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Headphone comparison: Sennheiser HD 600, HD 700, HD 800, HD 25-1, and the Amperior; Audio-Technica ATH-M50s; Audez'e LCD-2 rev.2 and the LCD-3

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by windsor, May 29, 2012.
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  1. catspaw
    I had the chance to listen to a HD700 for a few minutes in a store in germany. Overall, my impressions were very positive (yet brief), however I had no way to try my own source and music so i Decided it was not really a well informed opinion.
    I do play to buy either the HD700 or 800 in the near future, but im quite sure I will first test them extensivly to make sure I buy something Im really happy about.
    I already have a HifiMan HE-400, and In a way i see them as a possible "end-game" gear, but The HD800 are very tempting, so while Im at it, I might as well test the HD700 :D.
  2. Ashade
    Nice job. Thank you very much.
  3. Dionysus
    Excellent write up, great mix of cans and of music selections for the write up.
    on the net there are tons of positive review of the HD700 by some very reputable sites, almost all favorable just do a search and you will see what I mean, they can't all be wrong.

    It's weird how one particular earley review has had so many negative opinion of the HD700 , and the constant bashing of said treble peak, there is some, but really exaggerated about pain ear bleeds etc. Have a listen for yourselves and then form your own opinions.
  4. HPiper
    I am listening to the HD700's now and agree 100% with the review. Tremendously good headphones, I wouldn't say they are better than the HD800 without listening to them side by side but they are real close that is for sure. I like them better than my HD600 but I can still see me grabbing my HD650's from time to time. The 650's just relax me to no end when I listen to them, don't know why. I am sure liking these 700's though and that's no lie!
  5. roguegeek
    Very nice! I don't understand the flack this thing gets. It's my favorite can in my collection right now.
  6. HPiper

    Agree. I was always hearing about the awful treble so I concentrated on listening for any ear splitting cymbals or anything else, and it is just as smooth as silk. I don't know but I like them and that is all that REALLY matters.
  7. scaevola
    Good Work. Nice
  8. hencaio
    Excellent work! Very helpful.
  9. steveting99
    Great work Windsor! I'm in a position to buy either the HD650 or the more expensive HD700. Problem is that I've had a listen to both the HD600 and HD650, like them both! Never had an opportunity to listen to the HD700 so will most likely pass on it until there's an opportunity for head time. 
    Thanks for the impressions and comparisons.
  10. catspaw
    Have you by any chance tried the HD800 and HD700 in gaming? :D.
  11. Barra
    Its sad that we have to be made to feel ashamed to buy Sennheiser's second best headphone (at least in their own opinion based their pricing). I have been selling off gear to buy an HD800 knowing that my current desktop amp - Mjolnir - pairs terribly with it so it would only be used with my portable DAPs - X5/DX90 - for quite a while. But I had to have that HD800 sound and it sounds wonderful with these DAPs taking them to their full potential. While I love the HD800's unique soundstage that blows everything else I have heard away, my hesitation is that I am not a classical music nut and mainly listen to rock/pop/trance/electronica with a little easy listening so it was likely to get limited use given my LCD2s. But they complement that LCD2 signature very well as the best tool for the job for some of my new age, acoustic, or easy listening sessions. Other concerns is my preference for a thicker note that I can feel as well as hear which is not something I come to expect from the HD800s even through the extremely nice setups that I have heard them on. The sound is extremely big, clear, and detailed, but it is quite delicate and light sounding compared to the rest of the available TOTL headphones.
    After reading this comparison, I chanced upon a HD700 at a store that was being sold as a demo for $550 and decided to give it a listen and was blown away. No, it is not as big in soundstage as the HD800, but is reasonably close and far better than any of the other TOTL headphones I have heard retaining that unique HD800 3D and large characteristic. What surprised me though is that it had a considerably thicker note than the HD800 more to my liking and sounded good with rock/pop/trance/electronica much more so than the HD800. Another advantage is that it is smaller since I plan on using it mainly with my portable setup, but no it is not nearly as pretty or high quality construction as the HD800. In terms of detail retrieval, just like the HD800, I was hearing thing I never heard before in the songs and heard them in a new way that was very exciting. I would need to carefully study the details of both the 700 and 800 side by side to find any difference. Finally, the best part for me was that the mids were brought forward and were lusher with the HD700 than the HD800 allowing me to hear a full sized sound a much lower volumes.
    Knowing my ego, I will still have to get the HD800 at some point to have the best, but coming so close with a better signature for my preferences and at $550 vs. $1500, I decided to grab the HD700s as a stepping stone rather than waiting for the HD800. That only leaves two questions:
    • Will I sell the HD700 when I get the HD800 given its relatively cheap price and the HD700s sonic advantages toward my preferred signature or will I keep both - one for desktop and one for portable?
    • Will my ego allow me to add the HD700 to my signature knowing that I would have to deal with a public shaming and flogging or will I keep it a secret?
    Anyways, the HD700 is awesome! BTW, I bartered and got the store to give me a new pair in the box rather than the demo at the same $550 price - just saying.
  12. Tom22
    if anyone is interested i had finished my review on the and boy oh boy! do they deliver!

    this is the link to the written review for the amperiors:
    here is also a quick impressions on how the change in earpads (from the stock to velour changes the sound)

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  13. Windsor
    Possibly. I used the HD 800 for movies before and it was a very satisfying experience and since the HD 700 is similar to the HD 800, I'm sure either of those headphones could sound great to you for gaming purposes. :)
    Sorry for my response delay as I've been away from Head-fi for a while. 

    1. I don't know what you will do in future. Though I know what I want to do next, I don't even know what I'm going to think next, and that could prompt me to do something completely different that I haven't thought about or done before. I do know that I love the HD 800 and am loving it more and more these days. It's still my favourite headphone for desktop listening that I've yet had, especially since buying the HDVD 800 DAC/Amp

    Whilst it may work for you, I wouldn't opt for a flagship open headphone such as the HD 700 for portable use. I would opt for a closed back headphone and/or possibly some in-ears. Whilst I'm out and about these days I've been using the relatively inexpensive Sennheiser cx 275s which I enjoy a lot, which leads me to:
    2. In my opinion, with headphones and other things, whilst people's suggestions can be useful, I've found that what's important to me is what I prefer. To me it doesn't matter to me what people think about the portable headphone I'm using. What matters to me is that I'm enjoying my experience, though I'm open to new input and possibilities. If you told someone what your favourite food was and they said that didn't like it, would you like it any less?

    I'm really glad you're enjoying the HD 700. [​IMG] 
  14. Wildcatsare1

    Windsor!!!! Where have you been? Missed your insights and wit, glad your back. Cheers :beers:
    Windsor likes this.
  15. catspaw
    OK, so im guessing ill try to audition both the HD700 and HD800 in gaming to choose wisely.
    I might add in a HE-560, HE-4 and LCD-X in the mix while Im at it. After all, the shop that ahs all those and an acoustically treated room is only 20 minutes away from my home/work place :D.
    Just need to save the cash first. Id hate to try those and then realize I still have to wait 2-3 months to be able to buy em :D
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