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Hifiman IEM's: RE-400 and RE-600

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  1. catspaw
    Sup Guys!
    Im looking for a New IEM (i owned many low class IEMs like Senn CX-200), and currently i have an option to choose from Westone 2, Shure SE425 or a hifiman IEM (currently RE-262, 272 are the only ones for sale in my country, Poland).
    Im probably going to wait to see prices on the RE-400, 600 ( I own currently a HE-400, and so far i love that planar).
    The tricky part is hifiman has quite higer prices in Poland than in the US (about 30 to 40% more expensive).
    How, i checked the 278 IEM comparison and it seems the user is clearly favouring the HIFIMAN over westone or shure (at least it seems that way).
    Anyone has owned Shure 425 and a hifiman RE IEM to comment on the matter?
    I have heard for a log time great things about shure as an IEM, and im wondering if the RE is just another signature, or really a better IEM. 
  2. dleblanc343
    I have not owned the 425 but I have played around with it quite a bit at the store i work at. I have owned the se535 however. Currently, I am using the re272 as my backup to the K3003; I prefer the re272 to any of shure's offerings. I am not a huge fan of the re 262 (very tilted midrange/ unique sound), but I would probably take it over the se425.

    Now if you're holding out for the re600, that may be quite a revelation. Keep in mind, re272 is very transparent and sort of analytical, and misses a bit of bass impact. But the se425 is even more dull and lifeless imo
  3. catspaw
    I thought Shure were very good, especially since they had 2 drivers.
    Im not sure i want another "Fun" siganture since i already own the HE-400 for home use (those would be my "travel to work" IEMs).
    I guess ill go to the store that offers the HIFIMAN today and have a quick auditioning, and then ill see if i rather change up things a bit.
    Some people say taht the shure seem lifeless at start but they grown on you eventually. Decisions, decisions :D.
  4. dleblanc343
    Well the 535's are a warmer and more musical headphone for sure, you may very well prefer those to the re272
  5. Swimsonny
    i would jump on the 272 why you can!
  6. Katun
    Got mine just barely. Anyone agree with the strange assortment of tips? XXS bi-flange, XS bi-flange, S single flange, and XXL bi-flange... What? [​IMG]
    Threw some Hybrids on mine... thank goodness they fit. So far so good. Great sound! Reminds me of the W2 but without the scooped upper midrange. Pretty mellow, but that's not a bad thing.
  7. Oof Oink
    I've been interested in the RE-600 ever since it was first announced. My RE-272 is still my favorite earphone, so I have high hopes for the RE-600. When searching for any updates just minutes ago, the first Google search result shows this:


    Are they officially released?
  8. FarCry
    if this is the correct price they have to be darn good in terms of SQ
  9. Oof Oink
    I contacted them via email, and just received the following reply:

    "Thanks for getting in touch. It is a pre-order to receive the first released units. I believe that is in the description but ill make it more prominent so others aren't confused."

    I wonder if Head-Direct would consider a preorder special. I'll shoot them an email as well. No harm in trying, right?
  10. dleblanc343
    The HiFiMAN rep here in Montreal said expect mid May... We're most usually late for everything here though, so who knows for other larger markets.
    As for the 400$ price tag, I believe that's what's been said since day one. And over on erji.net, (if google translate is somewhat accurate); it's a huge bargain for what they've compared pre-production RE600's to.
  11. steveting99
    From the website of stereodesk.com, the RE-600 is a single driver design (the RE-400 is also a single driver design) and costs is the same as HiFiMan's open back ortho-dynamic headphone, the HE-400. I have the HE-400 and it's sound quality is impressive for the asking price of USD$399. The question is does the RE-600 deliver an equivalent sound quality for a universal IEM at the same asking price of the HE-400? I have some doubts about this. 
  12. Oof Oink
    As an earphone that is anticipated to hold their flagship status, the $400 price point is quite common in this instance, and happens to be a sweet spot for many 'high-end' earphones in the market. Just take a look at Westone & Shure, for instance, as merely two very popular examples, among many others. Would you say either one delivers an equivalent sound quality for a universal IEM at the same (or even higher) asking price of the HE-400?
  13. Katun
    IEMs usually don't match up price/performance wise to full sized headphones. You've got miniature driver(s) vs a much larger one; and in this case, a planar magnetic type.
    Both will have different signatures no doubt, so it just depends on what sound you like better. 
  14. dleblanc343
    I would not be surprised if the RE600 has better sound quality over the HE400. Keep in mind, the HE400 is the most colored in the HiFiMAN line in terms of frequency response; however, some people want that type of fun sound, especially at the price point. It's very strong on the technical side of things (such as speed and planar bass); but I am convinced the RE600 will end up being a better audiophile buy.
    As for initial reports, it seems that the closest thing the RE600 would sound like in the current headphone line would be the HE500. Neutral-warm and more intimate than expansive. Let's wait and see.. err, hear!
  15. Katun
    The RE-400 may as well be my favorite IEM to date. It's one of the only IEMs I haven't had to use EQ on.
    And they did this for $99?! Makes me wonder if it's all about driver tuning, and not the quantity of drivers one is able to stuff in a housing...
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