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Hifiman IEM's: RE-400 and RE-600

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  1. audionewbi
    I for one looking forward to the release and direct head to head comparison of the Cardas IEM and the RE600. I would not be an early adaptor in this case so it will be a nice battle for me to watch. 
  2. steveting99
    Hi Bina,
    Thanks for your impressions regarding the comparisons between the RE-400 and MH1C.
    I've just ordered the Songy MH1C and will discover it's sound signature. I'm kind of new to the IEM scene and plan to take slow steps up the quality chain. Got to remember the law of diminishing returns is working against me in this hobby. The sarcastic joke of welcome to head-fi and sorry about your wallet is very appropriate.
  3. Uchiya
    Please please please, I hope re-600 ends up having same spacious reproduction as re-272.
  4. Guest5
    I am now a new happy owner of HiFiMan RE400.
    First that was unusual for me was their size, really small IEM. I did not expects them to be so tiny.
    The fit is great, realy easy to insert, the default tips were just perfect for me. I have medium ear canal. The rubber of the tips are kind of sticky material so they isolate great.
    The first that amazed me in the sound was the smoooothness. The mids are very, very beautiful. They are also very clean sounding a lot like my ER4S, but the sound is more fluid. Very pleasant sound to them. You just can listen and listen and melt away. Can't believe they cost me $105.
  5. Poetic
    When I first Received my Hifiman Re-400 I wasn't really expecting a lot from them. But I will say that i was really turning up the volume higher than the Re-262's. The Re-400 really does shine when the Volume Goes up, I was rocking 240 Volume Low Gain of course on my IBasso dx100!. After a few hours of listening I can honestly say they're a much better IEM than the Re-262's IMO. I also compared them to my favorite IEM, VSonic Gr07, While the soundstage is not as wide as the gr07's, The Re-400 has a very clear sound to it while still remaining balanced. The Accuracy and instrument separation I have to give it to the Gr07's. The RE-400 are no slouch either when It comes to accuracy and instrument separation, but I feel the gr07's are a bit more accurate. The Bass of Course will for sure go to the Gr07's the bass has beautiful detail extension on the 07's. The mids and highs are more euphoric on the Gr07's very extended in a smooth balanced way. The Mids and Highs are Very Clear, and balanced on the Re-400 which sounds pretty good and very addicting on songs Like Kool and Klean - Amazing. But I still prefer the Gr07's smooth natural mids and highs more.  With How good the Re-400 sound it definitely throws in some pretty heavy jabs at the Gr07's and puts up a good fight even taking down the Re-262's and my Westone 2's in the $100.00 + in IEM's. I really do think the Re-600 is going to take the IEM world by storm. As for CIEM's that's a different story :)
    As for volume issues with other DAP's I could understand why. The Re-400 does want power, and I did find myself constantly turning the volume up higher the re262's and Gr07's. It took my Cowon J3 to Max volume and still wants more. The Dx100 took care of those issues of course... 
    The Re-400 Value is 10/10, The Sound is 9/10 in my book :)
  6. kobetastic
    Would the re-400 or re-600 be an upgrade from the Westone w2s. Could you provide a comparison to the w2s
  7. Poetic
    I don't have the Re- 600 so i wouldn't be able to tell you .In my review I said the Re-400 can take down the Westone 2's but that's just my opinion. I find the Westone 2's boring and shy. They're are moments when im listening to songs with the westone 2's that I feel that it's just too much of a boring sound signature". So yes I believe the Re-400 is a better IEM than the westone 2's. That's just my opinion... your ears maybe different. Check out this thread joker did a review on the Re-400 a couple weeks ago, and he also has one of the Westone 2's
  8. hk1388
    I was thinking about getting the Rockit R-50 but the build quality is worrying me. These seem to be a lot better build wise. Anyone know how they compare to R-50 sound wise?
  9. FarCry

    i read that a new version is coming up this summer fixing build issues so you have to wait a bit
  10. Guest5
     After two days of listening to them I cannot find a fault in their sound. They seem so well put together, incredible for $100. Everything is just as it should be, to my ears anyway, the highs, mids, lows. They are a lot like ER4S and it's true, I can't find a fault in their sound too, they have that edge in SQ of course, but RE400 are close so behind, wow. Well, maybe ER4S have a bit thin and dry armature sound, but that's not a fault, just a technology. RE400 do not sound thin on the other hand, they are VERY expressive like ER4S, but not thin, and not fatiguing. I cannot recommend them enough.
    They are also incredibly comfortable and they are easiest to insert IEM I have tried.  
  11. Katun
    Anyone have a problem with the tips? I struggled to get the RE262 to fit my ears due to the wide nozzle. 
    I'm wondering if Hybrids would fit and not alter the sound like it did to the RE262. Anyone tried them?
  12. Poetic
    I honestly believe that Head-direct could've gotten away with making the Re-400 $150.00 instead of just $99.99. It's a really good sounding IEM and i am very intrigued with the sound signature, after a couple of hours of listen today the instrument details seems more real than my Gr07's!. I haven't been impressed by an IEM since i purchased the CK10's and Vsonic Gr07's last year. I can honestly say that if the Re-600 is a much better upgrade than the Re-400 with a wider soundstage and bass. It's really going  to be considered the "Goat" of IEM's this year. I would like a wider sounstage and a touch of bass similar to the Vsonic Gr07's not overpowering of course. If they could do that to the Re-600, ill buy it the day they throw it up on their website.
    Also being the "Goat" is awesome. Don't mess wit da Goat !
  13. Inks
    Nah R400 wouldn't do well for 150$. It's good, but not up to par with R50 or BA200 not even a GR07 with the right fit. 
    FarCry likes this.
  14. Guest5
    RE-400s are strong Nr.1 best headphone I have in my collection, for the price of course. The second best is Sennheiser PX100 ver.1,  the musicality of PX100 is better than HD650, music just sounds more satisfying somehow, touches strings of my heart and brain better, but then I listen only to mellow music like jazz to lounge to new age and ambient electronic.
    Then there's ER4S(for cleaneness), and then HD650 and HD25-1 II (for pure sound and fun). I also have Porta-pro's, they are good for the price, but the highs are agressive and general presentation far from satisfaction of PX100.
    Worst headphone for the price is HD 595 in my experience, they have ear piercing(at high volume) sound that is also thin with strange lows, but mainly they are very boring to listen to, and not nearly as expressive as RE-400. Beyerdynamic DTX910 are more fun to listen to and they cost much less.
  15. Poetic
    ya your right, but it's not too far behind either. I dont think it's completely blown out of the water by the Gr07's. But the Gr0'7 is the overall better performer and frankly the best IEM that has ever impressed me next to the CK10's. 
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