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Headphone comparison: Sennheiser HD 600, HD 700, HD 800, HD 25-1, and the Amperior; Audio-Technica ATH-M50s; Audez'e LCD-2 rev.2 and the LCD-3

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by windsor, May 29, 2012.
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  1. Windsor
    I'm sorry to hear the HD 700 is making you go *ouch.* I'd give it a miss if that were the case.
    When I tried the HD 700, I heard that they were hot in the treble (the graphs you posted make sense), but never hot to the point of causing me pain, otherwise I'd most probably have said something about that and not rated them as highly. I have no obligation to rate any headphone and was just telling the truth as I heard it.
    I never listened to the HD 700 on its own for extended periods of time i.e. over 30 min due to the limited time I had with it in which I made comparisons, but they sounded pretty good to me when I did hear them.
  2. Argo Duck
    Nice methodology, well done.
  3. XxDobermanxX
    Once again and for the 1000th time.....Sennheiser FTW 
    *UFC ring announcer voice*  "All judges score this contest 28-29 27-29 & 28-28 declaring the winner by unanimous decision Aaaaannnnnd................STILL The Undisputed Headphone Heavyweight Champion of the World Sennheiser !!!! "
  4. EvanK
    Thank you for the excellent review Windsor.
  5. DougT
    WOW that was great I found it interesting to see how each headphone scored differently based on the music selected.  I wondered how many times our conclusions are based on too few music selections when comparing the merits of competing headphones? Also the cosmetics of a product along with the relative difficulty in matching sound output can make a louder headphone sound better - I know you tried to account for the variations.  GREAT JOB and Thanks
  6. Drumonron
    Windsor, my goodness, as an owner myself of the Senn 600, 700 and 800 your review, which thoughtfully and purposefully includes different genres really interested me.  I do not own the "other" flagships but regarding the Senns...I really think you nailed it...thus my reason for keeping all three...though I must admit that my reason for keeping the 600 is purely sentimental and could be compared to the comfortable jeans that you simply will not allow the wife to chuck(hehe).
    Thanks so much for taking the time out to isolate how each headphone excels...it should contextualize it for potential purveyors of the top of the line.
    I'm currently in the process of breaking in my 700s and am not disappointed in any way so far. 
    I've listened to the HD700 for 3 hours and have had no painful sibilance.  I often think that some people simply require an overabundance and unrealistic amount of bass...this is a preference of others and not mine...I like to hear the music as it is offered by the artists and not the headphone manufacturers version of it and perhaps this is why the 700 and 800s appeal to me so much.  The 700/800s actually allow me to hear the acoustics of the venue it was recorded in with precision and stunning detail...this meets my requirements but I have to say if one takes off a bass heavy headphone and then puts the 700/800 on then I can tell you...your in for a painful shocker.
    All I can say, in conclusion, thank goodness that, for people like me, companies like Stax, Senn and audeze are around to raise the bar so that we may enjoy such detail.
    Rock on head-fi!
    Thanks Windsor!
    Windsor and DrSeven like this.
  7. Rico613
    EDIT:  Apologies, I just reread the opening and found that Windsor did indeed adjust the sound levels for his comparisons.  Congrats on a fine job.
    I just received my Violectric v200 amp and was evaluating it for the first time yesterday.  My initial impression (on AKG 702s) was that it sounded 'muddy'.  No problem, I figured an adjustment to the pre gain would solve the 'problem'.  When that didn't work, I thought, it must be the way 'warmer' amplifiers were supposed to sound . . . hmmm . . . not good.   About the time I thought the v200 was a dud.  I pulled out my hand held sound level meter, (pressure meter), and checked the sound level inside the ear cup.  I was surprised  that it was only 55-60 db.  My normal listening range is 70-75 db.  (Over 80 is considered damaging to the ear and is the reason I use the sound meter with headphones.)  Once I adjusted the volume to 70-75 db range, everything sounded great.
    Years ago when I was shopping for loud speakers, (like AR-3s, or KLH-17s), a sales guy pointed out that speakers always sound better at higher volume.  The same is true of headphones.  The point of all this is that when we compare our various headphones and components, it may be worth equalizing the sound levels first.  
    Radio Shack sound level meter
  8. Rico613
    I'm wondering how the Senn HD 800s compare to Beyer T1s listening to Classical or Jazz?
  9. Windsor
    I've not made that comparison, but this guy has: http://www.headfonia.com/hd800-t1/
  10. Rico613
    Wow, that is one comprehensive review . . . thanks again Windsor, you're the best!  [​IMG]
  11. thecourier
    I enjoyed reading this comparison, the amperiors always been on my wishlist. Thank you! 
    (shame the HD650's were not on the comparison)
  12. preproman
    Closed cans next?  Good job.
  13. Windsor
    I wouldn't mind doing a Fostex TH 900 / Audio-Technica ATH-W3000ANV / Beyerdynamic T5 / Thumderpants etc. comparison. That'd probably have to be with the assistance of loaner headphones though... :)
  14. Windsor
    The HD 650 would probably have been an appropriate headphone to include. I used to have one and could have guestimated the results for it, but I only wanted to include headphones that I heard side-by-side.
  15. Dubstep Girl
    the hd 800s are ultimately better with classical due to soundstage and detail, in jazz they're about equal imo.
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