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Hifiman IEM's: RE-400 and RE-600

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  1. hifiman-us
    Regarding availability of RE-600, we are shooting for April but May may be more realistic. Everyone knows how picky Fang can be. :p

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  2. proedros
    can you tell us what kind of sound signature are you aiming for the re-600 ?
    bassy / fun/ neutral /trebly ?
  3. redrich2000
    Do we know what technology it will use? It will be coming out closely behind and in the same price range as the new Vsonic 7007. The 7007 claims to implementing the same technology and aiming to compete with the K3003. Is the RE-600 aiming to be in this class? 
  4. AstralStorm
    Someone asked for a chart, here's an initial one.
    RE-400 with long RE-272 biflanges and damper removed. Reference at 500 Hz.
    This eq could use a slight extra bit of precision.
    With this equalization, the sound gets way more refined, 3D and slightly less nasal. 100% flat up to 16.5kHz, disappointingly, but not unexpected - I had only 9 dB boost to play with, as I didn't want to twiddle the knob on the Leckerton.
    Maybe I'll enable gain and try again, I have a strong suspicion that the air is equalizable, as it's there, but very faint.
    The damper probably acts at the 5.25k peak, but also trims yet more of the highs. Generally the curve is quite similar to RE-ZERO's and old GR07's curves (frequency shifted, narrower peaks), but is total less adjustment area. Peaks/dips are much narrower in general. Subbass capability beats either of the aforementioned IEMs.
  5. Swimsonny
    RE-600 is a Dynamic Driver IEM
    V7007 is a Hybrid Single BA + 2 BA the same as K3003
    As for aims, i am sure they inspire for it to be the best, no?
  6. audionewbi
    Any AK100 user can you comment if RE400 pairs nicely with this, thanks. 
  7. Berkovajazz
    Well i've got some iPod Nano 6G. I'm really impressed! Superportable really crazy sounding combo. RE400 sounds better with Nano than UM3x (similar instrumental separation and melodical side), really good soundstage (not IE8, but all is not in your head), lot of details (on par with ADDIEMs), not thin sound. Good emotions and good power+volume levels. Really good.
  8. audionewbi
    I've read that Re600 has an impedance of 150 Ohm, this is good news for me :D
  9. Guest5
    Would you say RE-400 is like Sennheiser HD 650 in its presentation and even quality maybe?
    As far as I remember HD650 although very clear sounding they tend to sound sweet in the highs with a good midranage. The Highs are not in your face it makes the sound a bit underwhelming when you compare it to say beyerdynamic sound, or ER4S.
    I am thinking of getting a pair for myself.
  10. AstralStorm
    Not as linear (slightly peaky sound). Much more controlled in bass, but some slow decay in highs smoothing over detailing. Narrow band highs cut in 8-10k doesn't help that. Generally faster decay.
    Better subbass extension (rolls at 30 Hz, slower, as opposed to 45 Hz), lesser highs extension (less airy). (16k vs 18.5k of HD6x0)
    Balance is comparable, bit more "mid focus" and "forwardness" due to peaks.
    Disclaimer: those were not "latest" edition HD650, but slightly old ones borrowed from a friend for a short term listen. I know Sennheiser has done something to the drivers and pads to make them slightly less dark.
  11. Guest5
    The latest version of HD 650 is spiky in the highs and has little better bass and a bit cleaner sounding, also easier to drive from the outputs. It is a more fun headphone also, I would say a more mainstream sound than the older one.  
    I was thinking for $100 these headphones are such a good deal.
    I also have ER4S, using them since 2003, but not very often anymore since it irritates my ears if I use them as much as I want like everyday. 
    The sound of Etymotic ER4S is best  I heard so far, so natural/alive sounding to my ears I can even get over the bass of it, it's all there you can hear it, but it's a bit thin overall. ER4S is like icy cold shower that makes your awareness fresh and sparkling with joy of sound and music.
    HD 650 on the other hand has too much midbass in my opinion, so the whole sound has a bassy signature to it. And I didn't like the spiky highs that much. But the headphone is fun, alive and fast much like HD 25-1, but better highs, mids and lows and airness is different since it's open back. 
  12. AstralStorm
    HD650 and spiky highs? Huh, not possible unless you got a manufacturing reject pair - which is known to have happened. Something else must be causing that impression, not the headphones.
    Perhaps your (possible lack of) amplifier? I've known some pairs of HD600 exibiting major mismatches in highs, perhaps a rare HD650 can suffer from this too.
    RE-400 have a comparable balance to ER-4S with more bass - less forward in the 3kHz sense and reduced at 8-11k (depending on insertion depth) in comparison. They are not as accurate in the highs and are noticeably peakier. Both sound best with very deep fit, but it is harder to achieve with RE-400 thanks to their driver girth and non-angled strain relief.
    Here's a new thing: I've managed to find some T-400 S. With a very deep fit (at least to the reference plane if not more) RE-400 is better yet than with the long silicones. Way more accurate (less peaks), slightly more extended/less rolled subbass, speeds up sound like Ts-400 M and does not cut highs nearly as much. Without equalization sounds like a warm & sweet smooth rolloff, beautiful. I will check the equalization for these tips. (of course, without the damper) I should grab some Ts-400 S for comparison purposes.
    I'd also like to try some long thin foams, similar to Comply P Slim but with larger, 4mm nozzle diameter. Anything like that around?
  13. Guest5
    HD 650 has spiky highs as comparing them to  the older model. HD 600 has it too. Maybe that's just my perception, but many others see it too. I like how AKG sounds in the highs and ER4S. I don't really find faults in them in the high frequencies.
    I am really looking forward to RE-400. For the price it demands to be payed attention to.
  14. AstralStorm
    As promised, here's the equalization for deep fitted Comply T-400 Small. RE-400 have the damper removed, but filter still in.
    Sound is generally warmer and meatier, as typical with these foams. What's more interesting is that detailing is improved, equalization or not.
    Subbass is like HE-500 w/ Jergpads, except slightly less impactful, yet thicker but just as fast. Bass decay is better, linearity is just as perfect after correction. Beats HE-500 and Paradox at timbre, except at highs. Ends at 17.5kHz with this equalization - I'd need way steeper highs adjustment. It is I think less dark than SE-5 unequalized - instead of sounding hard shelved, sounds relatively smoothly rolled off with a bit of shout/glare.
    Reacts way better to equalization and keeps superior distortion handling. Ringing is vastly reduced compared to silicone tips.
    More: Detailing easily beats Brainwavz B2 in direct comparison, whereas without foams it was comparable, with B2 being edgy and distorted, and RE-400 being too smooth. Now it's way less smoothed over. Sounds super dampened, akin to a studio or T50rp Paradox. Hard to describe space size because of this, but it's definitely not a free field.
    The loss of definition due to shell ringing now sounds more like a bit of de-esser (or anti-sibilance) and is much more limited in range, whereas previously it was all over treble. Doesn't affect cymbals, guitars or trumpets for example.
    The timbre is closest to HE-500 with Jergpads, but "more". Soundstaging is more coherent - possibly because the correction is easier and thus more precise. They're mercilless in exposing any kind of artifact (among them: lowpass, rolloffs, compression, clipping, MP3 dropouts, preecho) except minor amounts of sibilance.
    EDIT: Precisely adjusted peaks and updated image. Even more detailed description. Removed silly idle speculation.
  15. DannyBai
    I received the RE-400's today and the short double flange tips work great but the deep fit really bothers me so I went ahead and tried the Sony hybrids which made the sound a little congested for my tastes so I grabbed the Auvio tips and those work amazingly well.  Good fit without the deep insertion and the wide bore brings out the spaciousness.  
    These also are more forgiving to most genres unlike the 262 and 272.  Excellent bass that's punchy, goes quite deep when called for.  Hifiman hit another one out of the ballpark.  
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