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Hifiman IEM's: RE-400 and RE-600

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  1. Hi-Fi'er

    RE's are nice but you may also like the Ostry KC06. They are a close match but have more bass and treble.
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  2. mtoc
    Guys, wake up, no more beers.

    Isn't it a steal for a new pair RE400s with a tag says $50, isn't it unbeatable at that price?
  3. dbaker1981

    Yes for that price I would say there a no brainier.
  4. Baroninkjet
    A couple of months ago, I got the "new and improved" 600s as a warranty replacement. Am really not feeling the love so far. Bass is very muddled and lost compared with my previous pair (old style.)
    Anyone else notice a difference between the old and new? If the originals had sounded like this, I would have returned them. [​IMG]
  5. Carrow
    Do you lot reckon I should pull the trigger on RE600s V2s? Been considering them for a while but a (relatively) local audio shop has them knocked down from €199 to €149. That's a really good price, heard a lot of good things about these IEMs.

    I currently have 1MORE Triple Drivers as my primary IEM with Brainwavz Deltas as my backup. Redundancy is always handy to have. though, so ideally the 1MTDs will be my backup with the Deltas as a backup to those. Just in case, I'll be leaving the former at home and bringing something else when I go on trips etc. 

    (Plus, well, got money at Christmas and am feeling flush!)

    I have the option of the RE600s V2, but the RE400 Waterlines are almost half the price again (€79). Are the RE600s V2 enough of a step up to justify that €70 price gap or should I just pick up the Waterlines?


    I also have a number of IEMs here that could be had for anywhere between those two prices, namely:

    Sennheiser IE60: €119, on sale (Momentum M2 an option at €90)
    Onkyo E700 - €100
    Sony MDR-EX650 - €65
    Fiio EX-1 - €65

    I must ask the age-old question: wat do? Go with one of the Hifiman models above? Choose one of the aforementioned? Would you recommend anything else in a similar price bracket, topping out at €150ish? Or a pair outside my budget you think I should splurge on? (Realistic suggestions please!)

  6. Hi-Fi'er
    @Carrow. I have not heard the RE-400's but have read they sound VERY close to the RE-600 but with less bass. The RE-600 v2 i own and they are really a VERY VERY VERY neutral IEM. Bass is not pounding unless the music calls for it. It just accurately plays what was initially recorded and does not add anything to the mix. The Mids are nice and tad forward, but the highs are very smooth and not sibilant. Some say they are recessed but if you want to listen to music all day you can.

    I love the RE-600 and they are top contender. I just recently got the Final Audio Heaven III from Massdrop and they are a lot like the RE-600 but more of everything, for $69.00 they were a steal. Try to get them if you can next round if they come up again. I adore them as much as they have the bass I like (little more) than the RE-600 and sound more fuller and fun.

    Hope that helps.
  7. Tom22

    Could you shed more light comparing what you mean by more of everything??

    I was interested in those final audio heaven iii but pulled the trigger on the hifman re00 not too long ago

    Those flat cables look like they will be problematic ( in terms of cable noise), especially when moving around.

    Cause their signal ba compared to a dynamic in the re600
  8. Hi-Fi'er
    If you read about the RE-600 you will get an idea what I'm reiterating what others have already described. I'm not a reviewer but I can best explain that the RE-600 is VERY VERY VERY Neutral. Everything is evenly balanced. I can say it's U shaped. Some say the highs are recessed but I like them as they are not sibilant or harsh unless it's a bad or old recording. The Heaven III are more sensitive it seems at the same volume levels and the mid's are more forward as are the highs.

    The Heaven III has everything more than the RE-600, that's why I called it a RE-600 on steroids few posts back. The flat cable is actually nice and no real noise (more so) than other cable styles. The flat cable is why they used it to eliminate any possible noise. Some have said it's there but when worn over the ears it's vastly better. I don't move around when listening to music anyways but I didn't feel it was anything that was horrible or noticeably a deal breaker from what I remembered.

    One thing I can say is that the Heaven III is great except on higher volume levels. At higher volume levels they become shouty and harsh. Others have said that too and I agree but you have to crank it pretty good volume wise to see it. They are easy to drive so I don't see a need to go high volume but I wanted to see if what others said was true and it was.

    The Heaven III are never sibilant and they have a fast sounding response to everything I throw at them. Every time I listen to them they just keep reminding me of the RE-600 but again they give more of what the RE-600 don't, bass, Mid's and highs. The RE-600's have one advantage that you can crank them and they always sound the same never shouty or harsh. I don't feel either are bad at normal listening levels but the RE-600's are just so very non-fatiguing they pull me into the music more, if neutral is your flavor. If you still like neutral but a little more than neutral then the Heaven III are it.

    Hope that helps.
  9. Lavakugel
    I got myself a new pair of RE600s. I still can't believe that they sound so good. They are my first iem's. I listen to vocals and therefore they are quite perfect to me.
  10. Hi-Fi'er

    Then stay away from Final Audio products as they will make you put the RE's away. :D I'm loving the III's
  11. pholcus1975
    What III's?
  12. Hi-Fi'er

  13. Lavakugel
    Are they different? What's better?
  14. Hi-Fi'er

    Go back a few pages on this thread and read my review.
  15. mark2410 Contributor

    well........ the RE00 is cheaper and I would say better too.  However nothing else comes close at the price.
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