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Headphone comparison: Sennheiser HD 600, HD 700, HD 800, HD 25-1, and the Amperior; Audio-Technica ATH-M50s; Audez'e LCD-2 rev.2 and the LCD-3

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by windsor, May 29, 2012.
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  1. preproman
    650s muddy bass??  What amp are you using with it.
  2. Dionysus
    Using STX with LM49990 opamps I just don't think the bass is controlled enough it could just be me but it's my ears telling me so.

    I don't think the 650 are bad phone I like them but I am unhappy at the moment with the bass, so am giving the 700 a shot is all and rather than listening to all the early bad interpretations of them I want my ears to convince me otherwise plus I don't mind a little peak on my treble.
  3. Windsor
    I found the HD 650 bass lovely to listen to but didn't enjoy it when listening to fast musical events as things then tended to sound a bit muddy. If you like the overall sound of the HD 650, I'd highly recommend the HD 600 which is quite similar to the HD 650 sound signature but with a narrower soundstage. 
  4. Dionysus
    I have been listening to the latest records from Rush and Smashing pumpkins, I mostly listen to rock so maybe that's the reason I have this desire to try another SS.
  5. Windsor
    I just posted a review for the Sennheiser Amperior:

  6. ulogin
    Sorry if this has already been stated: is your hd800 (with thin bass) of the latest batch?
  7. Windsor
    My HD 800 is a S/N 028xx.
    These days I don't find the HD 800 bass to be thin; I find it to be very detailed and full. It can sound lesser in relation to other headphones but when I'm not thinking about the sound and instead just enjoying it, it sounds great!
  8. angelsblood
    excellent comparison, i have enjoyed reading it! thanks for your time in making this! good job!
  9. lovleylady
    Thanks for a nice comparison, very well composed.
    To me the HD800 was far better than the HD700.
    In my opinion HD700 is totally pointless due to the small difference in price between it and the HD800.
    Some nice musical advice here too, really enjoying the Buena Vista Social Club right now :)
    Love finding new music this way.
  10. Windsor
    Thanks for saying about the review - those impressions and rankings were the best of my honest perspective at the time and may be a bit different if I did the review again. For the review I may have been looking for more bass hence the lower rating of the HD 800 in relation to the HD 700, but I love the HD 800 so much these days and would most probably opt for it over the HD 700 every time. For me the HD 800 has taken a few tweaks from the stock format for it to sound optimal, but those sure are tweaks I'm glad I tweaked. [​IMG]
  11. jsplice
    Great review.  Extremely informative.  I actually had on loan right now, the HD700, HE-500, and HE-6.  It's been interesting comparing the 3 headphones (also against my own HD650s).  I'm definitely leaning heavily towards the HD700s.  I have a Lyr to drive these headphones, so that is at least ideal for the HE-500s. but barely ideal for the HE-6s.  The soundstaging abilities of the HD700 blows the HE's out of the water.  I seem to enjoy the "out of the head" experience more that the HD700s provide.  I'm just not feeling the HE's all that much.  The HE-500s are great for rock, but for any refined recordings, they seem to fall short to my ears.
  12. USAudio
    Interesting how the Amperior achieved 83% of the score of the HD800 yet only costs 23% as much. That doesn't really mean anything but is a fun way to look at it. :wink: That is the price of diminishing returns.

    Maybe now that the Amperiors have broken in they might even score a bit better?
  13. Holowlegs
    Thanks a lot Windsor
    A very nice review all around and very easy to read.
    Was at a head phone meet over hear in the UK and had a listen to a few headphone and have decided to get the HD 650, which are at my price point and I really liked the sound off these.  But you have made me think about the future if I ever feel the need to upgrade and have a look at the HD 700 and have a good listen. Maybe at the next meet may see if I can have a listen to a pair.
    Also you have made think about having a listen to the Amperior for my portable set up, at the moment am using a pair of V-Moda v-80.
    Cheers Frank
  14. Windsor
    That's possible, but I'm content to leave the review as it is an enjoy what I have now. :)
  15. Windsor
    Thanks for the kind words, Frank - I hope you enjoy the HD 650, and though I haven't heard the V-Moda v-80, if you want a different portable, I'd definitely recommend shortlisting the Amperior. 

    Best wishes, Windsor
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