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Hifiman IEM's: RE-400 and RE-600

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  1. SilverEars
    Did some tip rolling. Stock tips are pretty useless for me. Their double flanges are too small. And the large protruding double flanges doesn't seal well at all. The large white silicones fits the best.

    Like any other universal iem, the sound has tip bore size dependency. The largest bore size that comes with the tips are the most ideal. I tried a narrower bore, but it compresses the sound space a bit.

    Too bad their stock tips don't fit me that well, and the best fitting tips I have from another iem doesn't have the ideal bore size. I need something like Spiral Dots fit with the same bore size as the stock tips. I think that would put out the optimal sound out of these.
  2. gazzington
    Are any of these hifiman iems good metal music such as opeth and gojira?
  3. rendyG
    I listen to melodic death a lot and I find RE400 really good, because of its forward pleasing mids and smooth treble. Vocals and guitars really shines and I would say that the treble roll off is ideal for metal which is not usually well recorded (highs can be really annoyong in neutral headphones)

    To Silverears: you really need to find the right tips, I found the white ones to sound best, but thats personal ofc :) after that the whole lower half of the spectrum sounds great.. since I own re400 I find many iems to have lot of bass bleed :D
  4. drez
    Treble extension is very good for iem. Re-400 is virtually flat from 20hz to 10khz. That is actually plenty, and very few iem have meaningful extension beyond that at any pricepoint. There isn't much musical information beyond 10k either.

    I like them for metal. They have good visceral quality, are generally fast, and no annoying peaks or dips. You're not missing anything.

    I'm using spin fit tips which for me require uspide down deep fit.
  5. SilverEars
    I'm comparing with the RE-600 V2, and it is more balanced, and the treble is more refined, but then again, it's twice the price as well. But both sounds on the leaner side with the 600 having more of body, and better definition in the treble, but both peak above the comfortable level of the lower treble for me. Hifiman makes good iems for sure. They both output good clarity.
    Last edited: Aug 27, 2017
  6. swspiers
    Wow, I guess I got lucky. 3 years with both the 400 and 600. I treat them like crap: leave them out, take to the gym, bounce around with my phone. So far they've endured everything, and they sound great.
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  7. ofern321
    Nice. Which one do you prefer?
  8. swspiers
    When I want to explore the mix and hear all the details, the 600's are pretty darn good.

    When I just want clear sound with good body, the 400's fit that bill. They do have a tad more bass, which bleeds into the mids a bit, but not horribly. They are a solid compliment to one another. IMO, of course!
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  9. squee116
    I've been holding off my opinion on these iems for a bit, since I don't have much experience with them but now that I've got a more time with iems under my belt, and played with some tips, I can say the following:
    1) I didn't find the stock re 600s v2 very engaging with supplied tips. Everything sounded muted, there was no life to the music, and there was a slight echo, which usually indicates to me that the fit is wrong. I had a similar problem with my Shure 535's and almost made the mistake of sending them back. I found that small pair of complies fixed the Shure's, so I figured a similar fix might apply here...
    2) I ordered a mixed set of comply 400s, and I'm flabbergasted at the difference. A proper seal really helps these iems shine. I'm comparing these with my Shure 535's, Noble X's, and Dunu Titans. Much like the Shure's, I find the vocals come forward compared to the Dunu's, though not as forward with as the Shure's, and I don't have a lot of time with the Noble's to compare this particular aspect. I'm not sure which I prefer, but at least now they're in the same ballpark, and that's saying something.
    3) The soundstage is about the same, maybe a tad larger than the Shure's. The Noble's won here in spades. The Dunu has large sound stage as well, but at the cost of isolation, and the imaging isn't nearly as impressive.
    4) The bass takes a bit more of a backseat to the Shure's, but sounds more controlled, There's less slam, but only marginally. For some songs that works, for others, I miss it. The Dunu's bass bleeds noticeably more into the mids.
    5) In terms of details, I'd place Shure's and Noble's just ahead of the re600's, but the distance isn't great between them. I also find that the re600 is a bit more picky for the sources, and it sounds much better out of my Bifrost MB/V200 combo than my Aune M2s. The Shure's and Noble's play a bit better with my DAP.
    6) The re600s v2 also has decent extension of treble while not being harsh. On some songs, I found the 535 was just a bit too much, and I'm still reserving judgment on the Noble's.
    7) In terms of fit, I found the Dunu's were the most comfortable and sounded best with supplied tips (sony-ish hybrids provided), but it didn't scale at all with sources or rolled tips the way the others did (nor did it cost nearly as much).

    All in all, the patience was worth it. I was very tempted to simply ditch these iems after getting the 535s and Noble's, but properly fit tips made a BIG difference, and there may be new competition regarding which iems escort me to the library.

    My two cents.

    And as always, free advice is worth what you pay for it. :wink:
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  10. Hatmann
    Very useful information -- thanks.

    You say the Dunus were the most comfortable with the supplied tips.

    Did that change when you tried Comply tips?

    With the Comply tips, how did the 535s and 600s compare in comfort to the Dunus?
  11. squee116
    Sadly there isn't one answer. If I roll the foam real well, then it's same-same. But with a bad roll, the iem's work slowly out of the ear, and start getting uncomfortable over time. I'd say wearing the iems for over 2 hours, Dunu's probably still win. Otherwise it's a wash.
  12. Hatmann
    Thanks again.
  13. phixion
    I'm using Large SpinFits and they fit very well. They create a seal very easily when inserting, I don't even need to insert deep with them.

    I've recently ordered some RHA Double Flange and they fit very nicely and sound great. Are there any other double/tri flange tips that go well with these?

    My JVC SpiralDots just came in and they are great, my favourite of all the tips I've tried.
    Last edited: Nov 6, 2017
  14. John Q Lin
    I have the noble x massdrop, rha t20, UE900S. How does the hifiman re400 and re600 compare? anyoneone own the 1more trip and quad driver compare?
  15. squee116
    I have the re600s v2 and noble x. The Noble has a much better soundstage, but the re600s v2 has some impressive bass, the vocals are further forward, which I prefer, and I find the general listening experience and comfort better on the re600s v2. That said, the new Noble EDC Velvet or what have you might bring you close to the re600 experience.
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