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Going fully Wireless IEMs. Too soon? Or are we there yet?

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  1. albau
    Just few pages back I posted my impressions between T1C and Anbes 359 and why I kept latter over former. Here it goes again:

    After I sent back T1c I’ve got myself some Anbes 359. To my ears Anbes have less neutral and a little more bassy sound with a slightly deeper soundstage, similarly decent mids and subdued highs. Detail and clarity are similar and on par with 65t. All in all, like with T1C, Anbes SQ is comparable, if not better, than 65t, but all three are in a musch lesser league than MW07. But Anbes at just $15 over T1C buys you volume control, much better magnetic case that doesn’t leave buds exposed, USB-C, more solid construction and better quality, if shiny, plastic. Speaking of shiny - UFO shaped case also lights up like the one. Buttons on Anbes are stiff but workable. On par with T1C earbuds are small and almost weightless, pleasure to wear, more so than bigger and heftier 65t, E8 and MW07. Anbes fit my ears better than T1C and have a more ergonomic shape. Charging case in reality feels much smaller and lighter than on photos, looks better as well. It’s a little fiddly to get earbuds out of the mighty magnetic embrace. Also when earbuds are in the case it’s not really obvious which one is left and which one is right (buds themselves are clearly marked, but on their stomachs). Must admit it, for $35 I’m really impressed with Anbes 359! Though 65t have an app, transparency mode, auto-pause/play and a better mic I’m not really sure that they are worth over $100 more.
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  2. Bartig
    The QCY's are brilliant, but if you like your volume loud, the Anomoibuds Capsule may be the better choice at the same price. The sound is less balanced and doesn't have the same excellent tonality, but is more spacious and the bass is more present.

    Tips depend on your ear. The biggest tips that come delivered with it, are great for me. The only difference between those two is the capacity of the charging case.
  3. Coladdict
    Thanks for the input. Just wondering if I should look into other tips for better fit and sound signature ... Anyone tried and compare between tips? TIA
  4. albau
    Anabes 359 also go quite louder than T1c. I found mic on them to be better as well. I think how T1c (and Anabes) sound can be called "brilliant" only if you consider their low-low price.
  5. RobinFood
    Awesome, something new to worry over trivially :D
    I guess the first thing I will do tonight is check my version.
    When I had mine before I didn't get any QC issues. Maybe I was lucky, just the white noise and buzzing sound that I think may be widespread.

    They were sold out for over a month everywhere until very recently, even on their website, and now every store in Japan seems to have tons of new stock all of a sudden, so I am hoping they ironed out all the issues.

    The support they had was really good though within Japan. Very responsive to any question or issue.
  6. newtothegame1231
    hi everyone, i'm not sure if this is the perfect place to ask (if its not, feel free to delete this!) but i'll give it a shot.
    i'm looking to buy my first pair of wireless earbud(i have a budget of $200 CDN). I'm new to this so i'm looking for something that's great for the gym (noise cancellation if possible) and ur daily commute of 2 and half hours.
  7. bubsdaddy
    I just received my set of QCY T1s and they were awful until I swapped the tips with some Sony hybrids. Now they are excellent!
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  8. Slater
    I liked the Sony Hybrids, but if you have a chance try them with Auvio wide bores :wink:
  9. howdy
    Ive never heard them but for 200 I would say the new Samsung or possibly the Jabra 65t elite active would be really good and reliable. I have the Jabra active and think they are great and reliable for the price.
  10. chinmie

    i found that for me the T1 perform better with these wide bores. also still would fit perfectly inside the case because it's not too tall

    i think the T1C sounded great regardless the price. I'd say it sounds better even than some wired under 100usd
    Last edited: Apr 4, 2019
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  11. Coladdict
    Sony Hybrids? Auvio wide bores?? Could I ask for link on these tips??? Ebay, Aliexpress, etc????
    Still got tips from Xiaomi Piston 2 ... Not sure if these would work with the T1C ... TIA
  12. Slater
  13. palestofwhite
    It's odd, but I'm partly to be blamed for not checking thoroughly before accepting the new set. Now that the chrome finish is perfect, there seems to be some kind of glue marks or melted plastic on the black shell that cannot be removed. It's quite bad considering these are taken from a sealed retail box. I have emailed the distributor again. Maybe I'm just unlucky...
  14. BigZ12
    And what kind of tips is that? I have nothing in my collection with that kind of wide bore. Would love to try one on the QCY.
  15. RobinFood
    Well, I got the new NT01AX. Mine is also an MT3, yay! The bass does sound more pronounced, I actually preferred the lighter touch from before, but those highs and mids are just as delicious as I remember. Best news is that this unit has absolutely NO buzzing sounds my previous unit had. I am extremely happy! Looks like I am done with TWE for a long while, and actually with audio in general. I just don't feel like there is a better balance of sound quality, comfort and convenience at the moment, and I get my earbud and IEM versions done. It all feels so perfect!
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