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Hifiman IEM's: RE-400 and RE-600

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  1. G_T_J
    I really love my RE400. I currently have these along with a pair of Flare Audio R2 Pro's and swapping one another from time to time depending on mood. I tend to favour RE400 over R2 Pro's most of the times lately. The timbre and natural expansion of the sound on RE400 is as close as it gets to reality IMO. The R2 Pro's might have more bass and a really massive soundstage but that tends to be ''eerie'' sometimes.The R2 Pro's are more about depth while the RE400 sound wider in comparison. Totally different beasts in every sense though I get myself returning to RE400 when I crave for some more ''true to life'' listening experience.
    I don't expect the RE-00 to be similar to the RE400. They should be more cold and analytical with less low frequency coloration. However, judging by Hifiman's sound signature pattern, they should also sound proportionally natural and lifelike. In a few words, I expect a less ''musical'' but faster and more detailed version of the RE400. If that's the case then I'm sold and they should compliment very well one another these 2 Hifiman siblings :)
    Seriously can't wait.
    BTW, I'd suggest all you loving your RE400, to get a Dragonfly to compliment them (DF version 1.0 comes very cheap these days). The synergy is really OUT OF THIS WORLD either you listen to your music through your computer or through your mobile via OTG cable. 
  2. adrift02
    Seconded. The RE400 sounds great out of a phone (well, dependent on your phone), but a DAC can improve it noticeably (again, dependent on the DAC). My pair sounds great with the HA-2SE.
  3. G_T_J
    Yes, I forgot to mention that the above comparisons are all through my DF DAC. I found both the RE400's and R2 Pro's lacking when driven straight through the audio port of my Galaxy Note 4 (Exynos version).
  4. Tom22

    Listening to the re400 and the re00 back to back i did indeed find th re00 to be bit bassiier.

    The bass boost is a bit more even, were as the re400 seems a bit punchier in the midbass.
  5. adrift02
    The search for a viable RE-400 upgrade continues. Tried the RE-600, IE-8 (checking out a diff sig) and now the AF180. The AF180 is very detailed and balanced -- much more so than the RE-400 -- but it just couldn't match those lovely mids. It was also slightly sibilant (I'm very sensitive to it). Looks like if you love the sound signature of the RE-400, it punches way above its weight... which is good and bad in this case, lol.

    Next is the Stagediver 2. Any other recs?
  6. ofern321

    Noble Savant?
    Aurisonics Rockets?
    TDK BA200? (discontinued)
    Custom Art Music One? (a custom... )
  7. yakiddenme
    I would heavily consider the Custom Art Music One if I were you. Looking forwards to hearing what you get and your impressions
  8. adrift02
    Thanks for the recs. Joker said the SD-2 may be too dark for my liking, so the Rockets seem worth considering based on that review. I was considering the Custom Art Music One but was intimidated by the custom process / EU ordering. Have either of you tried the RE-400 next to the Music One?
  9. ofern321

    Sorry, I haven't.
  10. yakiddenme

    I haven't tried both of them one after the other, but I have owned both of them. I bought my Music One's after my first set of RE-400s bit the dust. The process was very easy and Peter who runs the company is just a phenomenal guy. Super helpful and will answer any questions you have. If you really enjoy how the RE-400s sound, you'll like the Music One's alot. You also get the added bonus of isolation, perfect fit, and remove able cables (if so desired)
  11. adrift02
    Just got impressions done... looks like I'm taking the Music One route. QQ -- do you have silicon or acrylic? I was going to get silicon for comfort/isolation, but the potential durability issues gave me pause. Sounds like even with proper care there's potential for premature driver failure due to movement / moisture. Is that true? Still researching...
  12. yakiddenme
    I've never had a probpem with them in any of those respects, just act sensibly with them and they should be fine. Remember, silicon is designed to be water resistant so if any water gets in the canals, make sure you let them dry out, but this is generally the same for any IEM. As long as you don't keep them in a cool, dark, damp place they realistically should be fine. The silicon is 100% worth getting than acrylic IMO just for the added comfort and isolation alone. If you really wanted to go all out you could also get a dryer for them just for peace of mind.
  13. adrift02
    Feel like I'm hijacking a bit so will make this quick. I'm looking hard at the Ei.3 based on Peter's recommendation (he knows this is essentially a RE-400 upgrade). If I get it (acrylic-only) I'll report back on whether it's a strong option for Hifiman fans. Sounds like he worked some magic there -- low/high improvement without losing musical/present mids and vocals.
  14. yakiddenme
    Not hijacking at all! Most everyone in this thread loves the RE-400/600, but are woefully aware of the QC issues they are so prone to. I'm sure many people are looking for a durable replacement for their hifiman earbuds.
  15. adrift02
    So after helping my RE-400 limp along with crappy solder jobs, I finally sent it in for a "cable replacement." I just found out today that they're sending me a *new* pair instead of repairing my beloved, well-used and broken in pair because they can't actually repair anything outside of China. I really wish they would have made this clear in email communications.
    Question to RE-400 owners who have received replacements: Did you notice a SQ difference with your new pair? The RE-400i I bought a year or two ago sounded drastically worse than my original, and I'm concerned I'm going to receive something similar, with my beloved original pair lost forever. I hope this isn't the case, but not sure I can do anything about it...
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