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**Hifiman HE-400 Impressions and Discussion Thread**

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by matttcg, Apr 7, 2012.
  1. Hi-Fi'er

    Crystals to clean IEM? Please explain. I'm 100% interested after learning about the Sorb mod. Do tell, explain. :D
  2. MrMateoHead
    Make sure you re-check your sorb at some point. The 3M "film" for some reason did not always come off properly, and a few pieces came loose. You can "pinch" the plastic layer off and re-stick it.
  3. Hi-Fi'er

    Thank you for tip. I actually didn't get the Sorb that had an adhesive backing. I ordered separate 3M that is heavy duty and super sticky.


    Double-sided adhesive tapes or sheets using 3M’s 300LSE adhesive are the strongest and most versatile ones commercially available. For that reason 3M 300LSE-based adhesives are extensively used in the auto and electronics industry. In recent years, 3M's 300LSE has become the preferred adhesive for attaching digitizers (i.e., the glass covers) to mobile phones and tablets. 3M manufactures more than ten different 300LSE-based double-sided adhesive tapes/sheets. Among them, a product called 9474LE offers the most sophisticated design: it is constructed with three layers, two layers of 300LSE adhesive and an ultrathin, stabilizing polyester carrier sandwiched between them. All three layers are completely transparent and thus ideal for glass panels, such as digitizers. The most important advantage of this triple-layer construction is that it allows the sheets to be cut by knife or scissors without the edges along the cut sticking together - a problem commonly found with tapes or sheets that employ only a single layer of 300LSE. The triple-layer construction of 9474LE sheets also increases stability when the two bonded objects are subjected to shear forces.
  4. richard51
    I must thank you very much...I have put a surplus of sorb. like you did not only around but in the white center plate...I confirm your impression and i am very please by the results... Thanks for your post...[​IMG] 
  5. jay567
    Anyone recommend any cables? Mine broke but am not quite sure where I can get new cables for cheap.
  6. Oregonian

    Check the for sale forum.  I bought a HE-6 cable off there a while back - even better yet post a "wanted" ad for a cable.   Lots of guys probably put aftermarket cables on their HE-400/500/6..............
  7. ViolinsNVolta
    oopsie wrong thread
  8. DavidA
    @ViolinsNVolta, I think you posted in the wrong thread, this is the HE-400 thread, not the X2.
  9. Mr Makarov
    Hi everyone.
    After some time, the right side "thing" that holds the cup broke. Headband problem.
    And I was sure that there was some cheap quality fix to that. Found what I needed and after 10 min my HE400 revived. Works flawlessly. Less clamping force. Spent less than 40$.
    If someone is interested I can make a guide of how to replace the headband. No need to disassemble the cups. Extremely low risk mod.
    Bad photo (not the original HifiMAN headband, this one is wider):
    . HE400_new_headbandE.jpg .
  10. richard51
    wrote it all here for the benefit of all... Thanks  [​IMG]
  11. DavidA
    @Mr Makarov, please post the parts you used to fix your headband (rod block).  I was thinking of buying a HE-350 and just use that headband as a replacement but if your method is only $40 its a better deal than $100.
  12. Mr Makarov
    Will post guide as soon as possible. Still testing. Very good!!! Comfy!!! Very comfy! And looks good!
  13. nappiguan
    Just did the sorb mod and put the velours back on.  These are now very clear and can be cranked with perfect bass slam.  I am convinced and looking for a speaker caps cable.   Can I just cut the plug off of the factory cable and wire it up, or do I need to use xlr cables?  I love dat planar bass.
  14. richard51
    Wait to listen  the he 400 with the crystals mods.[​IMG] After the sorb. mod. the crystals mod. make them stratospherically good... Before the sorb. mods. and the crystals mods. i dont liked really and without rear thinking (upgrading disease at work) my he 400... Now i think some upgrade would be a little bit better but foolish because  too costly(He-6)... and perhaps  for some other  high cost cans  not a real upgrade at all, hence  too risky investment....By the way NO CABLE upgrade can transform your headphone like a crystals mods that cost few bucks contrary to a high end cable...By the way i listen the he 400 from the headphone out of a vintage Sansui AU-7700 ... with great satisfaction...  
  15. richard51
    Sorry for the delay[​IMG]... go to the sorb. thread to read some explanation too long to post that here [​IMG]

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