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HifiMAN HE-6 Planar Magnetic Headphone

Discussion in 'High-end Audio Forum' started by jigf, May 21, 2010.
  1. cskippy
    Hey, thanks!  Yeah, I remember seeing that price but forgot a "camera" company sold them.  Spec 1 is out of commission.  I get a humming and build up with Spec 1 and Spec 2 connected.  Running from Gumby directly to Spec 2 works, although there is a smell now so I need it serviced.  I've just been using my Liquid Carbon and am quite surprised by the results!  
    Edit:  BTW, Leather pads are $80 on that site as well...the Vegans are $62.  [​IMG]
  2. Armaegis
    I have (long discontinued) J$ leather Beyer pads on my HE-6. I have an additional layer of felt as well as acoustic filler beneath the pad as well. I feel this combination provides the bass while trimming down the top end as well.
  3. Tobes
    After having a play around with the Audeze vegan pads, I've decided to go back to the stock velour (with the full magnet fuzzor and open grill mod).
    For my ears, musical taste and system I find the stock velour more compelling listening - a more elucidated and revealing presentation (for me).
    While experimenting with the vegans I progressively pulled off the magnet fuzzor, middle few magnet bars first. This partial fuzzor sounded ok but I think the vegans do sound more balanced without the fuzzor. The vegan pads did make the HE6 sound different to my other references - for instance making the HD600 sound too insistent and lightweight (talking about mids not bass here) by comparison. Even after sticking down the vegan pads and doing the blutack mod, I wasn't happy with the bottom octave of the vegans.
    I definitely missed th top to bottom openness of the stock velour. Unfortunately the stock velour are compromised with the grill mod but without the fuzzor. I again progressively replaced the fuzzor - and the stock pads sounded best with the full fuzzor.
    Since it's impractical to remove/replace the fuzzor to suit the pads being used - and I had a clear preference for the stock velour - I think I'll pass on the vegan pads.
    As always, YMMV. [​IMG]
  4. Jozurr
    I did the opposite and removed the fuzzor mod instead. To me the added clarity and impact of the vegan trumps the reduction in treble glare of the fuzzor mod. Together they just sound boring. Until I had got the A21, I felt like I needed the fuzzor mod, however after getting it, I no longer like it.
  5. Articnoise

    Sorry it’s not clear to me, do you mean the fuzzor mod on the magnets or the backside of the vegan pads?

  6. Jozurr
    Fuzzor on the magnets. Still have the fuzzor inside the vegan pads and @cskippy's Foam mod on the outside ring of the headphones near the grill.
  7. Articnoise

    Any picture and descriptions on SQ change with the Foam mod? 

  8. musicbuff
    Tried the fuzzor mod but removed it (almost abolished the mid section and dulled the treble) the blutack mod (the bass is lovely) and the regrill mod (opened the sound stage a bit and made background singers, orchestras and choirs sound amazing). I haven't played around much with the earpads.  I find the velour Hifiman earpads work very well without the plastic attachment ring (which also decreased the mid section).  I cut out the driver cover cloth from the ear pads and used double sided tape to attach the earpads to the headphone.  Also received a WyWires Red Series XLR cable yesterday which took away the last bit of graininess I heard in voices and tightened up and extended the bass even further (sometimes head throbbing deep in a very satisfying way). The WyWires cable also brought the mid section out more and tamed the treble so that clarity, air and focus are top notch. I find everything Innerfidelity's John Grandberg said about the Violectric V281 HP amp (which I have) paired with the HE-6 to be true. They're a perfect match made for each other (my own words). YMMV.
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  9. Jozurr
    Here is the link:
    Pictures are on the page after that. The effects are same as mentioned in the post, mostly the ringing in the treble has reduced.
    Felt the same way about the fuzzor mod so removed it.
  10. screwdriver
    This is what's great about the he6 , u can mod to tailor suit your sound needs. My amp is a nelson pass f1j and this amp is so much different than the others I tried like the odyssey extreme and nelson pass j2. The f1j is so smooth and the bass is out of this world that I don't use the fuzzor mod , I use the grill mod makes it more spacious , the pads that work beat is the fucus pads a (vs audeze). Excellent cans imo
  11. Tobes

    Yes, to some extent the magnet fuzzor mod is a compromise.
    With the vegans, the reduced high frequency and mid energy didn't work for me. I liked the vegans better with the magnet fuzzor removed - or at least partially removed.
    With the stock velour - which allow more upper mid/high frequency energy than the vegans - I found the magnet fuzzor beneficial.
    Without the fuzzor the stock velour are a bit too insistent with the open grill mod (for me).
    Of course the reason for the fuzzor is that it reduces reflections and, as such, has better sorted and precise soundstage ie removing the fuzzor compromises clarity of images, depth perception and soundstaging.
    Would I prefer a tad more HF air? - maybe, on some material.
    There will also be variation in the fuzzor application ie the type and thickness of felt, how it is applied etc - so, obviously, results will vary even without taking personal preference into account.
  12. bosiemoncrieff

    Yes, yes, yes. I love the feeling of vegan, but to my ears, the sound is diminished. :frowning2: 
  13. TheGhostWhoWalks
    Here's a question: found a pair of like-new HE-6s for $700 and jumped on them. I have an Oppo HA-1, which I think does about 2W at 50ohms. I've read conflicting reports about whether or not the HA-1 can power them; any experience here? I guess if they can't I can just sell them, unless I really love them and decide to dedicate a separate amp. I usually only listen at about 80-85dB for pop music, but classical has much higher dynamics so peaks/climaxes can sometimes reach 100-105dB. I just don't want any clipping... 
  14. koiloco
    There won't be any clipping if your amp puts out 2W @ 50.  Try it out first and see how you like the HE-6.  
  15. Articnoise

    Totally agree that what's great about the HE6 is that you can modify them for your sound preference. I have no experience with Nelson Pass driving the HE6, but my mod HE6 sounds excellent with my Pandora DAC and Marantz PM 11 and very nice if I use the Master 9! 


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