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Hifiman IEM's: RE-400 and RE-600

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  1. maguire
    I was talking about the RE 400's......Are they similar to 252........in a different shell?
    RE 600s would be in a totally different class.....surely
  2. maguire
    Well maybe no one has heard both.......Re400 & 252.  Reason im asking this is by reading up on some of the reviews it kinda reminds me of them...Just wanted to be sure.
  3. Swimsonny
    You do not to start moaning at people because they are not agreeing with your speculation of the RE-400 and RE-252 being the same thing. The 252 have not been available for a while so it is hard to compare them.
  4. maguire
    I'm not moaning at all about any speculation .....maybe 2 different things entirely for all i know?  But that is what I wanted to know....
    Yes I do realize that 252's have been gone for awhile.....also......Very hard to compare if no one has heard them. 
    Just got frustrated with no responses.........I thought being Hifiman IEM ...Surely someone who loves these had to have?
    +++++plus too many Bourbons the other night didn't help either ...so sorry for my hissy fit.......A thousand apologies......
    Carry on as per normal.....[​IMG]
  5. Swimsonny
  6. IAmSoCheap
    He means the Ear Monitors of Future Sonics, which is mg6pro (or mg5pro)
  7. sinquito
    ClieOS would know if any.
    He has a review unit of the RE 400 and probably still has the old RE 252-
  8. ClieOS Contributor
    RE252 and RE400 are not the same thing - that much I know. There have two different drivers. RE400's drivers are much smaller than that on RE252. Of course, they don't sound anything alike as well.
    On a side note, RE252 and RE-ZERO are using the same transducers, if any of you are interested to know. HifiMan retuned RE252 for balanced audio and the end result is RE-ZERO.
  9. kanonathena
    I remember RE252 has really thin nozzles making them very comfortable in the ear canal, how big is the one on Re400? Looks like the same size as the RE0, RE262/272.
  10. maguire
    Sinquito.....How stupid of me.......Cleos......
    Finally....Thanks Cleos.....I should have known better and asked you straight off ....lol.
    So Re-Zero is the one thats 252 orientated.
    Re400 then is quite different...
    But from what I gathered reading I thought it had a typical Hifiman sound ....perhaps not as mid centric as 262 and not as crisp as my favourite...the 272.  Hence I thought ...Hey they may have brought back the 252 in a different shell.....remembering how wierd the that was...
    Well Now I know for sure there different. The Drivers being smaller is interesting also, as i didnt know this.
    Thanks for this Cleos, and good thinking Sinquito......
  11. ClieOS Contributor
    This should be a first: the final version of both RE400 (left) and RE600 (right)
    For those who want a quick impression: RE600 (ptototype) is very close to RE400, but richer in detail, more upfront and musical though not as open in soundstage. I would think RE400 is closer (though not totally) to stage monitor tuning in a neutral way, while RE600 is more emotionally involved in comparison.
    [UPDATE] After talking with Fang, apparently the RE600 I received is part of the prototype. His worker in China sent it out to me for sampling but forgot to mention it in the package while Fang is far away in Las Vegas (CES). The final version is still in tuning (so it won't be the same as the RE600 prototype I have now) and won't arrive until April or May. RE400 I received earlier is however the final version and is on sale now.
  12. shotgunshane Contributor
    I can agree with the re400 being a neutral/monitor sound. Unfortunatley I found it too polite. That combined with the soft note and small soundstage (both in width and height) made for a boring experience to me. I was hoping to hear about some of Fang's Hifiman magic in the re600. I'm left feeling underwhelmed.
  13. ClieOS Contributor
    I can understand your point.
    I think both new models mark a change from the more 'traditional' HifiMan sound (which is always trying to achieve a certain tuning goal. i.e. RE0 and RE272 for reference curve, RE262 for a more euphonic mid, etc) to a more universal sound. A sound that isn't necessary tailor to a particular strength but can be appreciated by more people regardless of preference. In a way it does make them less 'surprising', or even boring to an extent. But I also see them as in the same situation UM3X used to be in - boring to many who have listened to W3 before, but might ultimately earns the upper hand in the long run. They are kind of belongs to the more enduring of sound.
  14. shotgunshane Contributor
    Makes sense. I guess I'll have to wait for the next round of releases. I think it is the small soundstage and too polite treble that killed it for me. Perhaps I should try to find a used re272. I definitely enjoyed Fang's other turnings in the re0, re-zero and re262.

    Btw, I greatly prefer the um3x over the w3 but a fair analogy.
  15. munchzilla
    this sounds promising, finally some good news!
    although, RE-400 was said to be a touch sibilant here - is this gone on the RE-600?
    any comparisons to something like Phonak PFE series, or perhaps ATH AT-CK10/CK100? or UM2x RC? those are the only ones I currently have in my recent memory for IEM's. I am hoping they would be similar to RE-262/272 in terms of that.
    I found the CK10/CK100 to have a little problem with treble, CK10 more sibilant than CK100, both a bit much treble but still quite nice. and the Phonak PFE had a few problems with sibilance as well.
    UM2x I thought was quite nice, used the Comply tips for those. olives for the rest.
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