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Hifiman IEM's: RE-400 and RE-600

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  1. K.J.
    I recently came back to my RE400 after 8+ months of non-use, having been using a Xiaomi Pro HD daily, and I was shocked at how foreign this IEM that I used to love sounded to me.

    It's very possible that you brain just "forgot" what they sounded like. Add to that that you're preferred sound sig may have changed without you realizing it.
  2. TheoS53
    And that right there, that's what we call "burn-in" folks. Our perceptions and perspectives are far more malleable than what we realise or are often willing to accept.
  3. arunbupathy
    Indeed, that is why I don't want to pass judgment so soon. I'll give it a few more months. Would be nice, however, if I can find someone near me who owns them.
  4. musiclife
    How do they compare? I have been using multiple pairs of RE400 for the last 4 years since the cable always broke, but I couldnt find anything similar with a smoot flat response.
    Now Hifiman finally released an updated version with update cable and to be honest I havent had any trouble since. But since these Xiaomi retails for what, 30$, I might just grab them anyway.[/QUOTE]
  5. K.J.
    The Xiaomi is far, far from neutral. You should look elsewhere if that's your goal.

    The Tin Audio T2 is what you want.
  6. Tom22
    so all of a sudden my re400 cable just broke off in pieces.

    the wiring is still intact but probably not for long

    but i did have them for 5 years of babying and infrequent uses.

    but darn it they smooth and neutral. i like that dry slightly slightly warm mids
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  7. Scootersinger
    BTG audio recabled my re600 and did an amazing job. I know he doesn't respond quickly and sometimes takes a few months to complete a job, but he does great work.
    aK4tPCgvTdKdNZJb0yXkvg.jpg 1JyEDKF0TYyVcGU+ojt1Kw.jpg YRfLXgeASgqsM6m4ZnJutg.jpg
  8. mobbaddict
    Still in love with the RE400 that I bought recently to replace my dying Phonak PFE 012. Great sounding iems, I posted a detailed feedback here: https://www.head-fi.org/threads/hifiman-re-400-review.651419/page-21#post-14508464

    I don't think I've heard anything as neutral under $1,000 (I'm taking about headphones in general), except for my beloved Sony CD900ST that sounds very similar based on my memory (unfortunately the cable is broken now). The RE400 is like an iem version of the Sony with maybe slightly more resolution and speed.

    Everyone time you throw a new track at the RE400 it feels like revisiting the song as it was intended to be played in the first place. That's my definition of HiFi.
    Last edited: Oct 6, 2018
  9. G_T_J
    Just bought a TRRS balanced pair of RE600 and they worked out of the box with my Galaxy Note 8 without the adapter.
    How's that possible?
  10. Vesperaudio
    It is possible. Hifiman's trrs pinout is the most logical one. R and L are matching regular stereo trs standart and negative contact splits remaining (long) trs contact into two. So your galaxy note simply shorts sleeve to next ring with it's negative contact and proper regular trs temination happens.
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  11. G_T_J
    I see. That was a nice surprise really as I was planning to use the RE600 with their TRRS connector with my ZX2 and the adaptor+RE600 with my phone.
    It seems I won't be using the provided adaptor at all!

    Thanks for the insight!
  12. Vesperaudio
    Well, to be honest it occurs with minority (or even with rare) trs sockets. So your case is more like an exception. Blind luck)
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  13. G_T_J
    Probably that's the case with all Samsung devices?

    If I understand correctly, Note 8's socket should be a TRRS one too as there's a ring for a headset's microphone obviously.It seems though it's more of a ''smart'' socket that recognises different pin layouts.
    Lucky me :)
  14. mobbaddict
    Note for myself: the RE400s need to be amped properly to deliver that effortless sound that i loved at first. I totally forgot how good they can sound then since i mostly use them directly out of my iPhone 6s, but even the modest fiio e5 seems to make a difference. I'm in love again, can't believe these are dynamic drivers under the hood.
    Last edited: Dec 22, 2018
  15. 40lb
    The re600 are my longest running IEMs. Had them for over 5 years now because of their wonderful balanced sound. I would only use them amped either with the flip E12A or VorzAmp Pure II. Finally got an balanced adapter to 2.5 mm, got to rediscover them all over again.
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