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Huge Comparison of [almost] all the Best Bluetooth Headphones - post your own comparisons here

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by giogio, Dec 15, 2014.
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  1. david8613
    Multipoinit ue 9000= no Multipoint.
    Plantronics back beat pro= Multipoint.
    Phiaton ms530=Multipoint.

    For me the 3 I mention above have zero connection problems, very stable connection, bluetooth has come a long ways in this department.

    I started a thread yesterday asking anyone who is at CES to post pics and add any information on any new bluetooth headphones, bluetooth is were its at, I hate wires!
  2. Giogio
    Good idea David, let's bump the new CES thread.
    Now, something for iPhone owners:
    They both can give Aptx to an iPhone.
    While this:
    can be attached to your wired Headphones (if they have detachable cable) and give them Aptx.
    In the while, for those who have a PC without APTX, the Avantree Priva is Bluetooth 3, Aptx LOW LATENCY (35ms), and Multipoint. So, you stream music from your PC to TWO BT Headphones together.
    The Avantree Saturn Pro is also BT 3 low latency, and can be transmitter or receiver.
    This means, buy one, and you can chose what to make of it. Make two and you have one receiver and one transmitter, or one repeater (if you connect the two together in loop), so to expand the range of your transmitter
    etc etc...
  3. david8613
    Great! Here is the link to the thread I started a couple of days ago...
  4. Prolificaudio
    Which headphone over ear do you think has the best clarity and bright his and lows with a powerful bass? Also which one do you think is just the best? What do you think of the Sony mdr-1rbt-mk2?
  5. Giogio

    Unfortunately the MK2 are one of the very few ones I did not yet try, because not available in EU.
    MK2 and Pendulumic actually. Well, and Parrot Zik 2 because they arrived dead.
    If you are only interested in Around the Ear, I think there is not much discussion possible, the clear winner is the Plantronics Backbeat Pro.
    I personally like the UE9000 also, the bass is a bit fatter.
    But the Plantronics has got more detail and precision in its bass, which is anyway also very powerful.
    And the Plantronics offer much more. They are more comfortable, have ANC, Multipoint, Head Sensor. They have much better Sounstage, more detail, are more bright and open.
    The UE9000 may be a bit warmer but the Plantronics are warm enough.
    Between the two I would not esitate choosing the Plantronics.
    I am not aware of anybody who tried both Plantronics and MK2 if not maybe @Kelleytoons: I did not understand very well if he really tried the MK2 or the old "MK1".
    There is another thread specifically for MK2, maybe you can ask there if anybody tried the Plantronics and can compare.
    I personally suspect that the MK2 must also be excellent.
    And that the difference must be more in sound signature than in sound quality. So, matter of tastes.
    Which means, if you cannot try the MK2 and send it back in case you do not like it, than go directly for the Plantronics and do not look back. They will surely please you.
    david8613 can confirm.
    David, how would you describe the Plantronics in few words. And how do you feel their bass, coming from the fat UE9000?
  6. Prolificaudio
    Thank you so much man! Yeah I love the mk2s I own a pair but have to sell them unfortunately :frowning2: budget problems. I need to figure out how to sell these bad boys. I wish someone could tell me how the back beat pro and mk2s and pendulmic and parrots compare that sucks you guys dont have access that bull crap!! Thank you so much man that was very helpful and when I get a job again I will be trying those to see how they compare.
  7. Giogio

    For the pendulumic no chance, as said, I cannot find them here, but Kelleytoons tried them. He found the Plantronics much better.
    You can use the "search this thread" function at the top of the first post on each page to search this thread with keywords, like "pendulumic".
    And read what he said.
    I am not sure to understand why did you want a comparison if you already own a MK2.
    I understand that you are going to sell them, but well, just do not forget how they sound. Then, when you have again money, try the Plantronics, and you can see if you like them more than the Sony. If yes, keep them. If not, send them back and order the MK2 again :)
    I will try the Parrot Zik 2 soon.
    In the while anyway there will be many more BT Headphones out there...
    I hope I can review them all!
  8. OPTiK
    I got my BackBeat Pros today and my initial review is that I'm keeping them.
    BBP > Pendulumic s1+
    The S1+ is boring, the BBP is fun. Multipoint is pretty awesome, though I seem to be getting some odd skips between my SP3 and my HTC One (m7) from time to time. They're probably both fighting for stream control randomly. I tested out the BBP with my SP3 BT 4.0 vs the Azio AptX + Phone AptX and I couldn't tell a difference. Therefore, I chucked the terrible CSR Harmoney drivers and just connect to the internal BT 4.0 (waste of $12). I listened to some music and played some movies, pretty surprised how well these things play everything. Great all around sound. Are there any pad upgrades for this? I like the default ones, but I think some nice velour/memory foam ones would be amazing. ANC is kind of weird (i can feel it), but I have a head cold so my ears aren't 100%.
    Plantronics knocked it out of the park with these, very happy with the purchase.. no wonder these things are always sold out on amazon lol. Funny enough I actually picked up the BackBeat Fit for the gym a week ago, although they are not amazing SQ wise they fit the bill in terms of functionality and not having to fiddle with my headset during my workout.
    Prolificaudio likes this.
  9. vinx1127
    Hi Giogio,

    How do you find the isolation for the Fidelio M2BT? Im looking for a BT which i can use for my daily commute. I usually listen to EDM but also listens to other genres as well. Im also looking for a concert /studio sound signature.

    I'm leaning between Sony Mk2 and backbeat pro. Many thanks.
  10. Giogio
    Hi, I do not understand what you mean for concert/studio signature.
    The Fidelio is On Ear and have no ANC. SO the Plantronics will clearly be better for isolation.
    But I enjoy the Fidelio more for EDM. And anyway I tested once while travelling with trein and I never felt that the isolation was not enough.
    Now, clear, if you travel on one of those old trains like western movies, near the open window, then things would probably be different, and there you probably need real ANC.
    As said, I did not try the MK2.
  11. david8613

    Giogio you took the words right out my mouth, ue 9000 fatter thicker, more might go slightly deeper in the bass, the plantronics backbeat pro are also strong but faster, more articulate in the bass, go deep too. I'm selling my ue 9000 not because I don't like them, I love them, but I'm a one headphone guy, so I'm staying with my pbb pro, the extra features I like alot, but leaving my ue 9000 will be hard they were very good to me. I'm surprised more people don't try them, inner fidelity loved them.
  12. CameronCrazy

    David - without being too intrusive can you tell me more about your lobes. :)

    I had all but ruled out the BB PRO due to reading that the cups are a little small. Do you find that to be the case at all, and if so how much of a issue is it? Comfort is important...won't wear a ton..prolly 1-2 hours a day at most for some music or mostly movies.

    Did you consider the MDR-1RBT? Aren't those the US version (so warranty isn't an issue) and they're about $100 less than the MK2's. I need to get something soon and it's gonna be one of the following:

    MDR-1RBT - $254
    MDR-1FBMK2 - $349
    Plantronics Backbeat Pro - $250

    I need to just pick one....I actually ordered the MDR-10RBT based solely on reviews but listened to the wired version at bestbuy and just didn't care for them so I sent them back.
  13. Giogio
    You probably mean the MDR-1RBTMK2. I have never heard of any MDR-1FBMK2.
    Unless Sony made a special FaceBook version :)
    Forget the MK1. it was several times discussed, here and in the MK1 Thread, that the MK1 are just not worth, period.
    I would suggest you anyway to use the search function :)
    If your ears are smaller than that, you'll be fine.
    Kelleytoons tried both the Plantronics and the MK2 (I have found the Email Kelleytoons, where you told me there was MK2 on the box. So, yes, it was a MK2. How did you sent it back? If it was easy, some people would be interested in knowing it).
    He says, the Plantronics are better.
  14. CameronCrazy

    Yep...typo for sure :)

    I'll read back through that thread.....I think I read through it once or twice. It can't hurt to read it again.
  15. Giogio

    If you mean the MK2 thread (yes, I said it wrong, I had written MK1 thread but I meant MK2), that is pretty long.
    But I think you find at the end of it, last two pages, and also last two pages of the "High End Bluetooth Headphones" thread, some discussions about "Backbeat or MK2?".
    At the end anyway if I remember well, the only person who tried both is Kelleytoons.
    If you read a complete thread you can only learn, so, good choice. I never did it :D
    I just search in the thread the info I need.
    Anyway. Ask anytime, even if we already discussed it, we discuss it again.
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