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Going fully Wireless IEMs. Too soon? Or are we there yet?

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  1. BigZ12
    Where did you buy these?
  2. palestofwhite
    Exactly! Better deeper bass without affecting the mids and highs, making them sound more exciting. I do hope they'll make a concession and allow for another exchange so I can get one in perfect condition. Pray for me! :D
    Last edited: Apr 5, 2019
  3. RobinFood
    Amazon Japan, since I am from Japan. I could have gotten them cheaper in person at e-earphones, but I had a bunch of Amazon credit.

    They still have ground noise hiss that is constant, which I feel is due in part to the good seal since I hear the same start pop from the Sabbat when it connects at first, but the drivers are farther away and don't seal. What dissapeared though is the annoying high pitch noises when I paused it, or random beeping noise like there is some robot chattering going on. It looks like they changed the way it hooks up by Bluetooth too, you used to have to connect both the left and right earbud separately, but not anymore.

    My god, the texture on the instruments is amazing. Pianos, drums, and strings are all super impactful.
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  4. RobinFood
    Doesn't hurt to try :wink:
    I really missed their sound, even with the ER4XR on the ES100 lying around. They sound extremely realistic, but in a different way, which is great!
  5. palestofwhite
    I've already emailed them about it. Hope I get a favourable response from them next week as they don't work on weekends.
    Last edited: Apr 5, 2019
  6. d3myz
    Looks like I found their clone on Amazon. https://www.amazon.com/Ricockpit-RO...coding=UTF8&psc=1&refRID=YJFNK9XAAFXKVSSPJ0D2 wonder how they sound? maybe i'll pick them up and see.
  7. clerkpalmer
  8. david8613
    the sennheiser momentum truewireless had a firmware update for android devices earlier this week, but today I noticed they have an update on the app also, just a heads up guys!
  9. bubsdaddy
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  10. Morbeas
    I just found out the Powerbeats Pro will not have an ambient mode. As a commuter, this is a fairly important feature I'd like to have.

    Is this something that can be added later on via a software update?
  11. Slater
    I’m sure you’ll love the Auvios. I use them on a lot of my IEMs, not just the QS1/T1C.
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  12. 05stisilver
  13. RobinFood
    Quite a few reasons actually. NT01AX are graphene drivers and the are HDSS certified. They use APTX with the QCC3026 chip.
    Nuarl has other cheaper NT01s in their lines, and they are not as popular, especially the NT01L series has poor reviews. That one looks like their NT01L more in shape, which is much cheaper here in Japan. You might only be saving 20-30$ compared to the cheaper models. That being said, other than APTX and Graphene Drivers, the NT01B sounds very close, and also has HDSS certified drivers. They go for about 80$ sometimes, which is half the price, and gives you 90% of the sound.

    I was able to afford the higher model and felt it was worth it since they are putting a lot of work in it with firmware updates, and AAC sometimes doesn't work well with my gear.
  14. RobinFood
    Same tuning, but missing APTX and graphene drivers. If you have an Iphone as a source it makes sense to go that way.
  15. d3myz
    Any idea how would they compare to the Victor JVC spiral dots? They appear to have the same wide bore. I ordered auvios from radioshack didn't pay for express shipping so it's going to be a couple weeks until they get here.
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