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Headphone comparison: Sennheiser HD 600, HD 700, HD 800, HD 25-1, and the Amperior; Audio-Technica ATH-M50s; Audez'e LCD-2 rev.2 and the LCD-3

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by windsor, May 29, 2012.
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  1. ALSO
    Weighing in late, but thank you for this review.  As a new owner of the HD700, this review was invaluable.  After reading so many negative reviews of the HD700, but liking what I heard each time I listened to it myself, I finally went ahead and purchased it.  One point about the negative reviews is that they tend to come from people who are defending other Sennheiser phones, most notably the HD650 and HD800.  I understand that people want to feel they've made the right choice and stick by it, but sometimes the negativity feels defensive.  Which is why I really appreciated this review, which compares the HD600, 700, and 800 fairly.  I am now pursuing the HD600 because of this review.  So thanks.
  2. DrSeven
    Thanks! all good options so I´m gonna try some of these!
  3. DrSeven
  4. Windsor
    Thanks for the positive comments on the review - I wrote the differences at the time as clearly as I could. :)
  5. Stoney Contributor
    Portable music is important to me -- I use it during chemo and when recovering in bed for many days afterwards.  But I'm not feeling the urgent need to upgrade -- I can live with what I have and not spend more.  
    Still, I would love to hear the HD700.  Anyone know of a store with them on display within a reasonable drive of Silicon Valley, including San Francisco?  
    I have auditioned the HD800 at length: several units with different cables and amps of all types.  At best, the upper-mid/lower-treble emphasis was "troubling" (at worst it was "intolerable" to my ears).  Despite it's other well-known virtues, I stuck instead with my HD650; I can forget about audio and simply enjoy music, with a response profile that sounds natural to me if not ultimately detailed.  I've modified my HD650s slightly for greater clarity, most recently adding the brand new Cardas Clear Light cable.  
    I would be interested in any mods to the HD700 or 800 that alleviate the brightness (so to speak).  I'm also very interested in the LCD-2 or 3, and the HE-500 (but not for portable listening unless I upgrade my amp power yet keep it small).  
  6. Windsor
    I haven't tried modding the HD 700, but with the HD 800, two options spring to mind that might make the HD 800 more two your liking. 
    1. The Anaxilus mod. This is basically applying some foam inside the HD 800, which is relatively easy to do and just requires an inexpensive selection of craft materials. I wrote a bit about the Anaxilus mod in my HD 800 review here. Also, Tyll Hertsens has an excellent post about it here
    2. Aftermarket cabling. I bought an aftermarket copper cable (a Moon Audio Black Dragon) which adds weight to the bass and changes the treble emphasis adding some warmth to the sound. This option is costlier than the Anaxilus mod, but could be a very enjoyable experience for you. These days, I mostly use the standard HD 800 cable as I prefer the neutrality and definition. If you're interested in that cable, I'm open to selling/lending mine.
    Best wishes,
  7. Windsor
    P.S. if you enjoy portable audio, I highly recommend the Sennheiser Momentum headphone. I've been enjoying it a lot recently and find it preferable to the HD 800 when I want a less micro-detailed yet neutral sound. It's probably worth a look. 
  8. timaries
    oops I thought HD25s and Amperiors suppose to sound the same
    anyway in my case I found the originals HD25s really sound better :p
    good post btw, wish the HD650s to be in the list! :p
  9. DrSeven
    that sounds really interesting! [​IMG]
  10. preproman
    I listened to Eee Pees modded HD700.  They sound pretty good.  However I didn't have a un modded pair to compare to.  The modded pair sound like or maybe even better than the T1..
    I would like to get them side by side at home to compare.
  11. Halimj7
    I dont normally respond to these types of reviews but had to in this case. Great and impressive!
  12. fihidelity
    Windsor, if you had to be marooned with one of these pairs of headphones, would it be the HD700s?
  13. Halimj7

    Are you considering the HD 700 also? What else have you considered and how did you arrive at that consideration? Im interested because I am also considering but a little conflicted at this point.
  14. fihidelity
    I'm also considering the HD650 and HE-500 but there's nowhere for me to demo those two locally. What are you considering?
  15. Halimj7

    Im considering hd700, beyer T90, or Grado. I want a airy, clear, somewhat bright can with great mids and highs.
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