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Hifiman IEM's: RE-400 and RE-600

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  1. SMBuscemi
    I do like the RE-400s. Word of caution though: they are very unforgiving with bad recordings.

    I am currently using them with the ALO Continental V3, Cypher Labs Solo (not the newer -dB).

    I will see if I can post a review soon.
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  2. proedros
    you mention gr-10 in your signature
    can you do a small comparison between re-400 and gr-10 ?
  3. shotgunshane Contributor
    I didn't find this to be the case for me at all.  They are so overly polite.  Nothing sounded harsh or bad.  Just boring, to me; similarly to how I found the Rockit R50.  In fact I'd say these would be a good all rounder for any type of music, quality or bitrate.
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  4. audiobot
    My purchase history goes as following:
    apple in ear
    fischer audio dba 02
    audio technica ck10
    jvc fx700
    Each purchase has gotten better from the previous. Can anyone compare them to the RE 400? It would be very helpful. My RE 400 should arrive by next week but I always like to compare notes with other, more skilled users. 
  5. TheGame21x
    My review of the RE-400 has been posted at my site, Musical Musings.
    Quick sum up:
    "The result is a tonally neutral, linear presentation that is absolutely phenomenal. Yeah, I know this sounds like hyperbole but it isn’t. It has certain seductive qualities that belie its true abilities, luring you in with its completely inoffensive sound signature and allowing the detail to sink in rather than shoving it in your face the way the Rock-It Sounds R-50 does. The RE-400 doesn’t try to impress with aggressive detailing or a presentation that errs on one side of neutral or another or emphasize one frequency range (mids, treble, bass) at the expense of the others. But, oddly enough, it’s because the RE-400 doesn’t try to sound great that it actually does. This is one of the few IEMs in my collection I’d truly say sounds “effortless”. It doesn’t try to sound as good as it does, it just…does."
  6. Stuff Jones
    How do these compare with the TDK IE800s?
  7. AstralStorm

    I can compare to DBA-02, which is the same as my Brainwavz B2, which I will mark as (A) vs Hifiman RE-400 (B).
    Deep fit for best sound Shallow fit for best sound
    Bent nozzle means only one type of wear is comfortable (over-the-ear for me) Straight nozzle allows for comfortable wear over the ear and straight down
    Small shell Small shell
    Cable doesn't harden Cable might harden
    V-shaped with some focus on highs Neutral, balanced sound
    Has some midbass boost (3 dB, 200 Hz central, wide) (Maybe?) Has some low bass boost?
    Low end rolloff starts at 70 Hz, gentle (3 dB/oct) Low end rolloff starts maybe at 35 Hz, gentle (4 dB/oct?)
    Medium speed bass Fast bass
    Smoothened bass Neutral bass smoothness
    Medium-low bass impact High bass impact
    Midrange cut (800-2kHz, central 1 kHz, 5 dB) Neutral midrange
    Midrange sounds slightly recessed. Midrange sounds balanced
    Highs sound presence-boosted, shimmering. May exaggerate sibilance if present. Highs sound sometimes slightly crunchy. (a'la electric guitar)
    Highs boost in presence region, (5-10kHz central 6.5 kHz, 6+ dB) No highs boost
    No upper end shelf. Slight upper end shelf (2 dB?)
    Upper end rolloff starts at 15.5 kHz, steep No upper end rolloff. (19kHz+)
    Medium decay in bass Medium/fast decay in bass
    Fast decay in mids Medium decay in mids
    Fast decay in highs Medium/long decay in highs
    Sounds dampened (a'la highly foam dampened room) Sounds bit reverberated (a'la plate reverb/concrete walls)
    No bass bleed No bass bleed
    Somewhat flattened soundstage Correct soundstage depth
    Good soundstage height rendition Excellent soundstage height rendition
    Slightly wider soundstage than perfect Slightly narrower soundstage than perfect
    Small center hole in left/right soundstaging Perfect smoothness in left/right soundstaging
    Slightly inversely arced soundstage (edges further than center) "Linear" soundstage
    "Surround" effect causes front/back confusion if highs are present "Surround" effect only widens soundstage
    Gets cold sounding when loud (odd order harmonic distortion) Gets super-reverberant when loud (decay gets longer)
    Gets more neutral with high output impedance amps Output impedance does not affect sound
    Medium-high sensitivity for IEMs
    (110 dB/mW, 40 Ohm)
    Medium-low sensitivity for IEMs
    (102 dB/mW, 32 Ohm)
    High isolation (~22 dB) Medium isolation (~15 dB)

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  8. Swimsonny
    Agree with a lot of that but the b2 cable is awful for hardening mine had split and everything!
  9. audiobot
    Wow. Thanks so much AstraStorm.
  10. imackler
    Just ordered the RE-400! Very curious! I found myself without a quality pair of iems; its been a while since getting into over ear headphones and trying to build a good portable set up. In the end of the day, a good iem is just so convenient when you're out and about. Everyone seems to be saying this is the bang for your buck iem now, so we'll see. I expect good things though! 
  11. AstralStorm
    Difference table of RE-ZERO vs RE-400:
    Bit nasal tonality (5k bump), too forward mids Neutral tonality, mids neither forward nor recessed
    Shimmer cut (8.5k null) Neutral shimmer
    Much more pronounced highest end shelf
    (6 dB)
    Very slight if any high end shelf
    Slow highest end rolloff
    (17kHz; better than B2, similar to GR07)
    No highest end roll off
    (can hear up to 19.5k)
    Somewhat gritty feel to the sound
    (mids distortion?)
    Smooth sound with only a hint of extra crunch or midbass boost
    Very long mids reverberation Less reverberation in mids, more in highs
    Very solid bass impact Slightly softer bass impact, but felt more
    Definitely rolled-off subbass, a bit wide-band boosted bass (2 dB) No apparent subbass rolloff, perhaps even a neglible low bass boost
    Best performance only with aftermarket tips
    (hard to get Fostex elliptic single flange for me)
    Best performance with stock large biflange (crunch & reverb) or Comply Ts400 (midbass, non-reverbed, analytic)
    Medium depth insertion (reference plane?), "just" achievable with single flanges Shallow insertion (-3 mm?); deeper cuts highs, upper mids and boosts midbass a tiny bit
    Somewhat uneven decay Very even, smooth decay
    Trapezoid soundstage (sides noticeably closer to head) with slight hole in the middle Linear soundstage, superbly coherent
    Decent soundstage height rendition Very good soundstage height rendition
    Uneven soundstage depth rendition - "in the face" vocals, bass sometimes in-head Very good soundstageome depth rendition
    Definitely hardened cable Probably the same cable at the top
    Flat wide minijack (not exactly Macbook friendly) Tapered minijack
    Balanced cable with adaptor Normal unbalanced wiring
    Does not work that well with Comply T400/Ts400 in any form
    Reduced "nasal" feeling, grittiness, and reverberation, but also much reduced bass impact and subbass amount
    Works extremely well w/ Comply Ts400 normally mounted - faster bass impact, notably less reverb (almost like B2 anechoic room), no extra crunch, wider soundstage, warmer?, superbly extended subbass
    Generally way more analytic (not brighter!), but warmer
    Not too sensitive wrt insertion depth, but picky about tips Not picky about tips, but instead about insertion depth
    Medium-high sensitivity for an IEM
    (100 dB/mW, 16 Ohm)
    Generally half (-3 dB) as loud (102 dB/mW, 32 Ohm)

    Note: corrected sensitivity value, all actually were at dB/mW @ 1kHz.
  12. Apo0th3karY
    Hmmm.... Considering it..... I'm in the market for an IEM to 'downgrade' so to speak from my FXZ200s which I'll be posting in the FS Foprum shortly after I figure out which IEM wil replace them.
    Does anyone have any comments between the RE-400 and the FXZ200? I know they're two diffferent beats and price range but SQ wise, what are the differences?
  13. daveemac
    Pardon me if this has already been asked, but are people liking these more or less than TF10s?
  14. AstralStorm
    Yes, we should have a whole section of Head-Fi where-in you'd enter simple impressions like:
    Like X, Y, Z more than W. And perhaps each with some abstract "scale", say like it more by 1-5.
    Then one could easily distill the consensus opinion of that product.
    Personally I'd need 2 sections for the opinion - out-of-the-box and equalized to perceptually flat frequency response.
  15. The Neverhood
    Could anyone compare these to the FA-003?
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