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Going fully Wireless IEMs. Too soon? Or are we there yet?

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  1. hifi80sman
    Not exactly Chi-Fi, but I had a $50 Amazon Courtesy Credit that I applied towards these guys, so only out of pocket $20. BT 5.0, USB-C, AAC, IPX7, Transparent Mode, 5 hour battery + 4x charges in the case w/ fast charging. Case & buds feel well made. Haven't tested them out yet (charging).

    On another note, I was listening to my MW07 last night while in bed, feel asleep, woke up 3 hours later and they were still playing! Not exactly scientific, but I'm starting to think the new colors may indeed have a better battery. Testing more...
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  2. clerkpalmer
    You are one sick man. And I love it! Report back on the soul and the battery life please. It wouldn’t shock me if they addressed it in firmware quietly. They couldn’t admit it publicly. I think I’m pretty satisfied with my bt10 solution but the mw07 offer sweatproofing.
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  3. gibletzor
    I looked at those long and hard but passed because of very hard to find reviews. Very interested in hearing what you think!
  4. Mouseman
    I also had a problem with my first pair, it went back to Bezos. It wasn't connecting automatically and wasn't charging. I think there was a misalignment in the double charging pins, because I could get it to charge if I pushed it forward a bit. Seems like a QC issue. The second set is fine.
  5. AnakChan Moderator
    Thanks for the comparison. We’re you able two interchange the FDX1 onto the TM2? I’m curious on how much of the difference is the driver, and how much is the receiver units themselves. What are the sonic differences? Also how are the functionality aspect of the BT20S (i.e. music/volume control, ease/difficulty of pairing, etc.)?
  6. Caipirina
    I know a 30$ discount is tempting, but I still prefer the Mpow. The 1more get rather little playtime and I find their fit not encouraging for running.
  7. Caipirina
    Darn, I still want those Alterola, but can’t find them at a reasonable offer / location / price.

    As for the syllable 101, I have a somewhat soft spot for them. They are not stellar, but I have taken them out for runs and they stayed put (even though the connection crapped out on one run and random button pressing helped)

    Wondering which my least fav TWS are. I think I am never warming up to the Havit G1, I think I got them since they reminded me of my dad Jabras, but neither sound nor fit dazzle me.

    Which ones are yours? (General question to everyone)
  8. chompchomps
    Looks like the Mpow T5 is the new crowd favourite. Previously i bought the QCY T1C’s and they were great and still great. is the Mpow a significant upgrade? Just curious if the nozzle is a little narrower.. i found the nozzle of the T1C a bit thick.. making it uncomfy to wear for a few hours..

    Where are y’all getting them from?
  9. paddyberger
    My daughter wants some AirPods, she’s only 8 so clones will be fine. Any recommendations from Ali or elsewhere please.

    The dog chewed my soundpeats truefree+ so I’ll pick up some MPOW T5 at same time. Thanks all.
  10. MasterDomino
    Much better to buy an actual chi-fi instead of a clones, she will enjoy them more, get her something like haylou gt1 or qcy qs2(T2C).

    My post:
    Soo lately ive bought QCY T2C to try some tws out, will be thinking of actually modding the case to use USB-C if that isnt any different, either way i got interrested and im thinking about T3 as well at a later date maybe some Mpow T5 or the awei T10C which is what i want i wanted to also attach myself to ask if anyone has bought ones recently and tested them(someone before posted an image of them) would be interresting as idk much about that brand, never bought anything from them.
    Yours truly Master
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  11. paddyberger
    Things is with kids, it’s not about the sound, it’s the look. My son got the real ones out of his own money, no matter how much I tried to convince him otherwise!
  12. MasterDomino
    I understand, well... theres many clones on ali, i would suggest buying the cheapest ones to make her rethink her decisions but im just a jerk and will most likely never have kids, but thats a topic that shouldnt be spoken here. Eitherway, i would buy the cheapest ones soo i dont feel the loss of like 5$ on a crappy earphones that will eitherway die after 2 weeks of use, and then tell her about great world of audiophiles.
    Yours truly Master.

    Or just buy both a cheap clones and the better cheap chi-fi and just keep ones as a backup to show her airpods aint the thing. Although as i stated before im a childish guy hahaha, soo maybe im not the right guy for such hints.

    If you really want to buy the clones just use search on ali: "tws i50s" or anything like this but i80s, i100s, i500s all of them are most of the time 1:1 copies, but it depends on you what you buy, noone here buys those afaik and i i wouldnt buy them either. Have a wonderful day.
    Last edited: Aug 18, 2019
  13. Caipirina
    I have dabbled a bit in that arena and found the i60 to be worth my money and they are pretty awesome for 25$

    but there is a big BUT coming

    I liked them enough that I thought wife-y should also get a pair. Ordered the SAME from the SAME vendor, but got something else. Cheaper looks with big blue / red lights flashing, inferior sound ... (still saying i60 on the box, same box, guess they got a different supplier in the meantime ... )

    Bottomline, I recommend to either buy in shop if possible and try out, or educate child (i recall 8 being a difficult age) that it is NOT about looks ... (can you imagine her coming home from school, crying, her friends finding out that hers are 'fake' ??? Kids can be SO cruel)

    Some related image humor / uncanny photoshop wizerdry I just came across on AliX :)


    There is a youtuber (roderick something) that has tested all kinds of iterations of the iXX (or by now iXXX and I even saw i9999) versions of the clones ... maybe some cheapish i12 might be enough ...
    Last edited: Aug 18, 2019
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  14. MasterDomino
    The educating part i cant agree more on, i know by myself how much of a jerk children can be, also the photo is quite funny, didnt see this one before.
    Last edited: Aug 18, 2019
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  15. paddyberger
    Thanks both for the helpful replies. Like I mentioned, kids are into the aesthetics and what their friends have, no matter how much you try and educate them.

    Hopefully they will both learn but that’s not for now.

    They are between 10-30 pounds and it’s not a life changing amount for her happiness. (Or not as the case maybe!) So I’ll get the least worst ones and see how we go from there.

    I’ll have a look at that YouTube video and take a punt. Thanks.
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