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Headphone comparison: Sennheiser HD 600, HD 700, HD 800, HD 25-1, and the Amperior; Audio-Technica ATH-M50s; Audez'e LCD-2 rev.2 and the LCD-3

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by windsor, May 29, 2012.
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  1. Barra

    The lcdx was the easy winner for me in that lineup with the hd800 coming in second and everything else coming in at a way distant 3rd. I've seen the lcdx/xc at $1300 a few times lately and it is becoming overwhelmingly tempting.
  2. catspaw
    I have two problems with the LCD X:
    In Poland it costs 20 more than a HD800, and it is very heavy/uncomfortable.
    Even if they sound like angels singing your name around gold embers in holy fire... if your ears are melting and your sweat is making you feel like a pig on a barbecue... you probably will not choose that headphone.
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  3. Barra
    Wow, $30,000 for the LCD-X would be too much for me too. Its a shame that government can have such a negative, wet blanket effect on audiophile fun as well. I guess YMMV in terms of comfort, while they are heavier and not as comfortable as my HD700 (the most comfortable HP I have tried), they certainly don't melt my ears - that would be unfortunate. [​IMG]
  4. catspaw
    ****, I wanted to write 50% more ... lol. :D. I think I had a brainfart there.
  5. Womaz
    An excellent thread, thorough and very helpful.
  6. Click
    HD700 will provide you the most comfort, isn't as picky with the amps it requires like HD800 does, is a fraction of the cost of the HD800, and is a lot better suited for gaming than the other headphones you listed. Even though you have an Asgard amp, I would look into tube amps to bring the most out of either HD800 or HD700.
  7. catspaw
    While I get your point, and I certainly understand what you mean (in terms of HD800 being picky), gaming is quite different from music.
    Althou I still have not gotten to test those (i calculate I can save up enought by june), The most likely outcome is that I will want the HD800.
    If i recall it correctly, one of the typical criticisms of the HD800 is that it is brutally honest.
    In gaming that is exactly what you want. Immersion in gaming is a funny thing. You can have 1000 things going right, but if you get one wrong, it breaks the feeling instantly.
    In music its not exactly as pronounced, due to the fact that the brain knows (for the most part) that the music you are hearing is not a representation of "reality" itself, but a representation of how an instrument should sound in reality.
    Even thou our brain aint perfect, it is very picky of what is does accept as reality, and what it "flags" as not real.
    If the HD700 are, for the most part, like the HD800, but in some cases strong peaks (not to mention the horrible bass distortion), then I assume I will be drawn to the HD800 (but we will see).
    Also I already have the HE-400, and while I really like the HP, Id like something different (polar opposite would probably be best).
  8. Click
    LOL not even sure what you're talking about. HD700 has treble peaks, but they're easily tamed with the right tube amp and is dependent on the source material you feed it. They don't have any "horrible bass distortion," so I'm not sure what you're talking about there either. HD700's bass is tight, fast, punchy, and authentic. They won't satisfy bassheads, but the bass quality is very high with the HD700.
    I'm not sure where you're getting your info from. Did you even read the OP's review on these headphones? He never mentioned anything about "strong peaks" or "horrible bass distortion" in his feedback of the HD700. 
    I use my HD700 for FLAC music, movies, and gaming. Works great with those tasks. Soundstage, clarity and details are some of HD700's strengths. Along with superior comfort, HD700 is one of the best headphones for gaming. Regardless, you should try to demo these headphones before you make up your mind and make erroneous comments based on your own misconceptions.
  9. catspaw
    That is what I mean by horrible bass distortion (page 84).
    I know you can tame or EQ peaks, but why buy a specific amp when I can just buy another HP? :D.
    I actually demoed the HD700, not the HD800 thou. So in regards to the HD700, over all they sounded amazing, but the treble did have something odd to it (was a short demo, and not with my own content, so was far harder to guess).
    I will see if my opinion chagnes once I demo them. Who knows, I might end up picking a LCD :D.
    I also was interested in purrins review of the HD700. It falls close to my short impressions of the HD700.
  10. Click
    ROFL no wonder. You're relying on purrin's review and measurements to make your statements. Instead of believing that guy, you should probably believe in what your own ears say (when you said "overall they sounded amazing") and the reviews of others who actually owns a HD700. You obviously didn't read this thread's OP either... or maybe you just don't care to believe people who have positive things to say about the HD700. Either way, you've already got your mind made up and for all the wrong reasons. 
  11. catspaw
    Mate I already listened to the HD700 as I already wrote. My mind is set up on what i expect to hear, but that does not mean I will hear it. I dont understand why you are being so defensive :D. If you like your HD700, you should really not care that much on my opinion on it, no matter what it is based on.
    Besides, there is a chance I will actually like the HD700 more than the 800. Thats why I will audition both :D.
  12. Click
    First off, you're extremely contradictory in everything you say. One 1 hand, you say that you want to audition HD700, HD800, and 3 other headphones, to make a good decision. But then you say you have your mind set on just the HD800, even though you haven't demoed it yet and have only listened to the HD700 for a short time. Contradiction #1.
    You then criticize the HD700 for having "strong peaks" and "horrible bass distortion" but then say "overall they sounded amazing." Another head-scratching contradiction.
    You justify your claims by linking to a well-known HD700 hater, who uses mysterious measuring methodology, and he refuses to divulge the method in which he measures his headphones. Instead of believing in this very thread's feedback on the HD700 or other people's feedback, including yourself, you would rather believe 1 person who hates the HD700.
    I originally responded to your post hoping to provide extra feedback so that you could make a better decision in buying a good headphone for gaming. I now realize that it was a mistake trying to help you out and starting a conversation with someone like you.
    I also wasn't being defensive about anything. I was just pointing out your strange contradictions, along with your erroneous comments regarding HD700. I couldn't care less what you ultimately choose as your gaming headphone
  13. catspaw
    There is a difference from having your mind "set" and knowing that you are probably biased towards a product. You should read my posts again as tehre is a chance you missunderstood them.
    Please lets not drag this thing any longer. Makes no sense.
  14. Click
    Sounds a lot like you have your mind set... on a headphone you've never heard before. As opposed to the headphone you have heard before and says sounds great, but then criticized because some random reviewers said so. Makes no sense.
    Of course you don't want to drag this out any longer. I've showed just how contradictory you are in everything you've posted and you can't refute that.
  15. catspaw
    Yeah... I know :D.
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