1. Nobodyhearsyou

    EQ full size headphones

    Hello,    I'm by no means an audiophile, but I like buying expensive stuff apparently. Anyways, I looked on forums here to find a good open headphone to use on my laptop at work. After reading reviews and such, came to buy the HD598. Well, I was quite dissapointed. While the sound stage is...
  2. scottder

    Looking for cans like Beyer 990 sub $1k

    I have had and loved my Beyerdynamic 990 250 ohm cans for some time now and have enjoyed them quite a bit. I am looking for the 'next level' with a similar sonic signature. Open is fine in this application and I have a dedicated amp as well (details in my signature). Where should I be looking...
  3. Amalz

    Valhalla 2 Proplems!!, Blew Beyer DT 990 / 6000hm ( I need Help )

    Hello Everyboday,   I just bought Valhalla 2 and Bifrost in (23 June 2014), I used about two month with the Amp and Dac Beyer DT 990 / 6000hm after tow month the Valhalla 2 Blew my headphone in the left side but the right side it's works so i repair my headphone (it's need left speaker)...
  4. daltonlanny


    Hello, I am in the process of buying and collecting vintage headphones mainly from the mid to late 1980's to early 1990's such as the AKG K340, AKG K240, Beyerdynamic DT 990, Sennheiser HD 540 Reference II, Sennheiser HD 560 Ovation II, etc. Has anyone out there ever did a head to head...
  5. CrazyNikel

    A long time(2010) Denon D5000 owner needs advice/direction on new cans.

    Hey guys, I just want to say firstly that my entire audio build is based off this site and your guys recommendations. I am NOT an expert at audio equipment, but would like to start experiencing and learning more. In 2010 I bought my Denon D5000s after posting a thread asking about direction. I...
  6. Bassman999

    Powering Beyerdynamic DT-880 Premium 600 OHM

    I have 2 amps currently... JDS cMoyBB V2.02   I dont know the specs of this one, but doubt it would be up to the task??   Little bear P-1 hybrid amp specs:   Please read the following Message to determine which configuration of this amplifier you will need. 1.The amplifier board supports...
  7. blinkstar

    ATH-A900x VS Beyer DT990 -- Thoughts?

    If you've heard these two cans, which do you think is best? (The Beyers are 32 ohm).   I will be using them strictly for gaming, and am looking for decent bass and sound stage. I have heard that the 990s have sibilant highs, but this is hopefully toned down with the use of Dolby Headphone.  ...
  8. Shammikaze

    Buying a Beyer DT990/600 and an O2/ODAC amp. Is this a good thing?

    Hey!    So, I'm new here, and I'm new to this whole high quality sound scene.  I've pretty much decided that I'll be getting the following setup today or tomorrow, unless someone changes my mind.   Headphones: Beyer DT990 600 ohm  Amp: O2/ODAC    Am I doing this right?  Also, anyone know...
  9. PTom

    HD600 + Extended Bass + Larger Soundstage = ?

    I think the above equation "sums" up my question.   Regarding budget, I'm assuming improvements on the HD600 will require entering Summit Fi territory. The LCD3/HD800 are the most expensive headphones I'd consider buying.   Depending on which headphone comes closest to the sound signature I...
  10. AgentCw

    Need 100$ amp for Beyer DT990

    I listen to rock and rap Currently own the fiio e07k
  11. ajamils

    Wireless gaming headset recommendation

    For more than a year I have been using mixamp with Beyer 990 as my gaming headset for PS3/Xbox360 and recently I have also included Xbox One and PS4 in the mix. Overall, I've been happy with the mixamp/990 combo but hate the wires and would like to get an all in one wireless solution. I looked...
  12. x7007

    How many of you had a bad DT990 600ohms ?

    And I mean using this headphones with Sound card capable of 600ohms like Asus SX, Creative Titanium , Xonar Phoebus and such.  And if so, would it be matter if it happens with the soundcard, would it still happen with an expensive amplifier.   Bad means rattling speakers on low bass...
  13. thyironman

    Closed cans for critical listening to replace Beyer dt990 (600 Ohm) AND AKG k271 mkII

    Hi everyone! I'm looking for a pair closed cans for critical listening to replace (upgrade) Beyer dt990 (600 Ohm) AND AKG k271 mkII. The best way for me would be to sell the two one-trick ponies and get a quality swiss army knife.   I'm a singer-songwriter and i record/mix/master my own...
  14. qkrzazzang

    Dt 880 premium vs. 990 premium vs. HD650

    Hi guys. I'm mainly going to be using it for classical music, and will be plugging into Xonar STX sound card. These are some things that I really consider when listening.   - Very rich sound ( especially bass) - NO dry sound (live acoustic) - Between Bright and Dark sounding, but a bit...
  15. blakflag

    Help me find headphones similar to DT990

    I have a pair of Beyer DT990 600 ohms, I love love LOVE them.  However I wanted headphones for work, and I decided to go for a closed back to keep sound leakage to a minimum.    I bought DT770 80 ohm, thinking it would feel and sound somewhat similar. For some reason I just cant like them too...
  16. ragequit

    Amplifier and DAC recommendation for DT990 600ohm with a $700 budget

    Hello!   I recently purchased an DT990, and am fairly new to power hungry headphones/amps/DACs   I'm looking for an OTL amplifier, preferably one that is able to power other headphones I may purchase in the future without hesitation. I would prefer the Amp and DAC be seperate, if possible...
  17. Revroo

    Wierd buzzing

    Hello i recently purchased a NEW fiio e9i, i have set it up ect but i have a strange grinding sound coming from the left earcup. the wierd thing is this only happens when my headphones are plugged into A the amp when its connected to my sound card or B directly into my soundcard.   this has...
  18. GirgleMirt

    Last check: Schiit Modi + Magni for Beyer DT990 600 ohms or...?

    Just purchased pair of Beyerdynamics DT990 600 ohms on a whim so am looking for an amp. The source will mostly be a computer with onboard sound, which sadly I can't really comment on the quality of because my Grados SR80s are out of commission from foam disintegration and my Sony V6s are at...
  19. JBal4

    Denon D600 or Beyer DT990 or others?

    Hi I am looking to get a new pair of headphones for listening to hiphop and rock with. The two that caught my I are the denon d600 and the beyer Dt990 600 OHM. I am looking to get a pair that has decent bass impact and sub bass. My current setup is Loseless via laptop> Fiio E09K+E17> Q701. I...
  20. GirgleMirt

    Cheap amp for Beyers DT990 600 ohms? (ebay?) EDIT: Schiit Magni+Modi?

    Hi, just picked up a pair of Beyerdynamics DT990s a bit on a whim when I stumbled on them on sale.  So being 600 ohms, I think they'd definitely benefit from a headphone amp as they'd probably end up being powered by a computer's integrated soundcard...  Now, when I picked them up, I thought I'd...
  21. Audioscope

    Beyerdynamic DT990 600 Ohm

    I already have the Beyerdynamic DT990 in 250 ohms.  I know Beyer makes a 600 ohm version, and I recently found a good deal for it.   It is worth buying the 600 ohm version?  I will be using this with a MisterX balanced M^3 amp.
  22. HTFreak

    Headphones with movies, superb experience

    I have abandoned my 5.1 hometheater fully. :( I bought years ago HD558, but it lacked some punch/dynamics with movies. Then finally got Beyers 990 maybe year ago, wow! These cans and my hk receiver with dolby headphone movies come alive. No problems with room acoustics, no problem with volume...
  23. sinefine

    DT990 Premium headphone - does the clamp get less tight after use?

    Hello. I've been using AD700 headphones but I didn't like the comfort level. So after researching online, I was told that the Beyer DT990 Premium is very comfortable. I just got the headphone but unfortunately, it is still slightly too tight for me and is pressing the part under the ears/jaw...
  24. coaxial

    Sound Blaster ZxR w/ Beyer Dynamic DT 990

    Hey guys. Just picked up a Sound Blaster ZxR. Looking at replacing my current headphones. After some research on the forums I have narrowed my selection down to the DT 990's. Now I have seen some conversation go back and forth between getting the 250 vs the 600ohm. I am leaning towards the...
  25. F

    Best Headphone + Amp combo < $700 for electronic music (trance/prog house)

    Hey Head-Fi,   Recent joiner here and I have a couple headphones already but am looking for much more. I have the Ultrasone HFI 780s but they don't pack nearly enough punch for me and sound far too tinny; I also have the V-Moda M80s which I like a lot but am looking for an overall upgrade...