only really being an issue for in ear headphones though most retailers here just put all headphones in the same category and don't allow returns on any of them. Bose seem to be the only retailer that allow returns of all their headphones and then only if bought from a Bose store.
    Might have to bite the bullet and order the Fidelio from US and hope its to my liking. Will wait it out for a while yet but running out of options atm. Though some of the new ones shown at CES look interesting. If the Sennheiser Momentum Wireless sounds anything like the original Momentum they will be a great (though pricey) pair.
  4. Giogio
    Yes I would wait now, unless you really need a pair immediately.
    Soon they (fidelio) will be available in US and you can order them and return them in case not of your liking.
    And, you can compare them with the other ones which will soon come, Momentum etc.
    But in case you cannot wait (I generally cannot) you can order them I think from Amazon UK. It should not be difficult to return them either.
    I would ask.
  5. ftf286
    Can't wait till the philips are available in the us, that's good news. 
  6. cehowardNote3
    I can answer that, without even using the 1RBT(MK1) they have no APTX.  I was and still am a novice over a year ago, but I quickly, and I mean quickly found out that any bluetooth headphones I get will have aptx.  Plus, I am a Samsung fanboy, with the Galaxy S4, Note 3 & 4, all pushing aptx. I had the Sony 10RBT, and I would take them over the twice to three times more expensive Sony MDR 1RBT, for the simple fact, the Sony MDR 10RBT has aptx.. I even laughed at the Parrot Zik and the Beats Studio not having aptx and they are selling and people buying them!! :D
    Again, from READING, and I went by that, the 1RBT(MK1), bass was not that good, no aptx and two or three more features that were upgraded on the MK2 version..  I know, I made the right choice. In checking the current price at the vendor I purchased my MK2s(I had one pair stolen, and quickly ordered another pair), the vendor DOESN'T HAVE THE MK2s listed anymore.. It seems the Sony MDR 1RBTMK2 even  though NEVER available in the USA has been discontinued. I will hold on to mine forever.. That is how good they sound/perform for me.. :wink:
  7. WDitters
    Received the Backbeat Pros today.. First Impression average until I upgraded the firmware from 19 to 22... Sound quality improved to quite an interesting degree. Bass is now a lot tighter.

    In comparison to the UE9000 a nice improvement. Mids and highs are more clear and transparent, wider soundstage. Also found that the Backbeats really are multipoint... Working flawlessly. I guess this means exit for my UE9000 cans :-S

    Sent from my HTC One_M8 using Tapatalk
  8. Giogio
    Not so fast please :)
    Before you send the UE back, give the Plantronics more time, get used to them, and compare the two side by side.
    I had to send the Plantronics back before I could get the UE (which I have just sent back).
    So I could not compare side by side, and I would like to read your impressions.
    Mine are that the UE have fatter bass, deeper, with more body, better for things like Dubstep for example.
    But the Plantronics have more detail, soundstage, a more refined and somehow delicate sound which have a subtle balance or warmth and freshness (while the UE are mostly warmer), and brighter wider airy highs.
    The bass of the Plantronic I remember it clean, detailed, controlled, capable of good power when properly EQed, with good punch and some rumble, but not very fat and deep.
    I loved the Bass of the UE, almost more than I love that of the Fidelio.
    I would say that for bass of all what I testes is 1 UE 2 Fiedlio 3 Plantronics
    The UE are anyway too heavy.
    The Plantronics are not only Multipoint, they have also the Low latency Aptx codec (I am not aware of any other HiFi Headphones which support it). You still need a Low Latency Aptx transmitter anyway. And no Phone has it at the moment. But you can get it to your PC with the Avantree Saturn Pro or Priva.
    The Plantronics, I havefound out lately, are Class 1 Bluetooth.
    This is why their range is so good.
    If there will be a Class 1 transmitter (which I did not find yet) they could reach such a range that you can go buying cigarettes on the corner with them on while streaming music from your pc.
    Ok, maybe not so much, but, 300ft? that is 100mt, right?
  9. WDitters
    LOL My UEs will not go anywhere for now, not before I have really made a thorough comparison at least. I have been using those for almost 2 years now so I am fairly intimate with them. Also I am not that bass-inclined. The UEs in fact are little too bass-heavy for my taste since next to Indie and Rock I also listen acoutisc, jazz and classical. So I like my headphones a bit more defined and more agile. That's why I'm also keen trying out the Sennheiser Momentum wireless when they become available. INcidentally I do have the Avantree  dongle hooked up to my Windows Media Center but Always with me when I travel. not aware of the Low Latency feature until I got the Backbeat Pro. So I will definitely be trying that out as well.
    Edit: I love the rings on either side, left one to skip tracks, right one for volume. The sensor that registers when the cans are taken off also flawlessly stops and resumes the music. (at least on my HTC One M8 they do). These cans are scoring points here ..
    Edit: The UE9000 definitely are the more comfortable ones. Aside from cupsizes that vary (the Plantronics indeed having smaller earcups), the UE9000s are oval (sort of), which provides a really smooth and light fit, interestingly light for their apparent size.
  10. Giogio
    Which Avantree do you have?
    They made a Saturn at first. This has got the normal Aptx (no low latency).
    Then a Saturn Pro and a Priva, both with Low Latency.
    From what you say, I would guess you will adore the Plantronics.
    Give them a time, I also was not impressed at the very first listening.
  11. Yappadappadu
    The rings on the Plantronics must really be the best way so far that I have encountered to control volume and skip tracks. Really prefer those to the touch controls of the Samsung Level Over which seem to be the new fad everyone is jumping on.
    Turned off the sensor though since I usually don't want a livestream video that I am watching to stop just because I am taking off the headphones for a sec.
    Giogio likes this.
  12. dgabe24
    Anyone else looking forward to the new Sennheiser Urbanite XL wireless set? Giogio just mentioned them to me and I'm excited for them to hit stores so I can try them on. I think I'll end up waiting to buy anything before I can try them on. See if they're better than the Backbeat Pro's or Fibelios and then pull the trigger.
    Edit: Also curious, whats your thoughts on the 
    Sony MDR ZX750BN
    Sony MDR XB950BT/B
    Sony MDR RF985RK
    Giogio mentioned that soundstage sounded like it was coming from behind him. Anyone else experience that? Sony makes a pretty clean looking headphone and that's appealing to me. 


  13. Giogio

    Here you have my first impressions on the Urbanite.
    They are not better than Backbeat and Fidelio in everything but they are better in some things.
    For your need, which also include Flights, I still consider the Plantronics better, because of the ANC.
    But the Urbanite would go well also, being Around the Ear. Their pads are a bit smaller than the Plantronics (4,5 to 5 cm vs the 5,5 to 6 of the Plantronics). For if you have big ears.
    The Fidelio I never used them on a Plain but on a train yes. No problem. But yes, they do not isolate completely of course.
    The soundstage good but coming from behind was referred only to the MDR-10RBT. I did not have this issue with the MDR-1RBT nor with the MDR-XB950Bt (which anyway do not have such a great soundstage)
    The XB would be anyway a nice choice too. They are not very good but also not bad. With some EQ you can make a decent headphone out of them (they need a huge boost in highs and upper-mids).
    There is a thread about them and a guy, Bill-P, teaches how to mod them to make their bass more controlled (normally it is a bit too puff puff, lot of air and not much body). No soldering needed.
    I thought they could not go with classic, so I was about to say you "forget them", but I am trying and with some EQ you can listen classic with them.
    The Detail, well, there is no possible comparison with the Fidelio, and even less with the new Sennheiser of course. But the comparison is not fair, the two are monsters of high quality. I mean, how Classics sound with the Sennheiser, you'll never get that with these Sony.
    Still, they are ok. And when you need more bass for your EDM, you just have to press a button without having to change EQ settings. Nice.
    The other two Sony I do not know them. But maybe somebody else does.
    if you get no answer here maybe you can open a separate thread in the Help forum.
  14. dkstott
    I bought the Bose Sound link on ear headphones
    I liked the sound of a lot of the others, but most were just too darn big and heavy for my personal tastes and use. 
    My preference would have been to have ATPX for the blue-tooth in them but it finally all came down to overall size & comfort for me..
    One of my top needs was to have them fold for storage. So in the end, it came down to the Jabra Revo or the Bose Sound Link on ear headphones.
    The Bose are the most comfortable headphones that I've ever encountered. No hot spots after hours of wearing them and the battery lasts for days!
    They don't give me as good of a sound as my Westone W30's in ear's.. but they really sound nice.
    While they don't have noise reduction, they do a really nice job of sealing out the environment for me.
    I love them!   
    It helped that I had a Christmas gift card that helped offset the cost.  LOL
  15. krzychnip
    @Giogio Just wanted to say thank you for doing this. I've been looking recently for a pair of wireless headphones recently and I'm someone who has little to no knowledge of anything so this has been very helpful. I've been a lurker here for a while, but honestly dont post because I dont have much to contribute haha, but just wanted to offer up my gratitude.
    I also had a question regarding these newer headphones you've reviewed and your old trusty UE9000's. As someone who listens to a ton of hiphop/edm type of music and lovessss bass heavy cans...Would you still recommend your UE's over all these newer models that you reviewed? Or if not, specifically which pair would you recommend for a basshead like myself who is looking for the convenience of a wireless pair?
    Giogio likes this.
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