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Hifiman IEM's: RE-400 and RE-600

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  1. mark2410 Contributor

    ill assume that means me
    off the top of my head, the 272 is ck10 like, they share the bright trebly hyper detail nature.  the RE-400 is not very like either, they arent on the same level and they dont share the same signature.  the 400s are much more even with a hint of a bass boost.
  2. Swimsonny
    yes i did but i thought that 'r's are over rated so did not use one!
  3. Zida

    So if I'm someone who likes the extended tight sound of the CK10 or the DBA-02 do you think I should give the RE-400 a shot, or do they not really fit my sound
  4. Pianist
    I don't consider RE272 bright, but it can sound a little peaky. Check out its measurements here. The lower treble is actually on the dark side, while there is a bit of a boost centered between 1-2 kHz and a little spike in the mid highs which might be a bit bothersome with a loose seal. That's pretty much how I heard them.
  5. proedros
    i found eq-5 to be way more sibilant than the re-272 , which was the reason i sold my pair and kept the 272 instead

    if the 272 has any shortcomings , it ain't being extra trebly/sibilant - au contraire , its highs is its strong point and the reason i am still in love with it , 1.5 year after purchasing it
    very curious if re-600 is the successor to the re-272 , sound-wise....
  6. mark2410 Contributor
    well i wouldnt put the ck10 and dba02 on the same level either, the ck10 has lots better treble whereas the dba is a bit brash, in your face and brittle.   so you may suit a 272 if you can find it but that said the 400 is sooooooooooooo cheap, so stupidly cheap i pretty much think everyone on headfi should just go buy one.   i mean the 400's treble is great, better than the dba's easily but its got more low end responce so the top end isnt so out in front.
    (btw ever thought about a q-JAY's?  they may suit you also and randomly go for good prices)
  7. Fernito
    Owning the RE-272, and having heard the CK10 on several occasions, I must say that I find the RE-272 dark sounding compared to the Audio Technica.
  8. project86 Contributor
    I've heard better IEMs but never as cheap as the RE-400. Yesterday I took a break from my various customs IEMs and threw on the RE-400 and guess what? It isn't disappointing in the least. 
  9. Swimsonny
    I tell you want the only thing I prefer too the 400 for cheaper is a Blox ANV3 earbud. And that's 30 bones cheaper! Other than that the 400 is as good as it gets and even more so for a portable earphone as the Blox is not.
  10. FrederikS|TPU
  11. Zida

    Thanks for the thoughts. I'll keep a look out on the used forum in a month or two for the RE-400s to pop up and give them a try. q-jays are probably something else I have to look into.
  12. AstralStorm
    Hmm, RE-400 arrived. These. Are. Superb. If I said RE-ZERO did not need equalization, then these need it even less. They sound extremely close to RE-ZERO when the latter are equalized.
    Much more even than RE-ZERO, bit less reverberated (the reverb is moved slightly up in frequency too) - but still have that feature. Makes the soundstage nicely forward. Higher isolation than either of RE-ZERO (maybe RE-272 too) to my ears.
    Does not have the nasal peak of RE-ZERO/RE0. If used with the short tips, seems to have the upper mids suckout like RE-272, but not with the large biflange.
    Soundstaging is extremely competent and coherent, put slightly farther in front and not overly wide. Bass is slightly softer hitting than RE-ZERO, but much more solid than RE-272.
    Extremely linear to my ears with the large biflange, much less dark, with no bass boost at all. Subbass rolloff is not pronounced.
    With other tips, it gets dark sounding, much less airy - definitely sensitive to insertion depth.
    Unfortunately cable seems to be the same in the critical "ear" part as the RE-ZERO/RE-272 - which means it will likely harden, but we'll see. Filters are exactly the same as in RE-ZERO - I haven't taken them off to see if there's a foam filter too, but it's very likely. Cable cinch is better.
    Tips are much softer than the ones included with previous IEMs - also they're black. Dimensions are different and there's a new tip with a "pole" preventing it from collapsing.
    Biflange now has a slight elliptical profile to it, making it even better and more secure in my ear.
    (Yes, I've tested RE-ZERO with the same tips.)
    More details, including equalization, later.
  13. Heartsmart
    Maby this is of topic, but I wonder what happens when the cable gets hard around the ear on some Hifiman IEM s. Does it crack? If so, is it anything I can do to avoid that to happen?
  14. AstralStorm
    My experience with RE-400 is too short to say, however with RE-272 and RE-ZERO latter series it seems there's nothing you can do. The cable itself does not crack, but it presupposes the cable to break at the end of the strain relief. This had happened with my first pair of RE-272. RE-ZERO look "bent" at this point too. Not to mention the resulting springiness makes the cable hard to coil.
    More on topic: Ok, these have bit more low bass than RE-ZERO and actually hit exactly as hard. Leckerton really exposed the bass potential of these while having more refined treble and causing these to control their highs reverberation a bit or smooth out some highest end peak or improve the extension. Not that they sound bad without amping.
    Audiotrak Prodigy Cube does not have the same effect on highs, but has something similar with bass. The highs are definitely more refined with the higher end amp.
    The only thing these lack is the amount of air that was in RE0. Perhaps a trivial tweak such as removal of the paper filter will fix it. If RE-600 will be any better at this... well...
  15. TheGame21x
    Personally, I've never had that happen with any of my HiFiMan IEMs. My RE0, RE-ZERO and RE-262 are all perfectly fine to this day, having had them for almost 2 years (RE-ZERO, RE-262) and nearly 3 years (RE0).
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