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Hifiman IEM's: RE-400 and RE-600

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  1. akg fanboy
    you remove mids then add treble and bass? That's basically a v shaped EQ being applied to a n shaped headphone, if you want absolute neutrality then I think there are tons of better options to choose from. I like the 2khz bump a lot but that's not the only part of the iem that's exaggerated.
  2. DivineCurrent
    Well, I lower the bump at 2k, but then I add more at 3k to make up for it. So I guess you could say I'm shifting the mids forward in frequency a little bit. Also, 750 Hz is technically in the mids, so I'm actually raising that up only 1 dB. 
    As for bass, it's also only a 1 dB low shelf boost below 100 Hz. Not that much of an audible difference really.
    There's not many neutral dynamic driver IEMs out there, especially below $100. 
  3. akg fanboy
    the re400 is fairly neutral with a slight emphasis on the midrange and a treble cut. The havi b3 pro 1s were pretty balanced sounding to me
  4. DivineCurrent
    Oh, and anyone who likes tip rolling, try the tips that come with the Philips SHE3590. They are made of silicone and feel much better in the ears than the weird plastic ones Hifiman offers. Perhaps there is a sound difference? If there is, I'm not noticing much. 
  5. .Sup
    Hi guys, I have three questions:

    Has the RE-400 cable been fixed? I've bought one of the first versions of this earphone and had to send mine for repair and its the same story with the new pair.

    Secondly, I'm getting a balanced audio player soon that has a 2.5mm TRRS plug for balanced output. Do the balanced RE-600 come with a 2.5mm or 3.5mm plug?

    Is the cable on the RE-600 any good? I'd hate to get stuck with a broken 200€ earphone after warranty expires.
  6. BoomBap08
    Hi, guys!
    Just wanna get your thoughts of those who have already tried both the RE-400 and ADV M4. Which is a better buy in terms of clarity in the mids, soundstage, treble extention and lows? Overall, which is better between these two?
  7. DivineCurrent

    I've never tried the ADV M4, but I can take a guess based on measurement graphs. Looks like the M4 has more treble sparkle, which may give a better soundstage. Also, bass presence looks much higher on the M4. Compared to RE-400, M4 will have more bass and treble, so think V shape sound with less mids. RE-400 will be flat bass all the way down, with a smooth midrange and treble. So the M4 has a more fun sound, while the RE-400 is more neutral, maybe more natural true to life sound.
  8. Tom22

    Yes to this! Better seal and more comfortable then any of the stock tips!

    Warms up the lower mids a tad
  9. ryanjsoo
    Just posted my review of the RE-600S V2 with improved cable. Overall, the RE-600S is still a really competitive model in 2017, not at all overshadowed by newer models such as the 1More Quad Driver or Pinnacle P1. Their tuning might not be for everyone, but I think a lot of people will enjoy them once adjusted. Still can't figure out how to link specific reviews on the updated site, but it should be in the Headgear section...
    Hi-Fi'er likes this.
  10. Hi-Fi'er
    Saw your review, read your review, loved your review. 100% on the money and matches what I feel also.
  11. ryanjsoo
    Thanks! Just trying to balance how they are still relevant, why they're good and how some people still may not like them even though they are nice performers.
  12. misteral201103
    Can anyone here compare the 600s to AAW Qs?
  13. misteral201103
    So, that's a no to the AAW Q comparison then......
  14. swspiers
    Hey all.

    I just got a new set of RE-400's on sale from Hifiman. My original set is still with my ex-wife, and we're not on the kind of speaking terms to get them back.

    Wow, I remember how much I love these! I don't like wearing IEM's very long, but when I wear them I want them to sound like...these.

    BTW, my RE-600's are still in use after 3 years. I treat them like crap, and have yet to have any problems at all with the build quality. But I hate to take them to the gym, hence the RE-400's.
  15. SilverEars
    This is interesting, the sound of the RE-400 is nothing like the graph I've seen. The highs boosted, and sounds bright. The impact bass is light(there is impact, but mid bass is lacking to add so definition to bass), and lacking warmth or body to the sound.

    The sound can get pretty sibilant. There a bit of harshness to it. Pretty clear sounding due to the treble lift and lack of warmth. It's a bit aggressive with the treble being so forward. Low treble sounds a bit dry(it's a bit piercing in that region).
    Last edited: Aug 27, 2017
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