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Hifiman IEM's: RE-400 and RE-600

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  1. shotgunshane Contributor
    At this point I don't think I'll be keeping the RE400. I just don't connect with it.
  2. tinyman392
    For anyone interested, my review is up; original source for it is here: http://www.ifans.com/blog/70440/
  3. SMBuscemi

    Great 360 degree review. Thank you.

    Ordered my pair on Thursday and I can't wait to hear how they compare to my Grado GR 10s.
  4. Swimsonny
    I can tell you i like these a huge lot more than i dod the GR8 but then i found them really not nice.
  5. tinyman392

    No problem, glad the review was useful and enjoyable. Hope you like the RE-400 as much as I did. Let us know how it is. I can't compare to the GR10 though :frowning2: never heard them ;p
  6. kakaman
    How do these compare to the RE262?
  7. zachgraz
    I just got an email from Head-direct customer service saying they also don't know the release date of the RE600.
    Too bad, I am really looking forward to these...
  8. maguire
    for the 50th time.......i reckons that they are updated 252.............but no one wants to listen..............thats the younger breed of head fi....16 year olds who think they know it all
  9. maguire
    ye dont worry about it .......just ignore.....as per usual...kids.....lol
  10. psygeist
    I see what you did there :p
  11. sinquito
    Chill out man! Have you heard the new re 600? I thought that the re 272 were the re 252 update.
  12. stara
    Does anyone know if Hifiman has any (web) retailers in europe ? Dealing with customs is always a pain.
  13. dleblanc343
    It's not wise to speculate. I went through a chinese thread with google translate, very interesting and difficult read; but the RE600's seem to be a pretty big deal.
    For those curious ones [​IMG]
    EDIT: In the review, the RE600's are pre-production units.
  14. zachgraz
    This is an "interesting" read but one must read between the lines of Google's translation [​IMG]
    As I understand it the reviewer likes the RE600 more than the AKG 3003 and describes them as well balanced, smooth sounding with a warm tone and especially great for vocal. Other words used are clean, transparent and high resolution. Sounds very pomising...
    He also compares them to "EM customs", anybody knows which ones he means ?
  15. Zalithian
    Perhaps Earsonic EM customs.
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