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Headphone comparison: Sennheiser HD 600, HD 700, HD 800, HD 25-1, and the Amperior; Audio-Technica ATH-M50s; Audez'e LCD-2 rev.2 and the LCD-3

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by windsor, May 29, 2012.
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  1. GloriousLettuce

    6 months of starvation, here I come! (Just kidding, been thinking about them for long)

    HD600 were certainly a bargain and these are keepers whatever the preference, they're just too valuable. Plus I get to hear how elements come together in mixes quite well due to narrower soundstage. I have a feeling both would complement each otber.

    HD800 for crisp accuracy and soundstage, and HD600 to make sure my mixes are not too warm due to HD800 thin reproduction (me adding extra thump where not needed).
  2. catspaw
    DIstortion is handled better by the LCD-2 than any other HP in this comparison:
    From the graphs, the LCD 3 handles distortion better than HD800 (especially at higher volumes).
    THe only HP that beats the LCD-2 in low distortion as far as I know is the stax 207. 
  3. catspaw
    I just myself got a HD600,
    This thing is amazing considering its price point.
    I tested the HD650 before and it was not for me, but the 600.... they complement my HE--400 like a charm.
    I like them far better than the HD700 (tested them as well, the treble was off for me, too much of it).
    I think these babies have more than enough bass.
    Next step, lcd-2 or electrostats :D.
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  4. leaky74
    Thanks for this thread; encouraged me to go out & get a pair of HD700's - loving them!
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  5. listenothear
    This review :'(
    Before reading it, I only need more convincement before buying hd650.
    Was scrolling around forum and found this thread . Now I add 2 more item to my list.
    Hd600 and HD700 (just because only those two are within my budget).
    Thanks for the comparisons tho
  6. Abstraction
    I wonder if the differences you note are primarily a matter of the genre or the individual recordings?
  7. shapeshifter44
    I want to buy a DAC around $1000 for HD800(s). I usually listen to piano and symphonies and my amp would be Woo WA2 or WA22. Any suggestions for the DAC guys? For now, I am interested in Schiit Gungnir2 Multibit. Thanks a lot.
  8. catspaw
    As far as I see it,
    While there is significant difference from a Cheap on board DAC to a dedicated DAC, personally I dont feel any DAC passed a 500 dollar mark will be noticeably better. At least I was never able to tell the difference in blind testing when volume matched. If a DAC passed 500 bucks sounds different to another DAC, one of them had to "mess up" or "color the sound" significantly. This is because its supposed to be FLAT, and you wont tell the difference from very good dacs to amazing dacs (our ears are not that good).
    Amps are a different story thou, but still not as big as a different HP.
  9. DLR Group
    Thank you for a great review that helped me with my purchase tonight of the HD 700's! They should be here on Monday.
  10. catspaw
    So I eventually ended up with the LCD-2 Fazor.
    Currently I own HD600 (for very long gaming sessions if not using speakers, most at night time), the LCD 2 (My favorite HP over all, when possible I use this one) and a HE-400 that I barely use anymore (its going up for sale).
    I did test the HD700. They sounded very good (better than the HD600), however the highs were to loud for my taste in certain areas. It was very cool to hear them so well, but I was noticing the potential long term annoyance.
    In the end, my audio chain is Multibit Bifrost, Asgard, LCD-2/HD600.
    I also use the LCD-2 for portable (mostly to work and when going to visit someone) and most of the time id say that If I did not buy the LCD-2 and stayed on the HD600 Id be happy as well.
    In other words, I am kinda staying here. I might test a cheap electrostat for fun one day in the future, but I doubt I will be looking any further (I know I have said this before, but the LCD-2 was purchased about 7 months ago)
    In fact I like to listen to speakers many times over HPs.
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  11. Malfunkt
    This thread hasn't been too active, though it is IMO one of the better comparison threads on head-fi. Awesome to see you followed through and got the LCD2s and still have them. 
    I still have my pair, and though I've been tempted by HD800 or trying an HD700, honestly I feel @Windsor summed it up well about the LCD2  "that is has the most realism" of these headphones, with a bit of it lost in its treble area. But even in the treble department, there is detail, it is more its presentation that makes you sound like you are listening a bit in a hall or chamber. Realism on my LCD2.1s I feel is quite unmatched. Not all LCD2 or LCD3s I've heard sound quite the same. I've heard a pair of LCD3s that were absolutely gorgeous, better than my LCD2s, but still mine had a certain character, a bit more forward, and less romantic. 
    Right now listening to Grieg & Schuman Piano Concertos (Dohnanyi) a 1963 recording that is incredible. It makes you realize the art, not just in the music but also from the recording engineers. Multiple moments, where your thoughts just stop, you are frozen listening to the music. The LCD2s are able to do this in a way especially for chamber classical and jazz. I mentioned in another thread, a key to the LCD2 is getting the right placement on your head, make sure you have adjusted the connector rods properly.
    I like speakers as well, but can't enjoy them (cats, condo, no treated room, would annoy my SO, having to sit in the sweet spot, etc). So I gave my high-end speakers to a friend where I can go over and listen to them :) Even still, I've become a headphone listener as I prefer the direct-to-ear transients even with the loss of a proper stereo field.
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  12. catspaw
    I Have two sets of speakers (Z-5500 Logitech for my PC, Focal chorus 714 for projector home theater in living room).
    As much as I like the LCD-2 for gaming, the weight limits the amount of time I can use them, thus the speakers and a HD600.
    However, for realism, the LCD-2 is really something. Games, especially scary/atmospheric ones gain a severe improvement.
    Since most games are not now days recorded for 5.1 systems (I mean, they are, but its nothing compared to the old Hardware EAX), almost nothing is better on speakers rather than on HP (the only exception I found was the movie Master and Commander).
    My favorite thing about the LCD-2 is that the sounds are so... well, lets just say that any howl, scream or similar makes me shiver with the LCD-2. With the HD600 its close but not quite there, and with speakers its just "normal".
    And the highs dont kill my ears when I am playing with higher volumes.
    As for music... Well, If I could make a retractile cable to keep the LCD-2 *light* Id probably forget that I am using a HPs. I really wonder if cheap electrostats like STAX 3100 are as good (since they are lighter) but I understand they lack the bass :D. (then again I should NOT keep looking for more at this point).
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  13. Sp12er3
    Thanks for the awesome comparison, having it spread out on a wide array of different types of headphones make me also able to do the same thing as you, using my own collections litening to the same songs, an awesome way to spend saturday night :)
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  14. Malfunkt
    Hey Sp12er3, I recently did a similar comparison, in homage to this one actually using some of the same headphones, as well as the UE6000.
    Thread here
    Btw, is 'Sp12' reference to the old E-mu SP12 / 1200 sampler?
  15. I love the hd600 so much I bought a backup set that's sitting in a box right now along with extra headbands and cables. I intend to purchase a few more 'just in case' parts. 
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