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Help deciding new iems

  1. derieuz
    I want to buy a new pair of iems, im looking at the list of reviews, and i'm currently only interested in ones that are at an 8 or above sound quality wise, and close to a 5 in the other categories.
    i was wondering if the re262's would be a good choice
    i listen to basically every genre in music, i enjoy picking out all the various types of instruments as well as the clear vocals.
    Do the re262's provide a good, clear bass? i do enjoy the "boom" effect of bass, but i was wondering if you can still feel bass if a review says they aren't punchy, but they are warm and accurate.
    Also, i would be using my iphone 4s, would these high end iem's be worth the money, or do the audio drivers in the iphone bottleneck these to a lower end iem, and be better off buying a pair of 70 dollar klipsh pair..
    i owned the beats tour (they sucked horribly), the klipsch s4(they were decent, bass was nice, but a little too bassy for my likings, mids and highs were a little muddy), and the bose (no seal, the mids and highs were nice, the bass wasn't great due to no seal, but i enjoyed it considering accuracy)
    anyways, would the re262's be a good choice for overall all music, and do they have similar if not better bass compared to the bose ie (similar as in the amount of bass, im expecting the quality to be much better)
    thank you in advance!
    if their are any other suggestions iem wise, please post them as well!
  2. AstroTurf
    Not sure how to interpret your rating scale...

    But, Etymotic IEMs reproduce music to 85% accuracy or better.

    Worth a look, Jim
  3. derieuz
    i look for accuracy, exactly that, the review for re262 said its highly accurate, im just curious as how much bass is produced from an "accurate" sounding iem compared to the over bassy crap ones
  4. sofastreamer
  5. Reomero
    For me, there isn't a straightforward answer as to how much bass is produced from an "accurate" IEM. Some people think of something sounding "light" to be accurate so it all boils down to preference in the end. But for me, it's that dynamic bass which can be either thumping or light at the same time, depending on the music. Judging on the IEMs I have heard, the GR07 produces "accurate" bass, so on that note, I recommend that you look into the GR07 as well. [​IMG]
  6. derieuz
    ive looked at the gr07, and id rather not get an overbassy iem :L
  7. ItsMeHere
    The GR07 isn't too bassy at all. It's quite balanced and it produces a natural sound.
  8. Techno Kid
    If your wanting something with a more accurate representation of bass I think the e-Q5 does that very well.  Now it is hard to really define what one would call"accurate bass" but the e-Q5 has a very nice and what I'd call neutral and dynamic sounding (I'm guessing the moving armature is what give them this trait).  Besides the bass everything else is very good on the e-Q5 with smooth detailed mids and crisp yet not harsh sounding highs and a soundstage that is spacious with above average separation.
  9. planx
    Look at the Brainwavs B2! Very clear, precise, accurate, and not bassy at all. Everything sounds very correct in that IEM and there's nothing too shouty about it. A very balanced IEM imo. If you want hyper detailed IEMs, Etymotics are a great consideration as well and I would at the RE272 from Hifiman as well. Those are my detail kings there, but if you want the RE272, beware because it is very source picky. I found a great match with my HM-602 player, but a terrible match with my Cowon O2.
    EDIT: check out my review (as always with Etymotic potential buyers) if you want an Etymotic. http://www.head-fi.org/t/598267/review-etymotic-hf5-or-the-er-4
  10. derieuz
    i just read that the re262's are really power hungry iems, and the iphone isnt exactly the most powerful audio device, would the hf5's perform good with the custom tips? also what about the miles davis trumpet iems?
  11. Techno Kid
    Ok what are you wanting in an IEM?
    The HF5 which I had are detailed but lack bass and the RE262 works best with an amp as its impedance is 150 ohms.
    I see you said you enjoy the "booming effect of bass" well than something like the GR07 or the EPH-100 would work well and they are also very detailed.
    The e-Q5 has bass that's like a fast dynamic driver with good impact and depth and the detail of a balanced armature like the HF5 along with a large soundstage like in the GR07 and EPH-100
    The Rockit Sounds R-50 is very detailed with more bass than the HF5 but less than the GR07, EPH-100 and e-Q5, a larger soundstage than the HF5 but a bit smaller than the GR07 & e-Q5
    I think the e-Q5 which doesn't have as much impact in the bass as the GR07 but more than the HF5 and R-50 along with the detail you want and a spacious soundstage would be one of your best options.  Now they do cost right at $200 with free shipping so I don't know if that's a little more than you want to spend if so the EPH-100 or the RE262 are the next best imo.  You can get a little FiiO E6 amp that will work great with the RE262 for around $25 but that plus the IEM its only $25 less than a new e-Q5, wait I'm all kinds of lost here [​IMG] forget it I quite.
  12. AstroTurf
    I think you would be most happy with the Etymotic HF5 IEM.

    If you found the bass to be lacking, you could simply look up the NRB Mod to improve it.

    They come with a two year warranty, from a very large company that does not sell refurbs. If it is broken (HF5 & MC5) you get a new one. If after two years it breaks, they have a buy-back program which offers you a sizeable discount off of any Etymotic product of your choice.

    Really, really, really tough to beat an Etymotic Product.

  13. Techno Kid
    Have you ever heard or recommended anything that's not an Etymotic?  I understand you like them but I've seen you recommend the ER-4 to someone that wanted an IEM with bass and a large soundstage, I mean come on really.  Ety's have good detail but there's plenty of IEM's that have just as much with more bass and a better soundstage.  You can EQ any IEM to have some impact but even then say on the HF5 it can't sound as good as an IEM that starts with good bass impact.  
    If the OP wants a detailed IEM with a flat bass response with a average soundstage (at best) then the HF5 will work great I just think the OP would be happier with something like the e-Q5, RE262 or EPH-100.  The e-Q5 has just as much detail as the HF5 you might not think so but they do and I had the HF5 (just sold it a few days ago) and the e-Q5 has better bass impact and depth but not so much that they are to bassy and the soundstage of the e-Q5 makes the HF5 sound closed in an small.
    I like to recommend things I've heard and compare them you just recommend every type of Etymotic depending on the posters price range.  I'm really not trying to lay into you or anything I'm just saying Ety's might not work for every single person that's looking for a new IEM.  I know I suggest the R-50 and e-Q5 a lot but I throw in other also and give some quick comparisons.
    Ok I just had to get that out and if I get banned for that then so be it but its been getting to so it was time to let fly.
  14. AstroTurf
    As you know... I love my Etys. I would rather not see anyone get banned.
    As for our differing Opinions. I truly feel that an Etymotic Product can fulfill every need.
    Take Care, Jim
  15. Techno Kid
    Fair enough, I just think giving some variety is helpful.

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