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Hifiman IEM's: RE-400 and RE-600

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  1. AstralStorm
    Different skin oils most likely. The cables do not get as hard as some other ones I had (Ultimate Ears, Sleek Audio), but still they don't remain supple. Funny thing is, Westone cables and Brainwavz B2 cables don't have this issue at all.
  2. audiobot
    Hey guys! How does the RE400 compare to the JVC HA-FX700 or the Audio Technica CK10? I am close to purchasing these. Love the price point. 
    Also will Joker be reviewing these anytime soon? Interested to see his point of view on them after reading his reviews on prior HiFiman sets.
    Thanks in advance.
  3. Heartsmart
    I only had my 262 a couple of month before the cable got hard behind the ears. I really love the sound of the 262 and dont want them to broke. Especially as they now is out of produktion. It feel like the cable will crack easily.

    Do you know anyone with the same problem who had the hard cable for a long time without the cable crack? Maby I worry without reason?
  4. ktan3142
    I've had the RE-ZERO for a little more than a year now, and symptoms of cable-hardening showed up within the first 3-4 months. I always shower before using IEMs/headphones and never work out or run with them, so I don't understand how sweat could've affected them. But yea, it's been ~10 months now since the cable hardened and I don't think they'll crack. However, the strain relief is starting to loosen [​IMG]
  5. Heartsmart
    Ok, thank you for your input :)
  6. ktan3142
    Sure thing [​IMG]
    Oh also, if I try to ease/straighten the cable, it slowly softens before hardening again - so I'm not worried they'll crack. Concerning the loose strain relief, it was already slightly loose when I first bought it, so it's only natural this will happen. I've owned the RE-262 for a short while and I believe its strain reliefs are much sturdier than my RE-ZERO's.
  7. supracrazy_tommy
    Hmm some reviews on here say that the re-272 is better than the re-400. That's funny because even the CEO of hifiman, Fang mentioned in an interview that these should be superior to the re-262 and re-272. That is the reason he decided to discontinue them. I have the RE-0 and I was considering the re-400 but the reviews are a bit mixed :frowning2:.
  8. HungryDaze
  9. AstralStorm
    So it's very likely heat then and whatever the sheath the cable uses had cured. [​IMG]
    I do agree that these are way better than RE-272. Better than RE-ZERO as well. However, the only balanced sounding configuration is the shallow fit with the huge tips. It's only somewhat stable.
    The only tiny issues are the small bit of high frequency grain - sounds kinda crunchy, so it's probably around 4kHz. Much less annoying than the GR07's ringing though.
    Of course if you hate plate reverb, you probably should avoid all kinds of metal IEMs. The RE-400 have it at high frequencies - sounds very similar to a medium size room.
  10. proedros
    marketing tactics , imho - besides if something sells you don't discontinue it 1 year after it's been released [​IMG]
    also, if they were better than 262/272 they would sell for at least 200$ and not 100$
    mr fang may be a terrific iem maker but he is no filanthropist [​IMG] - in any way he should say what he thinks will maximize his selling possibilities

    i haven't heard them though , but atm i am very happy with the 272 and i won't shell another 100$ for the re-400

    and like i said , if the re-400 > re-272 , they wouldn't sell for 100$....

  11. scootsit

    I'm sure no one is losing money on any of these transactions, but the IEM market seems to have changed a bit over the past year. There are very tolerable sets for under $10, decent sets for under $50, and I think expectations are shifting regarding what a $100 or $200 IEM should sound like.
  12. TheGame21x
    My thoughts exactly.
    HiFiMan's fame came from their ability to deliver top tier performance at mid tier prices, right? Maybe they're still trying to push that envelope.
    I haven't compared them directly with the RE-262's yet but I'd say these are easily better than the RE0 and ZERO.
  13. maguire
    Does the RE400 produce changes  over some time (Burn-in) ?
  14. ClieOS Contributor
    I didn't notice any burn-in effect on mine.
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