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Going fully Wireless IEMs. Too soon? Or are we there yet?

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  1. assassin10000
    Samsung Note 4.

    I get 6-7 hours on the BT20.
  2. RobinFood
    I've been playing around with the Sabbat X12 Pro for a while now, and last night had a major breakthrough.
    I always thought they were not very detailed and had poor imaging. For music, not the best, but when going to bed at night I didn't want to have to pull out the wired earphones.
    Last night, in bed, streaming from my Shanling M0, I started playing with the bad pre-made EQ settings they had. Most of them completely muffled out the sound, but when I got to the "Sharp" setting, everything went into place.

    The mid bass died out a lot, and the mids became 10 times cleaner (I already thought they sounded pretty clean) and more detailed. The sub bass was finally very nice and good sounding without the competition of the overwhelming bass. There was an increase in air that made the imaging just as good as a decent 50$+ IEM. The texture on the mids was amazing. It really made the whole thing come to life.

    The only real thing that was missing is a hint of extra sparkle in the highs. It completely improved the bass and mids and made them sound completely natural, but it could use a touch more sparkle. I really wish I knew what the "Sharp" EQ changes are compared to a normal 5 or 12 band equalizer, and some way to store those changes on the earbuds like you can store EQ changes on the ES100. So far really loving them.

    Anyways, Sabbat X12 Pro with a "Sharp" EQ setting is a really natural and neutral sounding earbud, with excellent sound that competes with some of the higher end TWE I have heard. It definately needs EQ though to sound its best.

    I also re-ordered the Nuarl NT01AX. I saw that they had a firmware update recently, so hopefully they got rid of the hissing. I was really missing their sound tuning and need another set with isolation. I might have to unsubscribe after that!
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  3. chinmie
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  4. RobinFood
    It looks like the generic version of the Astrotec s60 :grin:
    I think if it was a Knowles BA they would have mentioned it. Also, while they copied the model, it has double the charge of the original, so I am going to have to guess that they are using different tech in it. It looks a little off compared to the original, but they really did copy the model.

    That being said, it's less expensive than the Astrotec s60, but the Astrotec is really not that expensive (75$) to start with, so I'm not sure it really needs a generic version...
  5. Slater
    Also on that page it showed the T2. Looks like we could possibly have an option with volume control buttons:

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  6. palestofwhite
    I thought I was hearing things after having my NT01AX replaced today due to peeling of the chrome finish on the left earpiece.

    They sound even better and bass is clearly nicer and more pronounced. I believe the previous pair was a MSY2 while this new one is MT3.

    QC of the NT01AX is not that good though, cause this replacement set does have some other cosmetic flaws (but better than peeling gold chrome).

    Last edited: Apr 4, 2019
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  7. Nikostr8
    i have been reading a lot of good comments about the QCY T1C , is this the model i should go for if i want a cheap (20 euros in aliexpress ) tws to pair with my Mi A2 Lite?
  8. actorlife
    Heck I'll get it if it does.
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  9. Coladdict
    Just ordered QCY T1C recently and just noticed there is a T2C version ... What's the difference between them ... How much better T2C to T1C ... Contemplating ordering the T2C as both version don't cost me an arm and a leg ... LOL ...

    Could I ask what tip works best for the T1C ... TIA
    Last edited: Apr 4, 2019
  10. matokt
    Asked the same question earlier and difference I think if my memory serves me right was that the case hade bigger battery.

    I am more interested in QCY T1C vs Anbes 359. I ordered the Anbes 359, lets hope I made the right choice.
    Last edited: Apr 4, 2019
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  11. Coladdict
    Thanks for the info. T1C vs 359, what factored you in choosing 359 instead? Maybe I should order this and keep it at office. The form is different between them, just hope T1C fits well in my ear. Not sure if I should get comfly tips for the T1C ...
  12. SuperLuigi
  13. Slater
    The Mini is just 1 bud, intended for use a Bluetooth (single) phone headset.

    The T2 I posted is unique in that it has a pair of buds, intended for use as a TW earphone.

    I guess one could buy (2) T1 Minis and pair them together.
  14. mikp
  15. matokt
    Found some reviews on YouTube though under the name kissral UFO. Got great reviews, but may be biased and sponsored so dunno. Plus they look to be smaller.
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