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Huge Comparison of [almost] all the Best Bluetooth Headphones - post your own comparisons here

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by giogio, Dec 15, 2014.
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  1. Yappadappadu
    Sony just announced the Sony MDR-1ABT at CES and I expect those to be available officially in both the US and Europe sometime in spring, so warranty issues should be taken care of.
    Still waiting for delivery of the Plantronics.
    Possible that those or the MDR-1RBT MK2 will be placeholders until I can get my hands on the MDR-1ABT.
  2. OPTiK
    SP3 doesn't have AptX, but I just got my Azio dongle. I tried AptX with the Pendulumic S1+ via the Azio dongle, but there is still no wow factor there. The bass is lacking, mids and highs are clear though. I ended up ordering the BackBeat Pros over the weekend since they came back in stock for a little bit. I was looking at the MK2, but I didn't want to deal with having to send them back overseas if there's an issue. At this point if the BB Pros don't wow me, then I'll probably step back from BT headphones for awhile until the next gen stuff comes out.
  3. CameronCrazy

    Here is the response from the Amazon seller regarding the warranty questions I had:

    "There is a hologram sticker which entitles you to a warranty but since this model is not officially released in the US, you should check with your local Sony service center to see if they would repair something you bought from Korea. By the way, the item will be shipped by Amazon on our behalf and it will be shipped from their warehouse in the US.

    What I can do is to call Sony service center in the US and find out for you but since I'm in Korea, there is a big time difference so I'll try it tomorrow morning and get back to you. The authenticity of the item is 100% guaranteed."

    I spoke with the Sony Service Center here in the US and was told they would NOT support the warranty since they are Asia-pacific models....UGHHHHHHHHH. That is very disappointing.

    Not sure I can fork out $350 for phones with no warranty...
  4. Giogio
    No, it was about the M2BT but as a joke. I love them and you know. But I also believe you that your high end wired cans sound better than any BT can.
    Although the Fidelio sound better than the Plantronics for my tastes. So... Who knows. :D
    Slow connection, yes. No remedy. I also hate that. And the long click needed to turn them off.
    Glitches, they happen to me only very seldom, with the three BT Headphones which support Multipoint technology (M2BT, Plantronics Backbeat Pro, Bose Soundlink On Ear).
    So I think it is a problem of this new technology.
    The way to solve it, you may have already found it, is by turn the BT on your phone off and on again.
    Annoying, but, after all still worth in change of such bonus as the chance to listen to music with the PC and still be able to receive a call on your phone.
    About the UE9000, I also have them here. To my ears, the Fidelio have more rumble.
    Which is actually what I love more on their bass. It is war, lively, punchy, and it rumbles :)
    But the UE are not bad either. Not so lively though.
    Yes indeed more comfy.
    I also am annoyed by the negative aspects of the Fidelio (they also have a very standard BT Range. The mediocre sounding Beats have much better range).
    But how they sound, and the fact that they are the smallest after the Bose (forgetting the Sennheiser MM400-X which are ugly), make them still my favourite.
    Thank you for the comparison!
    Yes, your opinions helped me to understand better some aspects of the AKG, I will put them higher in my ranking.
    But I still think that they should have made them able to return the bass powerfully in bass heavy tracks, and not exaggerate it on bass soft tracks.
    Isn't there any Amazon in Australia? And, for the Hygiene thing, legally, only the In-Ear are considered Hygiene Article.
    The HK sound similar to the Fidelio. After EQing them I had to switch all the time between the two to notice a real difference.
    Then I could finally understand, the Fidelio have in the end more life, more fire, more clarity, and more rumble in the bass (more power).
    In this case, I think you would like them.
  5. Giogio

    Strange. I think that is illegal.
    I would try again and put the conversation in another way, directing it where you want to go, without leaving them a chance.
    My information are that Sony will support a product bought in other parts of the world, IF they have the replacement parts.
    So, it is not a legal deny what they make. It is a different thing. They say "we do not have the replacements here, and we cannot order them from Japan".
    For example, when I decided to buy an Xperia phone online cheap from an asian shop, I was told from SOny EU that I will have warranty in EU, because that phone is sold in EU too. Although I bought it in Asia.
    Well, in your case anyway, it does not change much :frowning2:

    But I suggest you to ask in the Thread about the MK2. You have more chance to get the right answer there.
    You , anyway, should just buy them before leaving, with time to try them and give them back if there are problems.
    It is not very probably that you will have problems in the future, if you do not have any now.
    These things do not break so easily.
  6. Giogio
    Do you know if the ABT will have Aptx? I mean, will they be like the MK2 plus ANC, or like the normal MDR-1RBT plus ANC?
    In that case talk to Kelleytoons.
    You may end liking its solution of a wired headphone (with detacheable cable) plus BT adapter.
    It will look a bit strange, but, still something.
  7. WDitters
    In fact I disagree about multipoint being the culprit. The UE9000 also are multipoint. Only few know this but the proof is in the pudding I guess. I successfully alternate between cellphone and windows mediacenter with my 9000s. Not a glitch...
  8. Giogio
    concern 1:
    concern 2: what about Amazon? Try and send back.
    Concern 2: http://www.head-fi.org/t/746519/huge-comparison-of-all-the-best-bluetooth-headphones-fidelio-plantronics-bose-harman-kardon-parrot-logitech-sony-samsung-beats-akg-jbl-jabra-phiaton-sennheiser-house-of-marley-skullcandy-supertooth-bluedio-pendulumic/60#post_11188609
    As N00B2 said, there were other improvement.
    I would suggest you to have a look at the other thread specific about the Mdr-1RBTMK2.
    I have tried Plantronics and old MDR1. Plantronics win light years.
    So, only MK2, or never Sony.
    Kelleytoons (as you will read in the link I gave you) preferred the Plantronics even over the MK2. but tastes are tastes. Still, I doubt the Plantronics will disappoint you.
    I would definitely order them in Amazon and see by myself. Do it!!!
    Kelleytoons... Did you really try the MK2? I had forgotten that.
    How did you possibly get the MK2 so to be able to return them?????
    I thought you had tried the old normal MDR1-RBT like me...
  9. Yappadappadu
    If aptx was already part of the MK2, then Sony surely won't release the 1ABT without it. Only Parrot (Zik 2.0) don't seem to understand that aptx is now basically considered a standard feature on higher priced BT headphones.
    After rereading the press text, I fear that the "noise suppression" they're talking about might only help with calls, but not listening to music. So I don't expect the 1ABT to have any active noise cancelling. Hope I am wrong.
    Could you repeat what you specifically didn't like about the 1RBT (MK1)? Thanks
  10. Giogio
    So, what would be the difference between MDR1ABT and MDR1RBTMK2?
    About the "MK1", they sounded muffled. They had no life.
    The bass was weak, the trebles not bright enough, the mids lacked fire.
    Well also the Plantronics do not have exactly fire in the mids, they are soft there, but there is life and some warmth.
    They have more punch and rumble and detail/precision in the bass, more (much more) brightness and clarity in the highs, and overall more detail and a mcuh more dynamic and pleasant listening experience.
    Yappa. I know you like how they look.
    But. No.
    Buy the MK2 in your trip and sell them in Ebay if you like them less than the Plantronics!
    In your trip you can probably get them cheaper than what you will get them in Ebay.
    Anyway. Where can we read ALL the new BT Headphones announced at CES???
    I am CURIOUS!!!!!!!!
    I have seen that Sennheiser announced a BT version of the Momentum and of the Urbanite (sorry for this Kelleytoons).
    I wonder what else!!!
    I have read that BT Headphones is the trend this year at CES!
    This Thread is going to be HUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUGE!!!!
    And I will not pass my exams because I will spend my time comparing other 20 headphones!
  11. Giogio

    Maybe you did not understand the meaning of Multipoint?
    It is not the ability to store two devices in the memory and connect to one of them while disconnecting to the other, without having to pair again.
    It is the ability to be connected at SAME TIME to two devices. For example, listening to music on your PC while you are also connected to your Phone, and receive a Call (although the music will automatic paused, = you cannot hear music from both devices at same time, which you anyway would not want to do :) )
    If not, please explain me how to get this with the UE9000.
    I have them now. I can NOT connect at same time with PC and Phone, no way.
  12. WDitters

    I stand corrected... :)
  13. Yappadappadu
    Apart from the touch controls on the 1ABT, not sure. :D AFAIK the MDR-1A are slightly bigger cans than the MDR-1R. More bass, I think?
    Touch control sounds cool. And if it's newer it must be better, right? :wink: Seriously, not sure yet. I am still in the process of reading the MDR-1A thread.
    Who knows what I'll do once I had the chance to listen to the Plantronics. Maybe they'll sound to awesome that I'll forget about getting any Sony headphones.
    We'll see, but yes, I was thinking about buying the MK2 and then selling on ebay in case I don't like them. Pricewise they're still damn expensive though, even in Asia.
  14. dieselvrr
    Also with the Phiaton MS 530 I had for a while....no issues with switching from one device to another while connected to both
  15. Giogio
    I was already going mad trying to make that work and looking in internet for solutions.
    You know that if you put them in Ebay I will buy them and try them and I hope you will make an exception for me and give me Rückgaberecht also ich you are a private? :)
    But I pay the Rücksendkosten :wink:
    For the UE9000 he made a mistake. No multipoint there.
    With the Phiaton you are right. I did not try them long enough to notice if there is a similar problem.
    The problem appears anyway almost only when switching between different BT Headphones.
    If I only use the Fidelio, for example, I never have this of the skipping noise.
    But they are still slow to connect.
    Probably the slowest ones.
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