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Hifiman IEM's: RE-400 and RE-600

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  1. cute
    The thing that turns me off with the new Hifiman iems, is that they look like they have the same type of cable that tends to get stiff and brittle over time.  Do these have the same type of finish/material as the 262/272, as that is the first point of failure?
  2. tinyman392
    The upper half is some sort of plastic, only time will determine if it'll get brittle.  The plastic feels different than that of the RE0 though.  The lower half is fabric.  
  3. cute
    Beyond that I'll be waiting for impressions/comparisons from someone that also has the RE272 and RE400!
  4. dleblanc343
    Anyone have any indications on when the RE-600's should be hitting the shelves?
  5. Swimsonny
    I'm going to be honest that strain relief has not filled me with too much up. The strain relief going into the one of the housings is getting very loose already. As for the cable it is currently supple and fine but can't say how it will turn out. The bottom half in the fabric should be fine then.

    I have been informed that the 600 is still delayed and will keep you informed.
  6. shotgunshane Contributor
    My RE400 arrived today.  They seem like a fairly neutral iem with just a very slight boost to the bass.  Treble is detailed but polite.  Having said that, I think I prefer the RE0 and RE262.  Those two have very unique character that makes them pretty special; the RE0 with its awesome, one of a kind treble and the RE262 with its superb mids.  The RE400 reminds me a bit of the Rockit R50 but better and less boring.  Maybe they'll grow on me.
  7. maguire
    Is it along the the lines of the 252?
  8. shotgunshane Contributor

    I never got a chance to hear the re252.
  9. SMBuscemi
    I was at CES and met the HiFiMan guys. Really smart, really nice, very professional.
    Anyway, I told him I was a big fan of the HE-500s I had and he had me try on the RE-400 In-ear Monitor.
    I just bought a pair today. I can't wait to see who they compare to my Grado GR10s (at 4x the price).
    Flying in a plane on long flghts with my portable amps is really a sactuary to me.
  10. proedros
    i always wanted to try it , but at 400$ it seemed like too much money (and people said it sounded like my eq-5)
    did you like the gr-10 ?
  11. FlySweep
    I owned the e-Q5 for quite some time (still one of my favorite IEMs).. had a chance to audition the GR-10 more recently, too.  The GR10 is quite nice from a technical standpoint.. but was a too colored & aggressive through the midrange for me (not unlike many other Grados).  I found the e-Q5 more versatile, better controlled in the upper midrange, and smoother sounding overall.  The GR10 sounded pretty lively and worked terrific with rock.. but felt it's signature limited it's flexibility with multiple genres, IME.  The e-Q5 definitely shared some tonal characteristics with the GR10, but it was more balanced/neutral sounding.
  12. ItsMeHere
    I have an RE-400 review unit on the way.
    It'll be my first HifiMan IEM and I have quite high expectations from it after reading the last few pages of this thread, and hopefully, it arrives fastly; but with China/HK post you never know . I ordered a product from dx.com which was sent via China post, and it has arrived 2 days, ago after "only" 52 days of waiting since it was shipped [​IMG].
  13. 2010worldchamps
    Gahh I want the entire Hifiman collection.. the re0 and zero are so beautiful.
  14. AstralStorm
    RE0, RE-ZERO, RE-262 and RE-272 are still available in some places. Getting RE-252 might be much harder.
  15. proedros
    seems like there is quite a discount in every hifiman iem at the moment
    re-0 49$
    re-zero 59$
    re-272 199$
    the re-252 has been discontinued almost 2 years so i don't think there are any new for sale
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