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HifiMAN HE-6 Planar Magnetic Headphone

Discussion in 'High-end Audio Forum' started by jigf, May 21, 2010.
  1. bosiemoncrieff
    MJ2 is profoundly OK with the HE-6s, I'm looking for a speaker-wire-to-XLR adapter for when I have a speaker amp—it will be a double investment toward a future K1K.
  2. Oregonian

    Try Headphone Lounge.............Ted made me two of them.  Quality stuff. 
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  3. RAZRr1275
    I'm purchasing a Zana Deux Transformer amplifier and I was wondering if I'd need the adapter box to connect the HE-6 to the taps?
  4. RAZRr1275
    Id also recommend Impact Audioo cables. Lindsay does great work
  5. Hansotek
    Which amp did you end up with? Did you get that Yamaha?
  6. tread1963

    Have you looked at the posts on Norne Audio, I had a very nice cable made by Trevor back when it was Norse Audio that included a locking banana to XLR adapter.  I have yet to use it though, due to being fairly satisfied with my Burson Soloist Headphone amp.  Only occasionally do I wish for more power and it's down to finding room to put the amp and having to "sneak" it into the home audio chain without notice from wifey.  I highly recommend Trevor's work, well worth the wait.
  7. soulorc
    Guys, help me! Headband is broken!!! [​IMG] [​IMG][​IMG]
  8. bakieryigit
    Bought schiit Lyr 2 amp, I hope will great match for me , anyone using Lyr 2 with He-6?

    2 days later will try. Any tube suggestion?

    I will use ifi audio micro idsd for dac , Lyr 2: 50 ohm --> 4000Wm , 32 ohm---> 6000Wm
  9. punit
    By the looks of it, you will have to ship it to Hifiman for repair,
  10. Jozurr
    Email hifiman. They can courier the full headband to you (up to the point of screws on the sides), and then you can unscrew from the drivers and install it yourself. It's pretty straight forward.
  11. Clemmaster
    Except when the original screws get destroyed as you unscrew them... Happened to me on my HE-4 a long time ago. Had to send the headphone and new hand band back for them to do it...
  12. Happy Camper
    Not the best or worst.
  13. screwdriver

    I have the yggy with an HE6  driven by a nelson apss F1J. it will depend on your amplifier.
    if I use the nelson pass F1J it is phenomenal full bodied ( the mod is just the grill mod)  , not bright at all , BUT lets say I use my odyssey stratos extreme I beleive it will be a bit bright for some genre of music but here is where the fuzzor mod comes in - u can install, fuzzor mod if u feel the treble is aggressive , and if it still needs some help u can do the audeze pads .
  14. TooPoor
    Any vendors that can repaint the cups, or is there a known source for touch up paint? Buying a used pair and considering refurbing them.
  15. ohhgourami

    Might as well try to get some new cups machined.

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