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Hifiman IEM's: RE-400 and RE-600

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  1. DivineCurrent
    I've had the RE-400 for a few years now, but I've only started really regularly listening to it recently. I am now truly appreciating the balanced sound it gives. The only negative I can think of is there is a bit too much energy around 2khz, so it comes off as shouty. But, every other part of it sounds pretty much perfect to me. I like to experiment with EQ a bit, and I found that decreasing 2kHz a few decibles and increasing the treble above 8kHz makes this IEM sound top of the line. In fact, it now resembles the sound quality I hear from the Sennheiser HD 600. Truly an underrated IEM, and unfortunately I think people won't give Hifiman IEMs a chance due to their poor quality control reputation.
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  2. ookic
    Picked up a secondhand pair of RE600's today. These tiny buds sound delightful. How can I tell if I've got the V1 or V2?
  3. ookic
    Anyone have more information on this MMCX mod? More photos here: hybridaudio.ru/photo/CID_102.html

  4. 40lb
    I believe some companies due mods, followed the link couldn't tell much. However if you're looking to mod I only know of BTG audio that might be able to do it.
  5. xxAMAROKxx
    I can highly recommend to put out the foam from nozzles.
    Re-400defoam are realy great phones. Impressive details and neutral sound.
    Last edited: Apr 15, 2019
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  6. drivie
    I have a pair of RE-400's that unfortunately have suffered the same fate as others. I tried replacing them with a pair of VSONIC GR07X but I can't get used to them and would prefer to go back to the RE-400s.

    I'm curious to know if having them recabled is a cost-effective endeavor or if it's simply not worth it. Can anyone point me in the direction of some of the better places to send them to have them re-cabled? I read about BTG here but I'd like some additional options. TIA
  7. arunbupathy
    I got mine recabled from Vesper Audio (https://vesperaudio.com/). In fact, I had the exact same doubts as you. They warned me that there is a small chance that things could go wrong during the recabling. But I decided to risk it anyway because it is nigh impossible to find another pair of earphones that sound so good. They have a decent choice of cables, plugs and the workmanship is good. You can write to them about any specific requirements you may have (for instance, in India, the customs officials can sometimes be stupid, so I asked VA to declare it as a gift when sending it back to me). My email communication with them was a little patchy (for want of a better word), perhaps because English is not their native language (like me), but it was all good in the end. As for the cost, you may have to spend as much as the original earphones themselves (may be more if you choose more exotic cables), but I guess the end result is totally worth it; The cables by VA are strong AF, and I've accidentally yanked the cables twice now and the joints seem to be holding up well!

    This is how my earphones look now (I have both RE400 and GR07BE, both of whose cables broke even after careful petting): https://imgur.com/gallery/t26QjIQ
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  8. drivie
    @arunbupathy , that's great info, thank you. The biggest thing that concerns me is that it sounds as though you must send them overseas. Seems like there could be complications there with respect to shipping and customs but I guess it worked out for you. Yours turned out great!
  9. xxAMAROKxx
    I don't want this in my earphones, realy.
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  10. Mad Max
    You don't get an echo-y/resonant sound without the foam? No increased treble brightness? The foam is there for good reason, though I would have expected it behind the drivers, not in front.
  11. xxAMAROKxx
    I am very treble sensitive man and this super-easy mod gave me very live like sound, without any excesive peak. That foam causes harshnes around 2kHz and metalic sound. Without it? Re-400 became my second earphones to pubs or for events beside the TSMR 3.
  12. ilmothedude
    My Hifiman RE400 has gone through a lot. It was defective on arrival (channel volume imbalance) but I fixed it myself. Other driver was too deep inside driver housing which limited its movement, I simply fixed it by pulling driver back from front. I removed white foams on front of drivers very early on aswell. I later recabled my RE400, but today I installed mmcx connectors. It was pretty challenging, but turned out quite well.
    09042526.jpg 09042530.jpg

    I did the mmcx mod mainly for fun, I haven't listened re400 novadays that much. They have great signature, but bass is quite anemic and soundstage isn't very spacious. My favourite iem Soundmagic E80 is also pretty neutral beast (although in very different way), but its soundstage is a lot more spacious/open and bass has more punch. Re400 still is great alternative for certain genres, especially for extremely clear and pleasant vocal performance.
    EDIT: Soundstage is actually pretty nice, with normal tips. Those double tips don't do good to soundstage. Forward vocals and dryish mids make impression that soundstage isn't that spacious. But that gives sound extremely clean and detailed manner. Re400 sounds super immaculate.
    Last edited: Sep 4, 2019
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  13. gemNeye
    I did this with my RE-600S and WOW!! They opened up a bit more without being too extreme on both ends of the frequency range. In fact the bass is now a bit more present without mucking up the mids and highs. Thanks for the suggestion. I was already loving them before the mod, but de-foaming them took them up a notch.
  14. mobbaddict
    Been using these for over a year now and I think the reliability issues are long gone now, they seem very resistant. Amazing value for money overall for 50€... I mean, is there anything else similar on the market in terms of affordable neutral IEM?

    My satisfaction with this IEM has got me back into chasing a good semi-portable for home listening. I see lots of flattering comparisons with the HD 600... but the planar sound is also very tempting (just got to find the right sound signature).
    Last edited: Oct 22, 2019
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  15. G_T_J
    Yeah, I've always thought the RE-400 as a direct competitor to the HD600 and the RE-600 to the HD650.
    Amazing iems both while history shows, Hifiman has failed to better them with their successors being disputably any better...
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