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**Hifiman HE-400 Impressions and Discussion Thread**

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by matttcg, Apr 7, 2012.
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  1. Monsterzero
    Totally agree its too much,but it is what it is...like anything vintage(cars for example) they were made better and to last forever back then,and each day there are fewer and fewer available,and theres no more being made...so its supply and demand.

    TBH if I had cash to toss around I'd def drop big $ on one of the big monsters...that Technics weighs 91 lbs and a conservative 330WPC!!!!
  2. richard51
    I wish you can someday....what a hell of a beast, the interior is a beauty on his own...this technics is a legend to live with...[​IMG] Best regards 
    I have found his pedigree for all to enjoy...
  3. mikewr
    Just wanted to pop in here inform anyone looking for one; I'm selling my he-400 over at the for sale sub-forum. Check out the listing on my profile if interested.
  4. amigomatt
    I've just been revisiting my HE400.  I was using the modulor Jergpads, which were the best I had yet found until I just happened to try a spare set of Focus A Pads I had lying around.  Wow!  These pads 'almost' entirely eliminate the treble spike issues that previously plagued my experience of these cans!  They are a big darker overall in presentation now, but I can easily live with that, given the excitement and vivid sounds that emanate from these wonderful cans!  Even against my HE560, which has a better, more open midrange and a much more extended bass, the HE400 manage to sound even more dramatic and exciting!  I'm going to start giving these much more head time!
  5. Pinoyjaa
    I have to try those Focus A pads. Are they easy to install?
  6. buke9
    Very easy.
  7. MrMateoHead
    I still love my HE-400s. I've been listening to regular speakers for quite awhile, since I figured I don't use them enough. The HE-400s still produce satisfying bass, and let me "peer" deeply into recordings in a way my speakers just can't. Or I guess the more oft used term is "instrument separation". I love the space around elements of the recording and the way I can hear some of the tiniest details.
  8. chrismini
    After removing the screens from the rear of my HE-400's the sound quality has increased so much there is no way I'm putting them back on. Of course the problem is the drivers(diaphragm) are unprotected and I have to handle them very carefully. I store them in a box lined with bubble wrap. I'm trying to figure out a way to install some sort of protective screen that will afford some sort of protection but not interfere with the fidelity. Chicken wire is way to open and cheap. I remember a few months ago a guy cut screen from a screen waste paper basket and it worked well. Of course I would have to purchase the basket and wire cutters and cut the wire into a perfect circle.
    Does anyone have a better idea?
    Hello Richard51. How's life treating you?
  9. DavidA
    Try this: https://www.amazon.com/CCG-Perforated-Grill-Mesh-Sheet/dp/B00F3FJYGS/ref=pd_sim_263_1?_encoding=UTF8&pd_rd_i=B00F3FJYGS&pd_rd_r=DZW57Q52HX63RV7PB7ZY&pd_rd_w=7PrUg&pd_rd_wg=1Z4IU&psc=1&refRID=DZW57Q52HX63RV7PB7ZY
    a few pics of what they look like on the HE400
    HE-400Grill-Randy.jpg HE-400_Grill-1.jpg HE-400_Grillmod-2.jpg HE-400grill-2.jpg
  10. chrismini
    Thanks! Those look perfect! One thing is one of the rings that hold the screens snapped on me so I'm going to have to also figure out a way to hold them in place and also be able to remove them. Something like "superglue" which I have several types of(my other hobby is building model amour, like tanks from World War 2). Also I have sorbathane in the outer groves of the driver assembly. They might just stick to that. It's sorb70 which is almost a half an inch thick. The factory screens worked fine so there's no real issue. Do you know how difficult these are to cut? I have heavy duty scissors that cost about $30 that I used back when I worked for AT&T. You can cut a penny in half with them.
  11. chrismini
    I meant to say an adhesive like Superglue won't work.
  12. Oregonian
    Here's what a number of us are using instead of metal grills. Very open and easy to make/install. It's an "Inspired Designs" (from Amazon) 80mm computer fan cover................this is the Biohazard design, the most open of their many choices. Been using these on my HE-400 and HE-6 for about three years.  Requires you to use side cutters to trim the four mounting tabs off (which you do carefully so as not to take off too much material as these are press aka interference fit) and sand/grind down to fit nice and tight. 

  13. Hi-Fi'er
    I just used a mesh from a Walmart splash cooking grill cover. Easy to cut and fit.


    Coffee filters make a good protection cover too. I didn't feel the need and removed them but if you want protection they are easy to cut and cheap and you get a lot! (Walmart or anywhere really) and super thin and strong and not glue is needed and you have many replacements if needed. :D
  14. Oregonian
    And how they look installed.................
  15. ilmothedude
    Another good open design is simple grid design from "Inspired Laser Designs". Gives better protection than bio hazard design, and is open enough.
    My AKAI and HE400 are good friends novadays. I still use my desktop headphone amps speaker pre amp output to AKAI so I can control volume from desktop.
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