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Hifiman IEM's: RE-400 and RE-600

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  1. mobbaddict
    I only see the RE400 and RE300 referenced in the Hifiman website, does it mean they stopped the other higher end lines? I tried a few high end (>$1000) universal iems from other brands a couple years ago and honestly i don't think there is a huge technical difference with the multi BA models. For me something balanced and accurate like the RE400 is all i need for enjoying music while commuting. Then at home i can enjoy full-size headphones.
    Last edited: Oct 24, 2019
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  2. G_T_J
    I'm not sure if they discontinued the other models but what I'm sure is that Hifiman has hit the spot with these 2.
    I hope they will keep producing them for the years to come as they are thoroughly excellent, comfortable, small and (now) very affordable too - both models.

    I'm also one of those that don't get the fuss about multi-driver iems with huge shells that protrude from one's ears...
    In my book nothing can beat a finely tuned dynamic driver plus for desktop and home there's always the logical option of using full-sized over ears.
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  3. mobbaddict
    One thing i noticed also is how different they sound depending on if you wear them with the cable oriented upward or downward. I think this is due to the small hole next to the cable, which might create reverbs. I think they sound better with the cable downward as they suddenly have more body in the bass-low midrange (a benefit of the reverbs), versus the thinner sound signature with the cable upward. It actually makes a big difference if you ask me. Unfortunately it's not very easy to wear them downward while you're on the move. I tried to find official pictures from Hifiman with people actually wearing them but couldn't find any. It would be interesting to have your feedbacks on this.
    Last edited: Nov 13, 2019
  4. castleofargh Contributor
    here is what I get when reducing or closing the vent:
    when placing anything near the vent without directly reducing the size of the hole, I got no impact on the response. and I also checked waterfalls in case of some delayed stuff, nothing worth showing came from it. you'd have to create a second acoustic chamber outside the vent while also pretty much sealing that chamber(beside the vent itself) to start getting another resonance worth something at the eardrum. because otherwise, remember that even if the ear does reflect some frequency more than others(it probably does), that signal now has to go back into the IEM or through the tip before reaching the eardrum and make an audible difference. chances are that such signal would be a good deal lower in amplitude compared to what the direct sound from the driver generates at the eardrum. so just intuitively, I wouldn't bet on that idea for making the noticeable difference you're feeling.

    now I use the miniDSP E.A.R.S that has a fake ear so I can just try what you explain instead of pretending to simulate it like a nerd and probably missing something. measured with the cable above the ear or down(while maintaining about the same insertion depth), I get basically the same result twice:
    so that doesn't seem to explain why you're getting a difference.

    the third hypothesis would simply be that when you use it with the cable over the ear, you don't get the same insertion depth, angle, or the same quality of seal.

    now I fly away like a captain.
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  5. mobbaddict
    Wow, thank you for making all these measurements! I love it when science meets audiophilia. You're right, it doesn't make much sense that this little vent would make such a big effect on sound... I also thought of the third hypothesis, which is very plausible. Fourth hypothesis would be my brain playing tricks on me... Oh well, we'll never know. But thank you again for trying :beerchug:
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  6. ilmothedude
    I seem to get better sound from my RE400 when I wear them cable up. It not different tonality really, but more open soundstage, like soundstage gets more clear sense of depth and imaging. I guess it has something to do with my ear canal shape or direction, so iem would be in slightly 'better' angle when worn cable up. I don't know, but I mostly prefer using my iems cable up anyway since fit is more secure and less microphonic, so it's fine that it sounds better that way.
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