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Huge Comparison of [almost] all the Best Bluetooth Headphones - post your own comparisons here

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by giogio, Dec 15, 2014.
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  1. Giogio

    Thanks, this feels good.
    Although I am aware of the concept of unconditional help, with no expectation of any positive feedback, I must say that I am not so Buddha yet.
    My Ego still rejoice with some "thanks" :wink:
    The UE I have tried them lately (and sent them back today), so, I am not sure which other newer models you mean. Maybe the Sennheiser Urbanite XL Wireless?
    Or by newer you mean those which are newer even if I have tested them before than the UE?
    To give you a proper suggestion I anyway need to know:
    1) do you have a big head and big ears? Do you normally have problems of comfort with Headphones which for other people are comfortable?
    2) can you give me some links of the kind of Hip Hop and EDM you like?
    3) will you have the possibility to apply some EQ or do you listen to your music online or somewhere where no EQ is available?
    4) do you tend to prefer a warm sound signature (relatively balanced, with mids which shine through), a bright sound signature (more highs than mids, bass can be powerful or not but will not make things sound dark anyway. Sound is always bright and fresh)?
    5) do you prefer a fast dry, a bit dark bass, with more punch than rumble? or a more slow, warm, round bass, with more rumble than punch?
    I am also in this moment looking for a good basshead Bluetooth Headphone.
    I have found some which I am going to order when I have money. I will of course add them here when I try them.
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  2. Giogio

    Yes, I agree.
    I actually made the same route, looking for a foldable one.
    Bose and Revo were among the very first I have tried.
    And, well, Bose are just so comfortable... :)
    How much did you pay for them finally?
  3. krzychnip
    Sorry, my question was a little muddled now that I look back. I guess I was asking a comparison of the UE9000 vs the other over ears you liked (Plantronics BBP, Sony MDR-XB950BT, etc)
    In response to the questions for context:
    1. I have a fairly large head, normal sized ears, but ive never had problems in the past with headphones hurting at all. If nothing else, the only discomfort can be the heat sometimes caused by over ears.
    2. I listen to primarily 90s hip hop (http://youtu.be/dogqDbcbVo0) and house/progressive house/electro/deep (https://soundcloud.com/mau5trap/deadmau5-kaskade-i-remember-1)
    3. I can EQ it through poweramp on my phone, but honestly my knowledge of how to do so is limited so I likely wont fiddle too much.
    4/5. I'd definitely lean towards more of a warm sound signature judging by your description, as well as the more rounded bass with more rumble than punch. 
    Sorry for my lack of proper terminology and knowledge of the subject, and thank you for any/all recommendations you can offer. I want to also say that price is a factor as I'd prefer to spend sub-$200 if possible, whether that be through a cheaper pair or a used nicer pair. That being said, if I must spend more, that is also an option.
  4. Nothing Within
    Anybody think the House of Marley XLBT is a good bluetooth headphone choice? I listen mainly to dubstep, Trap and Hip Hop. Looking for a good pair of bluetooth headphones to use for working out until the sennheiser momentum wireless over ear or the beoplay Bang and Olfusen h8 on ear come out.
  5. Giogio
    EQ in Poweramp is not difficult, it is a very normal EQ, not parametric like in Neutron.
    You just move the sliders up and down. You are right that if you intensively EQ, some Headphones will sound worse then before. But you can take a couple of reference tracks which you know very well how they should sound, and move the sliders one by one, all up, all down, so to see which kind of sound goes in that frequency. So you learn which slider move, and how much, when you need to increase or decrease a certain kind of sound. If for example there is dullness, you are probably going to decrease low-mids and some upper-bass. It there is not enough warmth you can increase some middle and upper mids. For Punch mostly mid and upper bass. Rumble Sub Bass.
    Which frequency is what?
    I have learnt it online:
    What all those terms mean?
    (I should probably put these in my first post)
    Anyway, let's say that you will not EQ.
    For your Music I only see three very good possibilities now among what I have tested:
    Fidelio M2BT
    Plantronics Backbeat Pro.
    The Fidelio and UE sound quite similar, with a nice warmth, and soft, round rumbling bass.
    They still have anyway enough punch for Techno and similar.
    I would say that the UE could have a bit more power in the Bass, a bit more punch while still having lot of rumble.
    And it is a bit warmer. The Fidelio have some highs more. Which I personally like, it is more balanced so, while still being powerful (it is already no secret that I am no fan of neutral uncolored headphones, although I like all frequencies to be well represented).
    The Plantronics would be a bit faster bass, less rumble. But not dark. When I wrote dark I had in mind the Urbanite and the Beats.
    No, no, the Plantronics is very nice bass. It has got a nice mix of punch and rumble.
    It is not so warm as the other ones, because it makes highs shine particularly well, which gives them a fresh, open signature.
    Some people feel that they have too much highs when not EQed. I like that personally. You can always EQ some highs away. But with other Headphones you notice that even when you increase the highs you do not get that detail of the Plantronics...
    Apart for the AKG K845, very very nice Highs. Even more detailed than the Plantronics. But too neutral and bass lacking (no matter how much EQ) for my tastes. Surely not a Basshead headphone :)
    The Fidelio is probably the more balanced one. Like also the grafics in the review of Digitalversus show.
    The UE is the warmest.
    I would say, the UE is the most Dubstep one among them all (but can also do the other things well)
    The Plantronics the most Hip Hop and techno (but can also do the other things well)
    The Fidelio the most do it all. With the advantage of a much better portability.
    Given all what you say, I consider the Plantronics to be the better choice for you.
    Also because they cost more or less 200, while the UE cost 270 and the Fidelio 350, which, for as much as I love them, I consider WAY too much. Really overpriced.  But well. They just came out now, in Amazon there is not yet a single review (I am going to write mine now). The UE are 270 after YEARS. They costed much more. The Plantronics also went down...
    The Plantronics fit loose enough for big heads but have small cups for big ears, so, perfect for you.
    Fidelio could be tight on big head. Logitech, a middle way.
    If you buy them, ask David here in the Forum for suggestions. He own them now and he is kind of expert on software updates for them.
    Let me know if I answered enough or if you have more doubt :)
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  6. Giogio
    Yes, i do.
    But well... If you name those other two, the HoM are in another league.
    I totally love them. They are absolutely stubborn, they do not make the lesser attempt to sound balanced and uncolored :)
    If you are willing to spend the money of the Momentum (anyway I suspect the On Ear could be better for the music you ear) and the H8, you can also pay the Logitech UE9000 which are the best Dubstep BT Headphones I have tested...
    Very closely followed by the Fidelio...
    They are a bit heavy on the head though... The UE...
    I have kept the Fidelio.
    They are a wonderful, really excellent portable "I can make all" headphone. I have yet to find a song which does not sound good with them.
    The HoM have very good bass, yes, but not enough rumble for Dubstep, and their punch is a bit muddy. But strong.
    They have some dullness, and lack of highs. Both things improve dramatically with some EQ.
    Their boosted mid region will make Dubstep sound good anyway.
    But, unless money is a problem, I would go for the UE. Or for the Fidelio, if you will buy a bigger one. So you can keep the Fidelio as portable solution.
  7. Nothing Within

    Awesome! Thank you i highly appreciate your help :) i will definitely look into the Logitech UE 9000 and Fidelio. Funny thing is when i listen to dubstep i actually enjoy the bass to be like my sennehieser over ear momentums but to have the bass a little more toned down. I like the music to be "balanced" in a way if that makes any sense lol. Hmmm do you think i should wait for the H8 and momentums wireless to come out just to have the extra cash? Or should i consider the XLBT and just buy it now and wait longer for the h8 and momentum wireless?
  8. Giogio

    Hmmm, what do you mean be toned down?
    If you mean somehow a bit more dark, in that case you may want to try the Urbanite XL Wireless. I have found that I had to push the EQ particularly on SubBass on them to make them good with DubStep and still they never have the Rumble of the UE or of the Fidelio, but they do have a good rumble, faster somehow :) And their bass sound a bit darker. Harder.
    It is also more detailed and precise. As to expect from Sennheiser.
    There is one song for example, Balloons (Club Mix) by Nils Hoffmann, sort of German Minimal Techno or whatever (very nice). The Urbanite render it amazingly with no EQ.
    And still,switching to the Fidelio or UE, I just smiled at that extra sub-bass.
    But, I just love sub-bass. Some people don't.
    I think you should be a bit ass-hole and buy something in Amazon, use it till you are allowed, send it back, buy the next. Till you find what you need.
    So, i would start with the XLBT which are imo the less likely to be kept if you want really amazing and balanced sound (they are on no means balanced and they bass is good and strong but not amazing). So you know them as a reference. Then take the Fidelio or the UE. And at that point you should already have one of those new ones available. And you can compare.
    But if Amazon reads this post, I wrote it under effect of hypnosis and am not responsible for anything socially irresponsible which I may have said.
    You can anyway give something Amazon back: a nice review to help them sell more of what you gave back.
  9. Nothing Within

    I should've been more descriptive when i said toned down. Not as in dark but as in having less bass for more of a balance in a way like having not alot of bass but just enough to hear it and know its there you know? That is actually a great idea i never thought of that although i might just keep the XLBT/UE and never return it haha, Good start to a collection of headphones. Lol! Im sure amazon wouldn't be. Once again thanks for the help very appreciated!
  10. Giogio

    Ok, I understand.
    Well actually I do not understand, because Dubstep and Hip Hop are not exactly the genres which people who like balanced headphones hear the most.
    But life is diversity :D
    In that case I even more suggest the Fidelio or the UE. The Fidelio specially.
    They have a powerful bass not because they boost it. The frequency response is quite flat (look at the graphic on digitalversus in the review of the M1BT, which are pretty much the same). There is a minimal boost in the bass.
    So, when there is no bass in a song, the Fidelio do not add anything on their own, They are not bassy.
    But their rendering of the bass frequencies is so good (they go down to 7hz!!!) that when the bass comes, they make it stand out.
    The XLBT do not have this ability. They are just a bit bassy, so you notice the boost also when you should not.
    For this reason once more I suggest to order the XLBT at first and Fidelio later. I may be wrong (tastes are tastes) but I suspect that when you try the Fidelio you are not going to keep the XLBT unless you want to keep both (which I was tempted of).
    You're welcome.
  11. Nothing Within
    Lol as you can tell im new to headfi so i may not be making sense with how i say things lol. yeah im going to grab the xlbt and the Fidelio. Who wouldve knew that headphones had such a complex/beautiful variety loving this head fi website.
  12. Giogio
    Variety is the essence of Life :)
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  13. Sound Eq
  14. madnexus
    I was looking for some comparatives of Bluetooth headphones and suddenly I've found this... awesome! Thanks very much to Giogio for his initiative. I have been reading the whole thread and it's extremely interesting and useful :)
    In my case I currently own a pair of AKG K452 as I was really interested in a portable, small, Rock/Metal/Electronic colourful and enjoyable headphones for a reasonable price (also having a mic and play/stop button on Android was a thumbs up and I wouldn't be able to live without it now!). I use them to commute but also a lot at home. I'm still really happy with them even if they are obviously a not expensive/sound quality cans... the thing is I get every day a bit more frustrated and annoyed about wires and thinking about going wireless. I decided it's time to get a good pair of BT headphones!
    I have read quite a lot of reviews and the majority of them point at the Fidelio M2BT like one of the best options for a balanced/reasonable priced Bluetooth headphones right now. I have also read in here the Plantronics Backbeat Pro are a really good option too. aptX seems the way to go here to get a good quality BT audio if you have devices who support it (that is my case).
    For me the most important points about the headphones would be quality of sound, good battery life, portability and I'm also thinking about Noise Cancelling. I have read there aren't many cans with a really good quality NC circuits so I'm maybe considering leaving that out of the equation. I daily use the headphones for commuting and it would be also great to get on the plane and be able to enjoy them as well... but I'm not that sure if it's that important, specially if the NC changes/distort the sound too much.
    The options for me right now (talking in GBP as I live in the UK) seem to be the following:
    £193.40 - Philips Fidelio M2BT
        Pros: Sound Quality. 
        Cons: No NC, battery life "only" 10h.
    £162.91 - Plantronics Backbeat Pro Wireless
        Pros: 24h battery life. NC. Price. 
        Cons: Quality not as good as the Fidelios?. Bit bigger (less portable on commuting use?). 
    Buuuut with the new releases in the CES 2015 I've seen a couple of extra options to appreciate here.
    £289.99 - Sennheiser Momentum On-Ear Wireless
        Pros: Alleged Sound Quality? (we won't know until somebody tries them!) Foldable. NC. 22h of battery life.
        Cons: Price. Only one button to manage extra stuff like skips/fast forward/pause/accept calls seems a bit **** (double click to skip and triple to go back one song? seriously?).
    £249.99 - Sennheiser Urbanite XL Wireless.
        Pros: Better Bluetooth pairing than cheaper options. Battery life up to 25h according to the specs.
        Cons: They seem really big to be portable. No NC. Too much bass for general use? Don't want them only for Club/Electronic massive punch music, even if I'm gonna listen to a lot of rock/metal groovy stuff.
    Would really like to know if it's worth to pay extra to get the new Urbanite XL or Momentum on-ear wireless models instead of the Philips M2BT.
    Oh! I haven't even considered the momentum over ear cos paying more than £300 for Bluetooth headphones I think is just too much. Actually the Momentum On-Ear would have to be soooooo good to consider buying them.
  15. Giogio
    Hi, you're welcome.
    If it is worth, it is something mostly subjective :)
    I did not yet try the Momentum (are they already available in UK?). And I would for sure, in your place, give them a try.
    I was not so much impressed by the Urbanite (if not in what they are meant for), but the Momentum are supposed to be more balanced/universal.
    The Urbanite are not so "universal" as the Fidelio, they are quite Club oriented.
    Well, you can still EQ them. But without EQ their low region is too dominant, with some (too my ears) feeling of darkness, and quite a push in the middles under 2khz (according to my ears).
    The detail is very good (a bit better then the Fidelio), the soundstage is good, and for some music I liked how their sound signature makes some instrument stand out. For example with some Techno.
    But for example when I have listened to Dos Aguas of Paco de Lucia with them, without EQ, it was a real disaster.
    With the Fidelio this never happens. They perform well enough to me in everything, also without EQ, and I like them very much also in Techno.
    Actually more than the Urbanite, because I like sub-bass and the Fidelio have more of it. Their Bass is also overall more round, not so hard. Which I like. Some people would prefer the harder faster one of the Urbanite probably.
    So, no, unless you are only going to listen to what the Urbanite do well, or unless you really want them and are willing to EQ them (which is an option, I personally always EQ everything, also the Fidelio. But if people listen lot of music online, sometimes they cannot EQ or they do not want to), I would suggest the Fidelio.
    Anyway, with the EQ you can generally only compensate things but not change the nature of Headphones too much.
    So, the Fidelio acquire more warmth and presence in the Mids with EQ, a bit like the Urbanite. But not as much as the Urbanite. And the Urbanite acquire a bit more rumble, but never the round deep rumble of the Fidelio, and never loosing completely their darker harder sound. 
    About the Plantronics, I do not agree that they have less quality than the Fidelio.
    I think that they are comparable and that in some things are better the Fidelio, in other things the Plantronics, but as overall quality are both very good.
    And for example I felt the Plantronics as a bit more detailed, specially in the high region. And for sure with better soundstage.
    Which one to choose is a matter of preferences.
    The Plantronics have a quite more pronounced high region (for some people too much, for me not. I have found that I could eventually EQ them to have less quantity of highs and they would preserve the wonderful detail they have there, and which not many BT headphones have, not even after EQ). 
    Their bass is a middle way between Urbanite and Fidelio.
    The Mids are soft. They are not as warm as the Fidelio, but are not lacking. I would describe them as a soft cloud, or water with just a few grades more temperature of your body, so that it does not feel warm nor cold, it feels like air.
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