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Hifiman IEM's: RE-400 and RE-600

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  1. Matias
    Black friday sales: http://www.hifiman.com/promote/blackfriday/index.html
    49 for a pair of RE-400!
  2. dbaker1981
    Hey guys. I have the re-400's and I jumped on that massdrop deal for the re-00 deal but have not recieved them yet. I was wondering with the re-600s v2 being such a good deal right now would it be a worthwhile investment for me? Thanks for the suggestions.
  3. adrift02

    I wouldn't call the re-600 a direct upgrade over the 400, so it depends on what you like about the 400 sound signature. I personally felt the 600 lacked the same high end detail, which I valued more than the low/mid boost. On the plus side the 600 is "fuller" all around with the same smooth, forward mids. I haven't received my re-00 yet but I hear it's very similar to the 400.
  4. dbaker1981

    To me the re-400 remind me a lot of grado's which is a good thing for me. Is the mid's more pronounced in the 600?

    Edit changed re-00 to re-400.
  5. Shawn71

    There are also plenty of choices with good sq and build quality in the same price bracket imo......and I dont see the 600s a huge step up/upgrade to the waterlines either.I dont invest on something that costs 235% more which has marginal difference to what I have in possession already and the same is collecting dust and unusable abbeit a wonderful sounding monitors.:frowning2:

    However, I did want to get another pair of 400s for the bf price,but its useless again getting them with the same cable,coz tho it sounds good for the price I cant use them after some time due to weak points in the cable. They didnt seem to care addressing the issue either.(RE400 Im referring to) So I spent on some other IEMs and saved my money.
  6. dbaker1981

    What would some suggestions for around the $130? Im curious and always looking for different.
  7. Shawn71

    Take a look on trinity range of IEMs,they have SALE going on,with their current line-ups and pre-order ones now......you can visit chinese/asian thread for dual hybrids,triple hybrids and multi BA models.And theres knowledge zenith thread for insane monitiors under $10-$30 that ranges from single dynamic drivers to triple hybrids too.you wont believe what a $10 monitors can do for the price.
  8. dbaker1981

    I think im going to try them trinity's. Thanks for the advice.
  9. adrift02

    I'd check the joker thread (300 IEM review or whatever it is), as he gives good advice re: an upgrade/sidegrade. Keep that sidegrade term in mind, because if you really love the sound signiture of the re-400 you're going to have a hard time finding a true upgrade. I've yet to try the SD-2 and have the Ei.3 on the way, but so far haven't found a true upgrade from the re-400 even up to the $500 range. That includes the re-600. The mids were slightly better (not really more pronounced), but you trade high end detail (more veiled).
  10. Shawn71

    Yeah thats also good place but looks like dbaker wants to try different under $130,neither sidegrade nor upgrade......
  11. adrift02

    Well for what it's worth joker recommended the IM-02 as a good option for an re-400 fan (it's ~$180 though).
  12. dbaker1981

    It really is about something different. I have multiple full size cans for different genres and so forth. I really like the 400's for rock just like i like grados for that purpose. So im looking for something as good but in a different way. Hard to say really. Was also looking at the vsonic gr07.
  13. dbaker1981
    Ok from what I'm reading the 600's are like the 400 with a slight mid emphasis and slight lower treble. Would that be a correct assessment?
  14. sinquito
    Just got my pair of Re-400, bought them from Sound Waves through Amazon, BF deal. Right out of the box they sound great. The Vsonic GR07 BE is my favorite IEM, from my initial perception, the Hifiman sound clearer, but the Vsonic have more bass. Build quality seems fine. Using the smallest tips (the one with some kind of splitter inside).
  15. dbaker1981
    Looks like I'm back on the market for a pair of buds. I traded for a pair of those Trinity phantom sabre and loved them but the 4th time I used them the left ear went out and when I e-mailed them they wanted me to try a different cable and when I pulled the cable out the whole socket came out and the housing split in half. So guess I'm back looking at the re-600. Lol
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