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Hifiman IEM's: RE-400 and RE-600

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  1. Hi-Fi'er
    The Heaven III's are back again on Massdrop! Go get them people! Awesome price. I like them as much as HIFIMAN RE-600, maybe tad more.
  2. Lavakugel
    First I was a bit disappointed with my re600 v2. Switching with different tips solved problem of lack bass. Also burning in helped...now they sound even more impressive with female. Anybody compared them to grados ge10e?
  3. VaughnSR
    I have three questions:
    Does anyone know where to get the cables for cheap? Most of them are custom and handmade and stuff but I just want a basic but durable cable for cheap. Can anyone point me in the right direction? I am especially fond of the braided look found in the original poster's photos. 
    Secondly, where did the original poster get and apply the red and blue indicator beads? They look awesome and my strain relief broke so I am looking for a replacement. 
    Lastly, I tried to open my RE-400s with an X-Acto knife but I could not get it to open. Luckily, I am getting an RMA label any day now so I don't care that I scratched my earphones. I own a heat gun so I could use that but I do not want to warp the drivers or anything like that. 
    **EDIT*******ADVICE FOR FELLOW NOOBS************
    I finally opened my RE-400s and learned some lessons in doing it so I would like to save anyone in my situation from having the same problem. The OP was correct that you do not need a heat gun and that an xacto knife will do, but the part I was missing was that you need to PUSH NOT CUT. I put huge scratches in an otherwise flawless IEM by slicing. Do not move the knife, just go around the seam stopping and applying pressure like a wedge to get it open. 
    Credit to jafnvaegi for the instructions that finally solved my problem. Also, I am trying to return my pair anyway because the strain relief broke before I opened it during normal use. Hopefully they don't ask questions. Regardless, I will likely be recabling my pair whether I get it replaced or not so I could still use some advice on a cheap cable to get.
    Please go easy on me because it is my first time posting here or on pretty much any forum for that matter so I am completely clueless about it. 
  4. Tom22

    I share the same sentiments my friend,

    I do think the re 4000s are a bit more comfortable. Thr housing is smaller snd lacks the semi sharp ridge on the re00s
  5. adrift02
    The RE-00 were great for the price, but better than a pair of broken in RE-400/600? I disagree.

    In fact, with the proper combo (clean DAC with a bit of low end EQ boost), I'd say the RE-400 is better than the RE-600. The highs are more detailed while still being super smooth, mids/vocals are great, the sub-bass is better, and you can fill the low end / low mid gap (the RE-600's main advantage IMO) with the aforementioned EQ.

    Just my opinion from having owned all three. I think the RE-400 loses people on first impressions because it comes off as flat (I've had three pairs and it doesn't shine out of the box). With a bit of time it opens up -- especially on the low end. Add bass boost if needed and it's perfect for those who like a neutral IEM.
  6. akg fanboy
    re600 is u shaped? From what I heard with my re400, the re400 is mid forward with a treble dip, and it has plenty of bass unlike what some people think. My impressions of the re400 closely resembled the frequency response chart which doesn't surprise me, from what I heard about the re600, the re600 should be even more mid forward, which is a good thing since I love mids. I heard many people say the re600 has better mids than the re400 so I don't know how they would be u shaped. I feel like the re600 would be the iem form of the legendary sony mdr f1 headphone
  7. adrift02

    Yeah the 600 is definitely not U shaped -- the mids are slightly forward like the 400. As for the 600 mids being better than the 400... not sure I'd say that. They are "thicker" perhaps and slightly more pronounced because the treble is less pronounced. Some would call that better I think, but depends on whether you like that signature/trade-off.
  8. Hi-Fi'er
    V-Shaped - The description of a frequency response curve for a speaker or headphone. In layman's terms it means more prominent lows and highs with a recessed mid-range, hence the "V" shape formed from such a sound signature. Similar to a "U" shaped response curve but is generally used to describe a more dramatic difference.

    The RE-600 are not V shaped by definition and since the bass is not prominent and the treble is not dominate either like a V shape description, and the mids are not recessed then its falls more in the U shape to me.
  9. adrift02

    I guess we're just nit picking here, but I wouldn't use V or U to describe it being that the mids are the most prominate (more than bass or treble). U implies one or the other rises above the mids in my mind...
  10. Hi-Fi'er

    I agree.
  11. akg fanboy
    then it really wouldn't be u shaped at all since the mids aren't recessed
  12. akg fanboy
    the frequency response chart shows them to be tuned very similarly, thicker mids is definitely not what I want lol. My favorite mid range frequency is in the 2-2.5khz range, I know that the re400/re600 has a dip in the upper mids which I don't like but I can EQ that
  13. adrift02

    Don't get me wrong, if you like the re400's mids you'll love the re600's mids. They are at least equal, if not better depending on your preference. It's the rest of the signature (mainly the highs) that disappointed me.
    akg fanboy likes this.
  14. mark2410 Contributor

    naaa, the 400 hasnt the same resolution in the highs, the 400 breaks up and while the more edgy jaggies may make the treble more appealing to some as itll make the treble more cutting but the 00 is the technically superior.  However its not like the 400 doesnt smash everything else at the price so acoustic preferences is the more important factor at this level, particularly with their bottom end boost I can see why many would go for the 400 over the 00.  tbh though they both so cheap just buy both.
  15. DivineCurrent
    I know many of you guys either don't use or don't like EQ, but I need to share some stuff with any Hifiman RE-400 owners. I spent a little while this week trying to match the RE-400 to the flat but detailed sound of my HD650, and after some sine sweeps and listening tests I've come up with this EQ setting:
    Using Equalizer APO (but settings can be used for any equalizer really):
    Filter  1: ON  LS       Fc     100 Hz  Gain   1.0 dB
    Filter  2: ON  PK       Fc     750 Hz  Gain   1.0 dB  Q  0.50
    Filter  3: ON  PK       Fc    2000 Hz  Gain  -4.0 dB  Q  1.55
    Filter  4: ON  PK       Fc    3200 Hz  Gain   4.5 dB  Q  2.50
    Filter  5: ON  PK       Fc    8000 Hz  Gain   2.5 dB  Q  5.13
    Filter  6: ON  PK       Fc   10850 Hz  Gain   5.5 dB  Q  5.23
    Filter  7: ON  HS       Fc   11755 Hz  Gain   1.5 dB
    Filter  8: ON  PK       Fc   14750 Hz  Gain   3.0 dB  Q  5.00
    I am actually shocked how well EQ transforms the RE-400. I'm sure this can work just as well for the RE-600 too, as they measure so similarly. 
    I was always bothered by the 2kHz emphasis of these that immediately drops at 3kHz, so I compensated for that. I added a little more sparkle at 8k and close to 11k. This helps give them a little more brightness and improved clarity. I'm sort of basing this off what I'm hearing compared to the HD650 in the mids and treble (bass sounds fine to me). Also, as this is equalized for what my ears hear, it may not translate correctly for anyone else, unless you have a similar ear shape to mine. But hopefully some of you can profit from this.
    With this EQ, they absolutely blow the Klipsch X10, X20i, and Shure SE425 out of the water for me. It may have to do with the titanium dynamic driver clarity, as sometimes those BA drivers have high distortion. Whatever the case, I'm very pleased. 
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