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A long time(2010) Denon D5000 owner needs advice/direction on new cans.

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by crazynikel, Aug 30, 2014.
  1. CrazyNikel
    Hey guys, I just want to say firstly that my entire audio build is based off this site and your guys recommendations. I am NOT an expert at audio equipment, but would like to start experiencing and learning more. In 2010 I bought my Denon D5000s after posting a thread asking about direction. I recently bought the infamously popular Schiit modi dac and vali amp to replace my aging mini3 amp. However, my cans which I use daily are also showing there age. My right speaker is actually broken off and I have some semi-jerry rig setup that holds it in place, ear pads are starting to fray also which saddens me cause damn those are comfy pads.
    I LOVE the D5000's but Ive had them so long and have relied on them for so long I really want to start trying new cans. Maybe 1 day achieve a cool collection like some of you have here. Anyways, I do need some help and guidance. Ive been browsing this website hardcore for probably the better part of a week or so now trying to update myself on the new audio cans out.
    I know you will ask:
    My music preference, well to be honest I listen to a lot of varying music but I favor and care far more about impact and "oomf?" of the cans.
    If it helps, one of my favorite channels is Mrsuicidesheep, I also LOVE hiphop and usually listen to Harder hitting styles like sevenlions,mios,etc,etc.
    With that said though, Hanz Zimmer is the man. I'm also a big movie guy on my PC.
    I have no preference over open ear-closed ear as noise or noise canceling is of no concern to me(mx cherry blue user here aha). I guess I'm looking to see what fellow Denon owners like or what y'all in general think about these cans Ive listed or even if you have an additional recommendation!
    Ive been sitting here staring at;
    MrSpeakers Alpha Dog
    Senn HD650/600
    Hifiman 500
    Beyer DT990 600ohm
    Fostex TH600
    However that's just my browsing, I didn't even look at Denon back in the day until someone(on here) told me about them. I just love how fun these Denons are, but like I said above I am trying to expand my collection and maybe enjoy different "flavors" at some point. My price range I guess would be 600-700 USD max. Once again 4 years later I want to thank you guys for your excellent help. Thanks!
    Edit: Just in case this helps I do plan to buy even more cans after this. Sky is the limit?
    Ok well first off
    "Ive been sitting here staring at;
    MrSpeakers Alpha Dog
    Senn HD650/600
    Hifiman 500
    Beyer DT990 600ohm
    Fostex TH600"
    I have no experience with the Alpha Dog, HD650, or Hifiman HE500, but I know you aren't going to enjoy the HD600 sound as it doesn't satisfy a bass lover's needs. 
    The TH600 is probably going to be right around the same sound sig as the D5000, so you shouldn't buy the same headphone twice. 
    The DT990 would work well with your sound preferences, but if you are in the market for something in the range of a TH600, maybe you should check out the T90 instead? Or maybe even a T1 if you can find one for around $650 (they have been selling around that price in the classifieds recently) If you can find a deal on a T1 you will be in love man. It will give you all the "oomf" you want and all the clarity you need. The sound stage is very big too. 
    So if it's possible, I would say Beyer T1 or T90, unless someone else can chime in about the headphones I haven't dealt with yet.
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  3. CrazyNikel
    Hey thanks man!
    Dang those Beyer T90s are the perfect price. Im actually really liking those 2 beyers you mentioned, Im gonna look around for a used set of the T1 out of curiosity. I was wondering about the Fostex cans, I figured they would be close to the Denons but thats why I asked. I saw a YT video of those Fostex and a piece of paper and dang it was impressive ahaha. But yeah Im certainly not wanting a second pair of cans with identical sound.
    I'm particularly interested in the alpha dogs 3d printer tech(no idea how it effects sound though). Reading around on the forums I saw quiet a number of people saying they also come with great customer service.
    Repped sir for the t90 and t1!
    Awesome man! If you can get the T1 is a very nice step up from the T90.
  5. saxelrod92
    I cant really recommend something in the price range you're looking at, because I don't have enough experience with many headphones. But I do want to say as someone who recently switched from D5000s to Audeze LCD 2s (and am considering selling those for something else, unless they turn out best after I try a couple out from Amazon) that you need to expect two main things to change in the sound:
    1. considering how long you've been using the D5000s (I used them for 2 years) you probably have gotten very used to their recessed midrange. On average the headphones you're now looking at in your budget generally don't have such recessed mids, so you'll notice that area become way more forward than what you are normally used to. Make sure to get used to it before making a judgement on a new headphone.
    2. The D5000s are actually pretty damn bassy. I didn't think they were when I was using them, and when I first used the LCD 2 I thought they were lacking tons of bass. But after a couple days of using the LCD 2s and then going back to the D5000 briefly, I realized how bassy they really were. Too much so really, they bleed into the mids a bit, and boom a bit (not saying thats bad for some, obviously they are a great headphone, but it's something that distorts your perception of what bass on headphones is supposed to sound like with more higher end headphones). So again also get used to the new pair before making a judgement.
    Otherwise a nice increase in details, clarity, and midrange should be expected with a higher end pair, in comparison. You don't want to be side-grading for that kind of money. Nice thing is thought, I noticed that because the D5000s can get a bit hot in the treble sometimes, and be bassy, that you can actually enjoy slightly bright or slightly dark headphones without much initial preference. Which is good because Beyerdynamics are a little bright in tone, but very clean and good soundstage (I had a DT 990, and I upgraded to the D5000). If I was in your position, I would consider trying out the new Hifiman headphones like the HE 400i, or if you push your budget slightly, the HE 560(I'm going to be trying this one out as a possible alternative to my LCD 2, just buy it on Amazon, and if you dont like it, return it within 30 days and you lose nothing, good way of testing out headphones. if you have the spare cash to spend on a single pair at a time). .
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  6. Lorspeaker

  7. CrazyNikel
    Actually now that Ive looked, the t1 is 900 on amazon.....hhhhhmmmm.
    Awesome post, thank you sir. Appreciate the heads up. Is there a big difference between the newer hifimans and the 500/400 models? I am very interested in using the he500s. Or I guess planars/orthos?// in general.
    Those...look amazing, but I cant seem to find them. :frowning2:
  8. Lorspeaker
    think it is on "Philips's site...n Amin's site"  says one of the promo video on youtube..
    . list price usd299....should be able to get it cheaper later.
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    Get one used here in the classifieds in good condition. People here generally take good care of their stuff, especially if it's high end like the T1.
  10. saxelrod92
    I can't speak from any personal experience just yet, but according to their statements the new 400i is supposed to be like the 500, and the 560 is supposed to be a step up from the 500, being closer to their flagship he-6. I will say though from using LCD 2s for a bit, that the planar sound is interesting, its different. Bass gets way deeper, and cleaner, and you can the difference between different types of bass and how they fit in the music, but its more of a bass tone than a bass thump, not to say there isnt any thump, there definitely is, but its not in the same way as a dynamic driver. You wont know if you prefer it or not until trying it out. Also they are generally smoother sounding, in regards to treble. depending on the model and brand it generally just translates to anti-sibilance. Like I've tried playing very treble hot recordings, just bad stuff, and they just are unable to sound harsh or painful or sibilant. You hear where that harshness was supposed to be, but it doesn't hurt your ears. Also mids are seemingly the best feature of a planar driver, which is definitely true (again different variations of this depending on model and brand). Also the new hifiman are a lot lighter in weight, which puts them now at the same weight as the d5000. All the Audezes and old hifiman were pretty heavy, you get used to it eventually, but if you wear these for a long time like I do, your neck will definitely be feeling it after a few hours. gets a bit easier with break in and time.
    So if you want to save some money you could get the 400i, or if you want to push your budget over a bit, get the 560. They need a amp that can put out at least 1 watt or more though, otherwise you get lots of mid-range with little bass or treble, and overall they will be quietish. like I said if you can afford buying one on amazon, and then either keep it or if you dont feel it just return it within 30 days and you're still good to go. You will notice btw that the d5000 is actually pretty sibilant in the treble in comparison to a planar.
    good luck! :)
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  11. CrazyNikel
    I actually checked out the classifieds on this board and found a few t1s! Ive contacted them. See what happens. Thanks again for the help man.
    Thanks for the info man, I actually did some research after you mentioned them and it does appear they are quiet the upgrade. I'm really stuck on either Beyer t1s/t90 Hifiman h400i/560 or those rather slick looking Mrspeakers alpha dogs. UGH wish I could poop gold/money or even silver. Guess Ill just go with the best deal I can get. Heck its not like I wont buy another pair.
    repped yall for the input and advice. Thanks!
  12. Lorspeaker
    Dun worry...T1 is a great buy, listening to it now with velor pads, 
    the bass is tight n thumping..v clear...on my tube amp :p
  13. saxelrod92

    Thanks man! I'm kinda in the same boat as you, trying out alternatives to the LCD 2, which technically are what my upgrade from the D5000 is. Curious to see which one you choose and how you end up liking it. I'll update here too once I finalize a choice.
  14. Sllow
    I'd wait for TH500RP
  15. saxelrod92

    it doesn't seem all that promising honestly. I was excited when I first heard about it, but after I actually looked into it, it just wasn't very impressive in regards to specs and such. It's just a better version of the t50rp, which in stock form is considered to be pretty bad. this is like taking that and making it kinda good, but overall it's nothing great. Probably if those guys modding the t50rp start modding the t500rp THEN it might become something really great.

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